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Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Bully Beds were designed with one thing in mind, large dogs. Named after our 150 pound Cane Corso Bull, we tested these beds for over a year to come up with just the right foam and thicknesses to support and relieve a big dog’s joints. We chose the best 4.5 lb medical grade orthopedic memory foam we could find and tested it to make sure it was durable and comfortable.


Bully Dog Beds

The memory foam used in Bully dog beds is the same memory foam used in high end mattresses. Bully dog beds are designed  similar to high-end, exclusive mattresses that cost thousands of dollars; With a few changes, this bed maintains the quality of being a durable yet nice looking bed, without the high price tag. The mattress is enclosed with a soft and washable cover that will last and protect the foam; using a breathable waterproof internal cover, this Bully dog bed will withstand even the loungiest of large dogs. There is even a heavy duty zipper with it’s own enclosure to prevent chewing and ripping by curious dogs.

They thought of everything!

This Bully dog bed can be a nice crash pad for a dog with arthritis , a large dog who just had surgery, or a large injured dog.


  • Materials: medical-grade orthopedic memory foam, microfiber cover,
  • Pet Size: Suitable for large dogs
  • Care: Removable cover for easy washing

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XX-Large – 60” L x 48” W x 7” T


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