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Artisan Made Floating Cat Stairs and Cat Bed

Cat Stairs

These beautiful reclaimed wood cat stairs are made from shipping pallets. The iron brackets are hand bent and can feature a classic scroll design or a sleek straight line. The stairs come with soft carpet on each step. The carpet makes sure your cat has a good grip and doesn’t slip off. The carpet also doubles as a cat scratcher. These stairs are perfect for any cat! Each produced set of stairs/bed will vary in color and texture because of the reclaimed wood used.


Cat Stairs

The company offers cat shelves, stairs, and beds for cat lovers who want to provide feline amusement for their furry friends while saving precious real estate space with the cat playground on the wall.

The products are designed to hold up to 40 lbs and are cat tested for strength using heavy-duty decorative upholstery tacks. The package includes one left-facing cat stair, one right-facing cat stair, one cat bed, four small brackets for use with cat stair shelves, two larger brackets for use with cat bed shelf, one cat bed foam insert, and installation hardware (screws and anchors).

These products are perfect for any sized house cat and can add an eclectic style to your home.


  • 1 Left Facing Cat Stair
  • 1 Right Facing Cat Stair
  • 1 Cat Bed
  • Four Small Brackets for use with Cat Stair shelves
  • Two Larger Brackets for use with Cat Bed shelf
  • 1 Cat Bed foam insert
  • Installation Hardware (Screws and Anchors)


  • Materials: reclaimed wood, iron brackets, heavy-duty carpet
  • Cat size: housecats of all sizes (supports up to 40 lbs)
  • Assembly: instructions included

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Each stair step is 5.5 ” wide 7.25″ high x 12″ long.

Total stair length is 36″ long


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