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Canopy Box Cat Wall Shelves

The Cat Canopy Box Shelves – Set of 2 near your cat tree for added climbing perches or use them on their own to free up floor space. These cat canopy shelves are made of high-quality engineered wood, reinforced PVC, and carpet. Each shelf is adorned with realistic silk leaves, so your cat will think she’s surveying the living room from a real tree! The two shelves include four L-brackets, screws, and instructions for easy installation.



The sleek design and natural aesthetic of the Canopy Box Cat Wall Shelves promote both exercise and relaxation for your cats while maintaining a stylish look of your home. With realistic details such as silk leaves,  these cat canopy shelves are perfect for perching, hiding, jumping, and scratching. Your feline friend will feel engaged and right at home with these products. For indoor use only.


  • Materials: high-quality engineered wood, reinforced PVC, carpet
  • Cat Size: supports cats up to 32 lbs
  • Assembly: assembly required, instructions included


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