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Pet Friendly Furniture: Creating a Welcoming Home for You and Your Furry Friend


Pet Friendly Furniture: Creating a Welcoming Home for You and Your Furry Friend


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As a pet parent, you understand the importance of creating a home that is both beautiful and comfortable for your furry family members. Fortunately, you no longer need to choose between style and practicality. With the right design ideas and pet-friendly furniture, you can create a space that meets both your needs and those of your pets.

This article will explore various pet-friendly design ideas, including durable flooring and stain-resistant fabrics. We’ll also take a look at furniture options such as built-in feeding stations and hidden litter boxes. Lastly, we’ll explore pet-safe wood stains and pet-friendly landscaping ideas, so you can create a home that is both stylish and welcoming for your pets.

Pet Friendly Design Ideas

Durable Flooring

When choosing a flooring option, consider options that can withstand scratches and accidents caused by pets. You have several great choices, such as hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring. These options are durable and can handle the wear and tear that comes with having pets in the home.

Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Pets can be tough on upholstery and fabrics, but you can make things easier by choosing stain-resistant fabrics. Microfiber and leather are great options for pet-friendly fabrics. If you prefer a softer texture, consider chenille or velvet. Additionally, you can opt for slipcovers that are easy to clean or removable cushion covers that can be washed. When selecting a color, choose something that can easily hide stains, such as dark or textured fabrics. With these options, you can have pet-friendly furniture without sacrificing style or comfort.

Pet Friendly Furniture

As a pet owner, you understand the importance of having furniture that is both comfortable for your furry friends and durable enough to withstand their playful nature. Here are some pet-friendly furniture options that will keep your home looking great and your pets happy.

Built-In Feeding Stations

Mealtime can be a hassle when you have to constantly move your pet’s food and water bowls around. Incorporating a built-in feeding station into your kitchen or mudroom can make mealtime a breeze. This can be as simple as a designated corner with a mat and food bowl, or a custom-built solution with integrated drawers and storage. Some furniture companies even offer pet-friendly furniture with built-in feeding stations, such as the Castlery Adams Loveseat with a hidden storage compartment for pet supplies.

Signature Design by Ashley Cashton Casual Loveseat for Living Room, White

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Cat Friendly Living Room Furniture


If you’re a cat owner, you know that your feline friend loves to climb and jump on furniture. To prevent injury, consider furniture with rounded edges, such as the Joybird Braxton Sleeper Sofa with its curved arms and tufted back cushions. A cat-proof office chair, such as the Nomad Collection’s ergonomic chair with a breathable mesh back, is also a great investment for those who work from home and want to keep their furry friends safe while they work.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

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Pet Safe Wood Stain

When choosing wood furniture, make sure to choose a pet-safe wood stain to prevent any harmful chemicals from seeping into your pet’s skin or fur. Look for furniture made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood, which are safe for your pets and the environment. Joybird’s Baltic Birch frame and metal legs are a great example of sustainable and pet-friendly furniture.

Hidden Litter Boxes

Litter boxes can be an eyesore in any room, but especially in your living room. Consider hiding them in a cabinet or under a bench, or opt for a stylish litter box enclosure that doubles as a piece of furniture. The Burrow’s modular design allows you to customize your own pet-friendly couch with a hidden compartment for a litter box, while the Ektorp Sofa from IKEA offers a reversible cushion that can easily conceal a litter box.

Pet-Friendly Landscaping

If you have pets, it’s important to create a safe and comfortable outdoor space for them. Here are some tips for pet-friendly landscaping:

  • Create a designated potty area with durable and easy-to-clean outdoor fabrics.
  • Install a dog run or a fenced area where your pets can play and exercise.
  • Provide shaded areas with pet-friendly furniture for your furry friends to relax.

I love the smell of the litter box โ€“ said no cat owner ever!

As a cat owner, you know the struggle of dealing with the unpleasant smell of litter boxes. However, there are ways to combat this issue and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve a fresh-smelling home while still providing a comfortable living space for your feline friend:

Non-Toxic Pet Cleaners

Cleaning up your pet’s mess as soon as possible is crucial to prevent any unpleasant odors from lingering in your home. Rocco and Roxie is one of the best non-toxic pet-specific cleaners on the market. It effectively eliminates stains and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.


Slip Covers and Pet Furniture Covers

If you have high-end furniture, using slipcovers can protect your couch from pet hair and stains. For added protection, consider using pet furniture covers that are machine washable and designed specifically for cats and dogs. This can be a great alternative to using an entire slipcover and can help create a designated space for your pet to lounge.

Cat Shelving

Cats love to climb and relax in high places, and cat shelving is a great way to provide them with a comfortable space while freeing up valuable floor space. These shelves come in various styles and designs, some even with added scratching services and hammocks for lounging.

Elevated Pet Dishes

Investing in stainless steel pet dishes and elevated dish holders can add a touch of style to your kitchen while minimizing food spill and assisting your pet in proper stature while eating.

Functional Pet-Friendly Carpet

When choosing carpet, consider colors that will help mask your pet’s fur and opt for easy-to-clean materials such as nylon fiber or Triexta. Adding machine washable throw rugs to hardwood floors can also help absorb noise and prevent stains.

Pet-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Pinterest is a great place to browse for pet-friendly home decorating ideas. Creating a vision board can help you get organized and arrange your thoughts. Accenting your living room with design books and candles shaped like cats and dogs can also add a touch of style to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify furniture that is durable enough for pets?

When looking for pet-friendly furniture, durability is key. Look for furniture made with sturdy materials such as hardwood or metal frames, and avoid pieces with delicate fabrics or intricate details that can easily be damaged by pets. Additionally, check for furniture with removable and washable covers to make cleaning up after your furry friends a breeze.


What fabrics are recommended for households with dogs and cats?

When it comes to fabrics, choose materials that are easy to clean and resist pet hair and stains. Leather and microfiber are both great options for pet-friendly furniture, as they are durable and easy to maintain. Avoid fabrics like silk, velvet, or linen, which can be easily scratched or stained by pets.

Are there specific living room sets designed with pet owners in mind?

Yes, there are many living room sets designed with pet owners in mind. Look for sets with durable materials and washable covers, such as leather or microfiber. Some sets even feature pet-friendly details like scratch-resistant surfaces or built-in pet beds.

Which types of sofas are most resistant to pet wear and tear?

Sofas made with leather or microfiber are typically the most resistant to pet wear and tear. Leather is durable and scratch-resistant, while microfiber is easy to clean and resists pet hair and stains. Additionally, sofas with removable and washable covers make cleaning up after pets a breeze.

What should I look for when choosing pet-friendly furniture for my home?

When choosing pet-friendly furniture, look for pieces made with durable materials, such as hardwood or metal frames, and fabrics that are easy to clean and resist pet hair and stains. Additionally, consider furniture with removable and washable covers, and look for pieces with pet-friendly details like scratch-resistant surfaces or built-in pet beds.


How do I find a furniture store that specializes in pet-friendly options?

To find a furniture store that specializes in pet-friendly options, start by doing some research online. Look for stores that advertise pet-friendly furniture or that have customer reviews mentioning pet-friendly options.

Additionally, consider reaching out to local pet organizations. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or family who are pet owners.

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