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Canopy Curved Cat Wall Shelves with Leaves – Set of (2)

Canopy Cat Shelves with Leaves address the needs of both cats and cat owners who look for a product that promotes exercise and relaxation and also adds an aesthetic value to the home.

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Introducing the Canopy Curved Cat Wall Shelves with Leaves, a whimsical blend of functionality and style designed to elevate your feline friend’s space. Crafted with the finest materials, these cat wall shelves combine innovation and aesthetics, offering a multifunctional haven for your pet.

With its unique curvature, these shelves redefine traditional cat furniture, doubling as both a playful playground and a chic decor element. The curved design creates an intriguing path for your cat to climb, jump, and lounge comfortably, promoting healthy activity and relaxation.

These floating cat shelves are more than just functional; they’re a modern addition to any living space. The sleek, modern design complements contemporary interiors while serving as an engaging cat climbing structure.

Mounted effortlessly on walls, these modern cat wall shelves save floor space while providing your cat with an exciting vertical playground. The cleverly designed curved cat perch offers a comfortable resting spot for your pet to survey its kingdom from above.

Beyond functionality, these decorative cat shelves boast an arched silhouette adorned with charming leaf details, adding an enchanting touch to your home decor. Their versatile design makes them suitable as cat corner shelves, seamlessly fitting into any room layout.

Elevate your cat’s environment with these Canopy Curved Cat Wall Shelves with Leaves—where innovation meets elegance, and your cat’s comfort is always a priority.


  • Materials: high-quality engineered wood, reinforced PVC, carpet
  • Assembly: instructions included, tools not included


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Approximate height: 10 inches

Perch dimensions: 22″L x13″D and 21″Lx12″D


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