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10 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Enclosure Furniture For Your Catio

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This post was updated on January 14, 2024 NEED CATIO FURNITURE FOR YOUR CAT ENCLOSURE? Your cat lead you to the right corner of the internet! Come with me as we explore some catio furniture ideas to liven up your cat’s outdoor sanctuary! Change your cat’s catio into her new favorite hangout with these essential […]

Keeping Cool Cats: The Role of Shade in Your Cat’s Catio


This post was updated on January 15th, 2024 NEED CATIO SHADE DECOR? Cats love sun, but they need shade too. Recognizing our feline companions’ affinity for basking in sunlight. As conscientious cat parents though, mitigating sun with shade is key when providing them an outdoor catio. This post is all about catio shade decor in […]

Concrete Pots: The Perfect Addition To Your Catio


this post was updated by Lisa on February 10th, 2024 NEED CONCRETE POTS? CATIO UPGRADE DOWNLOADING Creating a comfortable and safe space for your furry friend is crucial. One way to enhance your cat’s catio is by adding concrete pots. Not only do they provide a durable and sturdy option, but they can also be […]

Purrfectly Stylish: Terra Cotta For Catios


As pet owners, we want to ensure the comfort and happiness of our furry friends, even in their outdoor space. If you’re looking to add a touch of style and sophistication to your cat’s catio, consider using terra cotta. This versatile material has been used for centuries and adds a timeless beauty to any space. […]

The Best Cat Hammock Window Perches For Small Apartments


The ‘best’ is so subjective, but we did our best to find some great perches for your feline buddy. Window perches can be ideal for small apartments or tiny homes because it frees up floor space but offers your cat the purr-feet seat for crashing out, window gazing and simply lounging. This post is all […]

Light Up Your Catio: Amazon Has Thousands To Choose From


Cats can see better in the dark than humans, but they love to have a nightlight too! If your cat has a small cat room, catio or outdoor cat enclosure that he spends a little time in the evenings relaxing in the dark, this post is for you! Read on to learn all about the […]

This Company Is Devoted To Building Outdoor Catio Cat Enclosures In Portland, OR [2023]


For decades the concept of outdoor space for cats was often impractical for the average feline parent. But thanks to builders like The Catio Company, outdoor cat enclosures are popping up everywhere. This post is all about The Catio Company and their specialized building of feline porches, window catios, tunnels, and custom catios. Once upon […]

Should A Catio Have A Litter Box? [2023]

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Catios are easily one of the best ways to enrich your cat’s life instantly. By giving your cat or kitten a protected space outdoors, the quality of his life sky-rockets. But what should your cat have access to while he is basking in sun-puddles? Should a litter box be close by so he doesn’t have […]

Clever Cat Catio Builders Directory [2023]

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Welcome to our blog post, “Catio Builders List“, where we will be discussing some of the best catio builders across the nation, including Oregon, Los Angeles, Florida, and beyond. While we have curated a list of reputable builders, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the quality of every company or individual. Therefore, we […]