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Cat’s Choice Tilted Scratching Post

The Cat’s Choice Tilted Scratching Post is a simple solution to a common problem!  Are your kitties spending their free time ventilating your couch?  Has your living room and other areas in your home turned into a war zone where the only victims are your favorite pieces of furniture and possibly even your walls and doors?  Call a cease-fire with this high quality scratching post, tilting at a pleasing angle your kitties are sure to love.  Rather than punishing your cat’s negative behavior, try a more permanent solution by redirecting their clawing instinct to something made for it.

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The Cat’s Choice Tilted Scratching Post contains a large area of unoiled sisal rope wrapped securely on the main post, as well as a carpeted area for cats that prefer a softer scratching experience.  Studies have shown that unoiled sisal rope is not only good for your kitties nail health, it will also satisfy their more destructive instincts without turning a natural behavior into a negativism – this in turn improves their mood significantly.  Hand crafted in our USA based workshop.


  • Material: Solid wood, plush carpet, unoiled sisal rope, sonic tubes


Base 12” X 23”
Angled sisal rope post 20″ long with 13″ of sisal rope
Overall height 12″ Tall
Weight: 10 LBS


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