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Busy Cat Wall Mounted Cat Perch and Shelf System – Cat Shelves

Cat perch and shelf system add a literal play area for cats to climb, jump and run. This beautiful display is ideal for kitty and people. The hexagon shaped boxes have openings for your cat to crawl through and explore the entire wall structure. The designers of this system are genius; they put together an architectural masterpiece that looks amazing in any home.

Cat shelves make space on floors and free up prime real estate for other home furnishings!

Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $129.99.


Cat Perch and Shelf System

Designed by a team with a deep sense of beauty, this beautiful wood cat shelf highlights the warm accents of rich wood. Each piece is made with precision and a high level of quality control procedures, resulting in a gorgeous furniture-grade creation that both you and your pet will love for years to come. Price is for (1) Busy Cat. Order more than one to create a wall system!


  • Material: Pine
  • Pet Size: Suitable for cats up to 33 lbs.

Additional Information:  cat shelves.


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19.69 inches x 17.13 inches / Thickness: .71 inches / 4.41 pounds


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