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24 Inch Deluxe Jumbo Cat Perch

The 24 Inch Deluxe Jumbo Cat Perch is multi featured with two levels of playing area. At 22″ to 24″ tall, this compact perch is great for a window perch since it could easily take up the entire window space.

The 23″ x 19″ inch cat bed on top is one of the largest cat beds available on the market and is fantastic for cats of all ages, from the most energetic to the older felines. The lower tray is 12″ x 16″. Plenty of napping spaces or playing room!



Each piece in the CatsPlay Signature Line of Cat Furniture is built by hand by our team of furniture builders here in Santa Cruz, California. Each of our team members has more than 30 years of experience constructing cat furniture, and have built and shipped tens of thousands of cat trees, gyms, condos and scratching posts to happy cats around the world.


  • Material: Solid wood, plush carpet
  • Assembly: Instructions included
  • Cat Size: Suitable for cats of all ages



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