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FAREYY Bolster Dog Bed

Treat your furry loved one to their future favorite bed. FAREYY is a professional dog bed manufacturer, and we fully consider what a dog wants and needs. Soft comfy pillow ‘Bolsters’ (couch arms) surround a whole circle, providing security for dogs! The bolster bed is perfect for dogs with joint issues to rest in.



The sleep surface is lined with ultra soft plush so soft to the touch that no pet could ever resist snuggling into its downy comfort and wraparound and raised rim design can help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of security for your pet. It’s perfect for pets that love to curl up inside and bury his head into the corner crevice!


  • Material: fleece, Oxford fabric
  • Pet Size: Multiple sizes to suit medium to large sized dogs
  • Care: Removable cover is machine washable


XL – Dog bed dimension: 32” x 24 x 7”, internal pet bed dimensions: 23.8” x 15.8”

XXL – Dog bed dimension: 37.4” x 29.5” x 7”, internal pet bed dimensions: 29.4” x 21.6”

XXXL – Dog bed dimension: 44” x 35” x 9”, internal pet bed dimensions: 33” x 26”


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