Hosting a Pet-Friendly Easter Party


Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Easter with your four-legged friends? Why not host an Easter pet party! With a few decorations, some creative pet-friendly snacks and activities, you can have a memorable day that your pet and their furry friends will love.


Pet-Friendly Easter Party Decorations

Creating a fun Easter party for your pets is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Start off by setting the scene for your pet-friendly Easter party with some adorable napkins featuring cats and dogs.

You can find these napkins in most party stores or online.


For the snacks, your pets will love, there are a variety of pet-friendly food options. You can find pet-friendly treats like carrots and apples, or you can make your own treats like peanut butter cookies, banana chips, and dog-friendly popcorn.

Instead of traditional Easter candy, try making some doggy-friendly treats like pupcakes, pupcorn, and pup-sicles. You can even make some yummy treats for your cats, like kitty-kabobs or tuna-flavored treats.

If you want to add an extra special touch, you can find chocolates shaped like cats and dogs. These can be found in most grocery stores or online.

Easter Costume Contest for Pets

To make your party even more fun, you could organize a costume contest for your pets. You can find costumes online or in pet stores. Let your guests choose their favorite costumes and then have a vote to decide the winner. Be sure to have a few prizes on hand to reward the winner.

Easter Egg Hunt for Pets

Or, you could opt for an Easter egg hunt theme. Fill up some plastic eggs with your pet’s favorite snacks and toys and hide them around your yard for your pet to find and enjoy.

Pet Easter Basket Grab Bags

For a special surprise, consider stocking up on some PEEPS™ brand pet toys. These fun toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from a chick-shaped toy to a bunny-shaped toy, and they all make wonderful gifts for your furry friends.

Finally, consider getting each of your pet’s friends a special Easter gift. Choose something that fits their personality, such as a new toy, a chew bone, or a personalized collar.

With a few decorations, some creative pet-friendly snacks and activities, your Easter pet party will be a big hit with your four-legged friends!

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