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Cat Scratcher Toy by Prevue Pet Products

Bounce ‘n Spring Cat Scratcher Toy is a visually stimulating cat activity piece, purrfect for cats and kittens of all sizes and ages. The jute scratching post offers an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors and saving your sofa. Four plush fabric covered springs bounce and bend as your cat plays with the dangling swat toys.


Cat Scratcher Toy by Prevue Pet Products

The Bounce n Spring Cat Scratcher Toy comes in a fun color combination of purple, fuchsia, and zebra print with a natural jute scratching post. Playtime has never been so much fun!


  • Materials: wood, jute, plush fabric
  • Cat Size: suitable for cats of all ages and sizes

The colors on this make it a fashionable living room piece. The bright colors of purple and violet are so cheery while the platform reflects the kitty cat print look in black and white.

The post in the middle is made of jute, a natural cat attracting material.

The balls are dangling from stretch ropes for gentle pulling interaction.

Purrfect for all size felines, all age felines and any gender.

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Base: 11.75″ W x 11.75″ L

Overall Dimensions: 22″ L x 22″ W x 11.75″ H


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