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Cat Ramp with Scratching Post

A carpeted ramp, a sisal rope scratching post, and a perch at the top that’s great for watching the outside world between cat naps. The Cat Ramp with Scratching Post is a perfect combination. Unit is 27″ high with a ramp incline suitable for healthy, adventurous kitties.



Cat Ramp with Scratching Post

The cat ramp and perch is great for reaching high windows and beds and is designed from top to bottom for climbing and scratching all over. The ramp and side rails are covered with quality plush carpet and the scratching post is wound with natural sisal rope. Constructed with an extra-wide base for safety and stability.


  • Materials: solid wood, plywood, sisal, carpet

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Base: 17″ W x 17″ L

Ramp: 15″ W x 55″ L

Perch: 12″ W x 11″ L

Incline: 26 degrees


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