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Cat's Choice Sisal Rope Scratch Post

The Cat’s Choice Sisal Rope Scratch Post is your perfect option for a compact cat tree that’s affordable yet still offers the essential options you need.  This two-tiered wonder packs in one carpeted scratching post, one unoiled sisal rope scratching post, and a u shapes hammock style platform on top.  Even with its smaller size it’s still just as sturdy and steady as our other products – still made with solid wood and weighted on the bottom to keep it steady despite its compact stature.  Comes to you direct from our USA based workshop.

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The Cat’s Choice Sisal Rope Scratch Post is crafted from solid wood. It comes fully assembled, is handcrafted in the U.S.A., and is ready to use right from the box!


  • Material: Solid wood, plush carpet, unoiled sisal rope, sonic tubes


Dimensions: 14” W x 14” L x 20” H
Base 14” X 14”
Sisal Leg- 16 Inches Tall
Carpet Leg- 16” Tall
Perch- 18” H Off The Ground -16”L-9 ½”W
Weight: 9 LBS


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