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Black & White Ceramic Cat Coffee Mugs and Cute Cat Spoons

Cat lovers are obsessing over this pair of mugs with a cute cat theme. The lip is round and smooth, making it easy to avoid scraping your mouth when drinking. The handle design is easy to hold for every cat lover, and the round-bottomed design makes it sit more stable.



Black & White Cat Coffee Mugs

Cat lovers rejoice! This adorable pair of mugs, with a delightful cat theme, is the perfect addition to any household. The sleek, round lip ensures you won’t scrape your mouth when sipping your favorite beverage. The handle is comfortable to hold, even for those with the smallest of hands, and the round-bottomed design provides extra stability. Whether you’re a feline enthusiast or just someone who loves a good mug, these mugs will add some purr-fection to your collection.

So go ahead, show your cat appreciation and grab a couple of these mugs today!

Great for home office cat lovers!

For your spare time in the office, why not pick this lovely kitty mug for your coffee? Put it on your office table, and its smiling face will raise everyone’s mood.


  • Material: Ceramic, stainless steel

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7.8 x 4.5 x 5 inches, 1.5 pounds


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