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Purple Crochet Cat Couch

Cat Beds by FareTheeWoolCrochet

Eye catching and adorable! This product is a purple crochet cat couch. This cat furniture is made from high-quality acrylic and fits one medium sized cat.



Crochet Cat Couch

What better way to adorn your catatized™cat room than giving your cat her very own couch! Now your feline can hang out with you or in her own cat room, and curl up on the couch. This Etsy seller has an amazing store with oodles of crochet goods.

Her love for felines comes through his piece of cat furniture that is cuter than just about any other piece of cat furniture I have ever seen.

This cat couch comes in 4 colors:





Handmade and ready to ship, this crochet cat couch is made from sturdy acrylic yarn and foam. The couch cushions are removable.

This Purple Cat Couch measures approximately 20 inches long, 12 inches wide and 11 inches high.

Promising Crochet Cat Couch Reviews

“Amazing. My cat immediately knew it was for him and he started exploring it right away and then took his first sofa nap that same day. It’s a beautiful little sofa and it seems to be made with feline tastes in mind. We love it!”

“The couch arrived SO fast and my pets are obsessed with it! I got it for my cats, but my dogs have been sneaking on to sleep on it too. It’s SO cute and well made. I love it!”

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