Kitty Crossing: Cat Shelves With Bridges


Cat shelves with bridges have become a popular design trend among cat owners looking to give their feline friends more space to explore and play. I have noticed that some cats love them while others are not as comfortable with this piece of cat furniture. This post explores what cat shelves with bridges are, what type of cats like them and how to style them.

Cat Shelves with Bridges

These shelves are designed to look like a bridge, with two platforms connected by a ramp or bridge. Cat shelves with bridges can add a modern, playful element to any home, and can help create a fun and safe environment for cats to play and relax. 

The cat bridge masters are companies like Catastrophic Creations. This company has made a complete line of wall cat furniture, and it can all be connected with eye catching bridges and walkways. AH-MAY-ZING feline amusement parks built for cats to climb, while also freeing up precious floor real estate. Now you can add a cat tree! LOL

Catastrophic Creations


The Catastrophic Creations Roped Cat Bridge is the first cat furniture item they ever made, and it was in 2013. They were inspired to create it by trying to connect a doorway with cat furniture on either side. After seeing how much cats loved it, they posted it online and it quickly gained popularity. At the time, they called it the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge, but for legal reasons, we changed the name to the Roped Cat Bridge a couple years in.

The Catastrophic Creation cat bridges remain the most popular items in their shop, and these bridges work great for spanning across doorways.

If you do get one, be prepared for your cat to give you playful head bops when you walk underneath the bridge! Some people also mount them across windows, which provides cats with a great view of the outdoors while they lounge on the bridge.


DIY Cat Shelves With Bridges

If you’re looking to save a few bucks or just enjoy making things from scratch, we’ve got your back with some awesome DIY cat bridges. With easy-to-follow instructions and adjustable designs, you’ll be able to create a bridge suited to your taste and whatever materials you have available. So don’t worry, you’ve got this!

I honestly think video is the best and easiest way to do DIY for most things, so I am literally posting a few videos that walk you through building your feline her own cat bridge.

Styling Cat Shelves With Bridges

When setting up a cat shelf with a bridge, it’s important to make sure the bridge is sturdy and secure. The platforms should be wide enough for your cat to easily move around, and the bridge should have enough weight support to keep your cat safe. When styling the shelves, think of ways to make the bridge and platforms more interesting. You could add some extra decorations, like plants, toys, or scratching posts. You could also create a cozy space for your cat by adding cat-friendly plants, creating a canopy shelf. Also, adding a feeder to the shelves can entice your feline to use his cat bridge to get to his food.

Cat shelves with bridges can be a great way to add style and functionality to your home, while also providing your cat with a safe, fun place to explore. With a little creativity, you can create a unique and enjoyable space for your furry friend.

Boosting Your Cat’s Interest in a Shelf Bridge

When you are planning to build a bridge for your cat, it’s important to think about where it would make the most sense. Try to position the bridge in an area where your cat visits often. Also, make sure it is not too high or too low. Many cats like to be at their owner’s eye level or even higher, so if you decide to install a bridge at a higher height, be sure to provide them with an easy way to access it.

Once you have the bridge in place, it might take your cat some time to get used to it. To help them adjust, try using toys or catnip to entice them onto the bridge. You can also give them treats as a reward when they step onto it. This will help to create a positive association and make it easier for your cat to enjoy their new cat bridge.

What’s the Maximum Span for Your Cat’s Bridge of Dreams?

To ensure your cat feels secure when crossing its bridge, make sure it is wide enough for your feline friend to traverse comfortably. Ten inches should provide your cat with plenty of room, but a broader bridge could be beneficial if your cat is particularly timid or enjoys lounging.

This may sound counter – intuitive but cat lovers might understand…. If Finnegan faced a bridge that was too wide, he would be intimidated. He would probably like having a narrower passage to feel safer and more secure.

So you know your cat best. A bridge of 10 inches should be sufficient for your cat, however, if your cat is obese or likes to take their time, a wider bridge might attract him in more.

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