Cat Bridge by Catastrophic Creations

This bamboo Cat Bridge is sturdy enough to support up to 85 lbs and provides your kitty with the perfect perch from which to survey his / her domain. The Catastrophic Cat Bridge doubles as a cat shelf, offering your feline a high perch to rest and observe.



Cat Bridge by Catastrophic Creations

This bamboo Cat Bridge acts a bridge for your cat but also doubles as a lounging cat shelf!

The Catastrophic Creations Cat Bridge can be used as a stand alone near a window, over a doorway or simply on the wall. The folks over at Catastrophic Creations thought over everything because this cat furniture can be used as a stand alone or combined to bridge other cat shelves or towers together.

Cats love to lounge around in this overpass especially when it doubles as a shelf.

The dimensions are as follows:

The 30″ bridge will span 3 studs at 16″ apart;
The 46″ bridge spans 4 studs at 16″ apart or 3 studs at 24″ apart.

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What are cat bridges?

They are usually made out of rope and wood, but can be any material. They act as an overpass between two pieces of furniture, usually shelves, towers or landing areas like a cat condo.

Do cats like bridges?

While every cat is different, one thing that does seem to be unanimous among most felines…. They love to get up, just a little bit higher than everyone else. So yes, cats do tend to like bridges especially if they can use them move about their environment. Felines love to lay around on bridges too. Cats love rope (especially sisal) and wood so a cat bridge made with these materials tends to be a magnet.

Cats are known for having many unique personalities, but one thing that seems to be common among most of them is their love for exploring new heights!

Cats often enjoy using a bridge to explore their environment, and it can also be a great place for them to relax. Bridges made with materials such as sisal rope and wood tend to be especially attractive to cats, so if you’re looking to give your feline friend an interesting new spot to explore, a cat bridge might be the perfect solution!

If you have a catio that is covered, adding a cat bridge could be another way to improve the overall livelihood of your felines home.

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Assembly Instructions

Download Bridge mounting instructions (PDF)


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