44 Inch Deluxe Cat Tree

With all the shelves available. the 44 Inch Deluxe Cat Tree is a great window tree!  You may then customize this cat tree with the type of ‘top’ shelf or tray that will work best for your cats.

Attached to the center wood pole and braced, the shelves will support over 100 lbs.

This tree is 44 inches in height.  It features a 16×16″ shelf, a 12×16″ shelf, and a sturdy 24″x24″ base, wobble-free and sturdy.

You may also customize whether you want carpet or sisal-wrapped legs.



The CatsPlay Signature Line of cat furniture is completely made to order; you choose the color, size, and optional features.  Match your home’s decor and give your cat the gift of a solid, comfortable home to call their own.


  • Materials: Wood. carpeting, sisal (optional)
  • Assembly: Minor assembly required



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