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Modern Cat Furniture Product Review: The Grove Cat Perch By Tuft And Paw(Updated 2022)

Modern Cat Furniture

Modern Cat Furniture Product Review: The Grove Cat Perch By Tuft And Paw(Updated 2022)


Is your cat as stylish as you are? Well he is in for a real treat if he appreciates luxury cat furniture. Tuft and Paw has a portfolio of amazing, jaw-dropping, head-turning pieces for your feline that you will love too. This post is all about The Grove cat perch by Tuft and Paw, the finest modern cat furniture maker in the world.

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Full Disclosure

Kritter Kommunity was sent a Grove 24” product (free of charge) to review for an honest product review. There are also affiliate links in this article and if you buy anything after clicking the link, Kritter Kommunity will receive a small commission.

This blog is updated again in September of 2022. Finnegan still loves his Grove cat furniture and I do too. It is so sturdy and has held up very well over the past year. I will upload a few pictures around the pawlidays of the Grove; I am thinking of decorating if for Christmas with some lights!

I am now searching for the perfect modern cat tree, and although I have a few favorites, I still ask myself, what are the best modern cat trees?

A cat tree is an important piece in a nice cat furniture selection. I want it to be a good one. I saw a very nice elegant cat tree I like, and I really like a wooden cat tree I saw on CatsMode.

I will write a separate post specific on this topic but in the meantime, I suggest you check out ”How To Beautify Your Home With Modern Cat Furniture (Trees, Scratchers and Shelves)”.

Modern Cat Furniture Product Review

Modern Furniture For Cats


Finnegan was super eager to see what was in the box. He knew it was for him; I mean isn’t everything really?

A box that size needed to be cat-approved as soon as possible; Finnegan was eager to get started!

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Opening the box, I was immediately impressed. The box was very sturdy and very well packed. The packing alone gets a 5 star rating. I was blown away with all the care Tuft and Paw takes to making sure the piece arrived in perfect condition, and it did! I could tell right away this was a high-quality piece of modern cat furniture.

Tuft and Paw The Grove

We received the beige color Grove, however this product is also offered in grey.

Both colors are a very neutral, modern shade and I would use either color with just about any other colors. They go great with anything. I liked the beige because I already have enough grey. You do not have to have a modern style theme in order for this product to go well with your living room or bedroom sets. The product is made in such a way that it could be an accent piece with almost any decor.



Excellent directions with easy-to-follow images make assembly a snap!

Tuft and Paw The Grove


Assembly was relatively easy, taking about 15 total minutes for me to put it together.

Tuft and Paw sends you all the necessary parts so there is no additional nuts, bolts or tools needed.


The Grove is very sturdy! The wood pieces are impressive! Sleek, sturdy and coated with a high quality veneer finish. This perch will not tip over easily.


There are two cushions, one for the top of the perch and one for the inside bottom.

The top and bottom are covered with a cream colored, soft fabric that is very cozy for your pet. Finnegan understood right away that his butt was meant for those cushions!

Modern Cat Furniture


I found this piece of cat furniture goes well in any corner of a room. The perch is a good accent-piece or you can use it as the main foundation point for a designated kitty cat area of your home.

The dimensions are 18” wide x 17” deep and they offer 24” or 41” high.


The Grove cat perch is made of premier plywood coated with a veneer.


You can use a damp cloth to simply wipe down the wood area and a lint brush will easily pick-up cat hair from the cushion.

I love the furniture at Tuft and Paw, it is truly the number one place to find classy cat furniture. This modern cat furniture maker has a variety of timeless beds, cat scratchers, towers and toys. Everything is designed with the feline in mind!

Modern cat furniture has become so popular; I am curious, do you have any pieces of feline furniture you consider modern? What are they? Do you find them practical while stylish? I’d love to know what your experience is.

Learn more about Tuft and Paw here: The Grove


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