Literally The Cheapest Cardboard Cat Scratchers You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now (Updated 2022)

Literally The Cheapest Cardboard Cat Scratchers You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now (Updated 2022)


With over 30 million Americans filed for unemployment since March 2020, more and more people are finding deals and sales for their furry friends. Amazon is ripe with cheap necessities and folks are flocking to get their Prime deliveries scheduled. This post is all about a few of the cheapest cat scratchers you find on Amazon right now.

Love is the most important thing we can offer our feline companions, but let’s face it; they still need food, shelter and even cat toys and cat scratchers.

In reality, most cat owners go overboard on spending money on modern cat furniture that is frankly, not necessary. Most cats could care less what the cat scratcher looks like!

Cardboard is still the best material used in cat scratchers and although upscale can be aesthetically pleasing, sometimes you just need the least expensive you can find. For that reason, and in honor of scaling back to meet challenging times, I put together a page of literally the cheapest cardboard cat scratchers you can find on Amazon.


Cat Scratch Board, Cardboard Corrugated Scratcher Scratching Pad Sofa Bed Board Mat Li Cat Toy Nest Grinding Claw Supplies

Yes folks, you are reading that correctly. For less than one dollar you can purchase a cardboard cat scratcher on Amazon. There are no reviews at this time on this particular one. The description seems a little thin too, but if you want to try it out it is Amazon, so you can always send it back for a refund if it turns out to be a lemon. Before we move on to our line up of cardboard cat scratchers, let’s cardboard cat scratchers and why our feline friends love them so much!

The Cheapest Cardboard Cat Scratchers On Amazon Now

When cats have an itch to scratch, it’s best to give them a scratching post. 

Our feline friends have a natural inclination to scratch and it’s nothing their owners should be concerned about. But it’s understandable that you don’t want your kitty tearing up your chairs or other furniture while the flex their claws. The easiest and cheapest way to fix this problem is to buy a cardboard cat scratcher, and thankfully there are many available on Amazon.

Why Do Cats Like To Scratch?

Typically cats do this for two reasons — first, when they are trying to make their territory known, because the scratches create a sign to ward off other cats, and it also leaves behind scent from their paws that makes clear it’s their turf. And the second is when they are trying to keep their claws in good shape, because it helps them to shed older claw coverings.

Because felines like to scratch in the same place, that might be why you’ve seen kitties scratching away at the same table or armchair in your home. If you can entice them away and encourage them to instead use a specially designed scratcher, they’ll keep coming back to that for their scratching needs and will leave your furniture alone.

But if you’re a cat owner who’s tried shopping for a cat scratcher in the past, you’ve probably noticed that there is a huge variety of scratchers online made of many different materials. And some of them can be incredibly expensive, so it’s hard to know which one to pick.

Thankfully, many cats like cheap cardboard for scratching, meaning you can find a low-cost cardboard cat scratcher on Amazon that can be in your home within days.

Why Do Cats Enjoy Cardboard As Scratching Boards?

Cats love cardboard because they like to make long scratches when they’re marking their territory, and cardboard is the perfect material for them to be able to do this.

Many cats also like to scratch away at rugs or carpets or any other flat surfaces, and that can cause havoc to your fixtures and fittings. As such, laying down a cardboard scratching board is a cheap but simple way to prevent such damage while giving you cat something fun to play with.

Cardboard is also a pleasing material for cats to scratch, because it’s sturdy, feels good on their claws, and makes a lot of noise — which is something they love to hear when scratching.

What Is Corrugated Cardboard, And How Is A Cardboard Cat Scratcher Made?

If you’re browsing sales of cardboard cat scratchers on Amazon and you see the word “corrugated,” this means that it’s a lightweight type of cardboard that “flutes” the material to create layers of paper that features tiny arches that can withstand a lot of damage.

Cardboard cat scratchers are pretty easy to make, as the cardboard is cut and glued into a certain shape, whether it’s a rectangle, square, or something a little more creative (there are some examples on Amazon of fun quirky cardboard cat scratchers shaped like ramps). There is nothing complicated or dangerous involved with these scratchers, so they’re safe for your cat. So buying the cheapest cat scratchers possible is not a bad thing at all!

Sisal rope is another type of material that is used for making cat scratchers, and has many of the textural and other benefits of cardboard while also being just as affordable. It’s strong and durable, while also being biodegradable and sustainable as it’s made from a plant.

That means you don’t have to worry about any environmental damage from the production of your cat scratcher, and can instead focus on given your feline something fun to play with. A good cat scratching post is almost always made with sisal rope.

Cat Scratch Pad With Storage Box

Keep your furniture safe and your cat happy with this stylish, minimalist corrugate cat scratcher cardboard!

This reversible design fits in with any home décor, and is made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue to better protect your cat’s health.

Not only is it the perfect place for cats to play and scratch, it also helps to relieve stress and anxiety in cats and keep their claws from overgrowing.

Plus, it measures 16.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 1 inch thick, making it the perfect size for any home. Make sure your cat is healthy and your furniture is safe with this clever scratcher cardboard!


Are Scratching Posts Good For Cats?

Scratching posts are also great for cats!

What Type Of Scratching Post Is Best For Cats?

The best type of scratching posts for cats are ones that are tall enough for your cat to get a nice long stretch. The scratching post should also be stable and have a strong foundation so it does not knock over easily. The post should be made from your cat’s favorite material which is probably sisal, carpet or corrugated cardboard.

Top Examples Of Cheap Cat Scratchers On Amazon

If you’re looking for a great but affordable cardboard or sisal rope cat scratcher, Amazon has an almost countless list of scratchers for you to choose from. 

Of course, everyone’s budget and own style tastes are different, so give them a browse and figure out which one works best for you. The amount of space you have available in your home will also be a factor, so measure where you can plan on putting the scratcher and check the dimensions of listings online to make sure that it will fit in that space.

Below are a few of some of my favorites I’ve seen while shopping for scratchers:

1. OURPETS CAT SCRATCHER$6.00 – $7.00 on Amazon
2. FATCATS$15.00 – $17.00
3. SMARTYKAT$4.00 – $8.00
4. HOWSTAR$4.00 – $6.00
5. SMARTBEAN$7.00 – $10.00

OurPets Far and Wide Cat Scratcher

This is an extra-large scratching board with impressive dimensions of 18.13 inches length by 10.13 inches width and a height of 1.25 inches, giving your kitty plenty of room to play. And as an added bonus you’ll also get some free catnip when you buy this scratcher, giving you cat an extra little treat as they get used to their new scratcher. One more perk of this brand is that it’s reversible, so once your cat has demolished one side you can simply flip it over and give them an entirely fresh board to scratch.

FATCAT Big Mama’s Scratch ‘n Play Ramp Reversible Cardboard Toy

If you want a quirkier cat scratcher, consider buying this one that is shaped like a small ramp and has an adorable catnip-infused butterfly toy attached to it. The toy will help encourage your cat to want to play with the board and use it for all their scratching needs, and the triangular shape gives your cat an interesting design to play with. And this board is also reversible, so even after your pet has shredded their way through one side of the scratcher you can just turn it over and give them a whole new board.

Lukovee Cat Scratcher Mat

As an alternative to a cardboard cat scratcher, you might want to consider buying a scratching board made from the similar material sisal rope. While still very affordable, the material is incredibly sturdy so can withstand a lot of scratching from your kitty. And it helpfully has a non-slip epoxy latex base to prevent the mat slipping, so no matter how vigorously your cat scratches the mat will always stay in the same place. The makers also promise that it’s non-toxic so you can rest assured the material won’t harm your cat.

cat scratcher pad

This mat is not only super affordable, you can vacuum it and wipe it with a damp cloth to clean up. It is made with sisal inside and that is a real cat magnet!

Purchasing a few of the cheapest cat scratchers can be a good way to identify which one your feline likes the best. Or buy one, and no doubt your fur baby will know how much you love her!

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