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Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Cat Tunnels In 2023


Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Cat Tunnels In 2023




Are you on the hunt for the purr-fect outdoor cat tunnel to spoil your adventurous furball? Well, you’ve landed in the right place! As a dedicated cat lover and outdoor enthusiast, I’m all about creating the ultimate outdoor haven for our kitties. 🌳✨ From designing a cat enclosure line to sharing insightful tips and reviews, I’m here to guide you through the wonderful world of outdoor cat supplies. Join me as we explore the wonderful world of finding the perfect cat tunnel. 🐾

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Outdoor cat tunnels are an increasingly popular way for cats to explore and play outdoors in a safe and secure environment.

The history of cat tunnels dates back to the 1990s when a Swedish design firm developed a modular tunnel that could be assembled in various shapes and sizes. This innovation quickly caught on and soon cat owners from all over the world were building their own versions of the tunnel. Since then, improvements have been made to the design of the tunnel, making them even more appealing to cats and their owners alike.

Outdoor cat tunnels are now more secure and comfortable than ever before. They provide cats with a safe and enclosed space to explore and play outside without putting them in danger.

The tunnels also provide cats with a place to hide, an area to rest, and an opportunity to get exercise. They also can be used to help cats become more socialized, as they can interact with other cats in the tunnel without feeling threatened.

As outdoor cat tunnels become more popular, they will likely become increasingly available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This will give cats and their owners more options when it comes to creating a fun and secure outdoor experience for their furry friends.



Cat tunnels have become increasingly popular in the 20th century as a way to provide cats with a sense of safety and security while they are playing and exploring.

Cat tunnels are usually made of a variety of materials including plastic, metal, fabric, and even cardboard.

The tunnels usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are even designed to be collapsible so they can be easily transported.

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Cat tunnels can also be found in a variety of colors and patterns, so cats can choose a tunnel that best suits their personality and style. Cat owners enjoy the tunnels because they can provide their cats with an exciting and safe environment to play and explore in. They also provide cats with a sense of security and privacy, and can help to stimulate cats’ natural curiosity and exploration.

Cat Enrichment

Cat tunnels are a great way to enrich a cat’s life and help protect wildlife, like birds. Not only do cat tunnels provide cats with a place to hide and explore, but they also help keep cats from roaming around and potentially hunting birds. Cat tunnels can also provide a safe place for cats to climb, play, and nap. The tunnels help to keep cats active, providing them with a stimulating environment to explore. Additionally, the tunnels can help to protect birds from cats by blocking their view of the birds and the temptation to hunt them. All in all, cat tunnels can be a great way to enrich cats lives and keep wildlife safe.

Best Outdoor Catio Cat Tunnels

Well ‘best’ is such a subjective term!

I really think for outdoor catio cat tunnels it could be specific to your own needs. That being said, there are some fantastic catio builders that are specifically in construction for building catios. THAT is where I would focus!

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That being said, Habitat Haven is a very impressive company. Their product, years of gathering information and knowledge, caring (most importantly) for their own kitty cats and products all make a compelling case for being a top and even best, contender among outdoor cat tunnels.

Let’s pounce into their sandbox and shed some light on what they do!

About Habitat Haven; a Cat Lover’s Idea

Inspired by practical needs and love for their adopted cats, Cuddles and Ching, the owners realized that keeping the kitty cats indoors was essential for feline safety and health.

But these kitty cats had become bored and restless; they pounced at any open door they saw, and they spent hours staring out the window. (Ahhhh this sounds soooo familiar ;)

Habitat Haven Outdoor Cat Enclosures

They wanted to give the fur babies a way to experience the outdoors while also keeping them safe. We needed a solution that would be renter-friendly, durable, functional, versatile, and attractive, but no such thing existed. This is when they decided to design our own.

They fashioned a catio around a window and watched with delight as the cats immediately began to explore and play. Their energy levels increased and they even lost a few pounds!

Now, Cuddles and Ching can enjoy the outdoors and explore to their hearts content, all from the safety of their catio.

The rest is history and now the future too!

Promising Reviews

Best purchase ever for our two maine coons.

“They spend so much time out in the catio. Great exercise and outdoor stimulation. So glad we made the decision to add this. Our neighbors love watching them play too.”

Our cats (and we too) are enjoying the cage immensely.

“As we expected, the cage has hugely added to our (2) cat’s world. We live along a river where there is an abundance of wild life. The cage is very well made and makes me and my husband feel secure that our beloved pets are safe AND it allows the cats to enjoy the wild life too. We did not assemble it but our handyman said it was straightforward and reasonably easy to do.”

Habitat Haven Outdoor Cat Tunnels


Are Cat Tunnels Good For Cats?

Oh yes they sure are! Outdoor cat tunnels are an excellent way to provide enrichment, fresh air, and sunshine to your feline friend. These tunnels are a safe and secure way for cats to enjoy their outdoor environment while also helping to protect local wildlife and bird populations.

Cat tunnels and catios in general, give cats a way to explore their outdoor environment without being vulnerable to predators or dangerous elements. They provide a safe place for cats to hide and explore, while also allowing them to stay close to the safety of their home. Cat tunnels can also be used in conjunction with a catio, or outdoor enclosure, for added security and protection.

Habitat Haven: catios, cat enclosures, outdoor cat tunnels

Protecting Birds with Outdoor Cat Tunnels: How Catios Keep Wildlife Safe

In addition to providing cats with access to natural elements like fresh air and sunshine, cat tunnels can also help to protect wildlife and bird populations from your feline! Since cats are natural predators, having an outdoor space for them to play in can help to reduce the number of birds, small mammals, and other creatures that are at risk from predation.

Finally, cat tunnels can also provide cats with a great way to enjoy the sunshine. Cats love to sunbathe, which is why window catios are a great way to provide cats with an outdoor space to relax in while still being able to soak up the sun’s rays.

Overall, outdoor cat tunnels are a great way to provide your cat with enrichment, fresh air, and sunshine while also helping to protect local wildlife and bird populations.

How Tall Should Cat Tunnels Be?

For small to medium cats, the tunnel should be tall enough that they can stand up, turn around, and walk fast through it. Generally, this means a tunnel that is at least 18 inches tall. This will provide plenty of room for your cat to explore and play without having to crouch down. 

For larger cats, the tunnel should be tall enough for them to stand up and turn around in it. This means the tunnel should be at least 24 inches tall. This will give them plenty of room to explore and play, while also providing the safety and security they need. 

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No matter the size of your cat, it is important to provide them with a safe and secure space to explore and play. Adding a cat tunnel to your catio is a great way to do this. Make sure the tunnel is tall enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and walk fast through it. This will provide them with a fun and safe space to explore and play, while also keeping them safe from potential predators.


Catio cat tunnels are a great way to provide cats with the stimulation and enrichment they need to thrive. I believe we will see even more outdoor cat tunnels being built in backyards all across America and th world in 2023.

Based on loads of research, my favorite outdoor cat tunnel provider is Habitat Haven, who we (Kritter Kommunity) are an affiliate for. With years of experience, superb products and excellent customer reviews, they seem to be a very good choice!

Outdoor cat tunnels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any home or lifestyle. They can provide cats with a safe and secure area to explore while still allowing them to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. With their easy installation and low-maintenance design, catio cat tunnels are a great way to give cats the enrichment and space they need to be happy and healthy.

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