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Cat’s Choice 3 Level 33 Inch Cat Tree

Revamp your cat’s domain with the customizable CatsPlay Signature Line cat furniture! Crafted entirely on demand, tailor every detail—color, size, and optional add-ons—to seamlessly complement your home’s aesthetic. Constructed from premium wood, offering a cozy haven with optional lush carpeting and durable sisal for added charm and playfulness. Gift your feline companion the luxury of a bespoke, solid, and comfortable sanctuary that harmonizes with your décor, ensuring both style and kitty contentment.

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Indulge your feline royalty with the bespoke CatsPlay Signature Line of cat furniture! Crafted exclusively to order, tailor every detail to perfection—select the ideal color, size, and optional features to harmonize flawlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Constructed using premium wood and offering luxurious carpeting along with the option for durable sisal, this furniture ensures a haven of comfort and stability for your beloved cat. Give your furry companion the gift of their own personalized sanctuary while seamlessly complementing your home’s decor.




20″w x 20″d x 32″h


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