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Cat Wheel

Cat Wheel

Get your kitty fit and healthy with the Exercise Cat Wheel! This fun wheel gives cats the chance to stay active, while having a great time. It’s perfect for indoor exercise, with its sturdy construction and quiet, smooth rotation. Give your cat the best in exercise fun with the Exercise Cat Wheel!


Get Your Cat Moving: The Benefits of a Cat Exercise Wheel

New arrival

Do you have a cat that loves to lounge around all day? If so, you may want to consider getting exercise equipment designed for felines.

A cat exercise wheel can provide a great way for your cat to stay active and healthy. Not only will it help them stay in shape, but it can also provide mental stimulation, promote healthy muscle development, and even reduce stress.

At first, getting your cat to use the wheel may seem like a daunting task. After all, cats don’t always take kindly to changes in their routine. But with a bit of patience and some positive reinforcement, you can get them to enjoy their new exercise wheel. Here are some tips:


New arrival

  • Place the wheel in a comfortable area. Choose a spot that is away from loud noises and other distractions. This will help your cat feel more at ease while they explore their new toy.
  • Allow your cat to explore the wheel freely. Give them time to sniff it, climb on it, and get comfortable with it.
  • Offer rewards and treats. Positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage your cat to use the wheel. Give them treats when they show interest in the wheel or take a few steps on it.
  • Make it fun. Add some toys or treats to the wheel to keep your cat’s attention. You can also try putting a few treats around the wheel to encourage them to try it out.

By providing your cat with exercise equipment, you can help them stay healthy and active. Not only will it help keep their muscles strong, but it can also help stimulate their minds and reduce stress. With a bit of patience and positive reinforcement, you can get your cat moving and enjoying their new wheel in no time!




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Base: 35″ X 15.5″ X 8.5″

Wheel: 45″ X 42″ X 14.5″


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