Cat Enclosures

Kritter Kondos allow your cat or small dog to relax and play within a safe enclosure in both an indoor or outdoor environment. These outdoor cat enclosures offer peace of mind as your indoor cat can enjoy romping or just hanging out on the balcony, at the park, or in the yard without the worry of them potentially running off.

Kritter Kondos cat enclosures feature an open, sunny side and a side with a shade canopy that allows your furry friend to stay cool and beat the heat. These enclosure are perfect for letting your indoor cat or small dog enjoy some fresh, outside air, and they’re also great for separating pets if their play gets too rambunctious.

Assembling the Kritter Kondo is super fast and simple, as you can see in this video. Just unpack it, unfold it, and insert a handful of locking pins and you’re done! It collapses just as quickly for easy transport.