Catry Cat Tree with Hammock Bed

Cat lovers appreciate felines who enjoy playing as well as lounging. The Catry brand offers a variety of cat trees that provide a maze-like attraction for cats to play in, along with a teasing feather string toy for added entertainment. When not playing, cats can often be found lounging around, and the Catry cat condo is designed to meet their needs with a comfortable space for lazy reclining. The cat hammock is a gentle and cozy spot for cats to relax, while the cat tower offers an elevated view for chilling out. The Catry cat tree is available in a small size, making it perfect for use as a cat ladder for window lounging, with dimensions of 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 27.8″H. It is ideal for small cats or kittens weighing up to 10 lbs.

Your cats will love this Catry three-level beige cradle cat activity tree with a lookout and a teasing feather. It is perfect for felines up to 10 lbs, and its color tones easily fit in with your home’s existing décor.

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Cat Tree With Hammock by Catry

In regards to Catry, cats play in addition to sleeping. The Catry cat trees provide a maze-like attraction for cats to play around with. A teasing feather string toy is also available for playtime.

Cats most often lounge around, and the Catry Cat Tree with Hammock offers a space for cats to lazily recline. The cat hammock is designed to hold cats, and the cat tower is available for cats to chill out with a higher view.

This Catry cat tree is designed as a small size product for purposes. The cat tree can be used as a cat ladder for a window chill, with an overall size of 15.7 inches by L/15.7 inches by W/27.8 inches by H. It’s the right size for small cats or kittens up to 10 lbs.

The cat tree with hammock has a three-level beige cradle with a lookout and a teasing feather. It is perfect for felines up to 10 lbs, and its color tones easily fit in with your home’s existing décor.

Hanging with one teasing feather, the top perch is a ideal place for your cat to lounge up while hanging their furry paws just over the edge comfortably.

The two scratching posts can fully satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch for releasing energy and relaxing.

This cat tree with hammock is also perfect for multiple cats playing hide and seek!

They can climb on, sleep in and just lounge around in this cat tree with hammock bed.

You can literally make an amazing cat house with feline accessories like a Catry cat condo, hammock and a great cat scratching post. A cat house can be a feline safe space when you have company, or it can be your cat’s playroom.

It combines the benefits of an outdoor tree with the safety of being indoors.


  • Materials: Fleece, sisal
  • Cat size: Suitable for small cats (up to 10 lbs)
  • Assembly: Tools and instructions included

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Here is a great DIY cat hammock, with step by step directions that make it super simple to make your own. (If you are crafty).


15.70 x 15.70 x 27.80 inches


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