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Catio Ideas That Will Make You Build Your Own [2023]


Catio Ideas That Will Make You Build Your Own [2023]


Catio ideas are becoming increasingly popular among cat lovers across the world. A catio, or an outdoor playground for cats, is an excellent addition to any home with feline friends. This post is all about catio ideas in 2023.

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An outdoor cat pen attached to your home can offer your cat the opportunity to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, running, climbing, and playing, which can instantly upgrade their quality of life. The great outdoors is like a movie theatre for cats, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation. By building a catio, cat lovers can share their gardens, decks, yards, and patios with their furry friends, allowing them to enjoy the outdoor space as much as their human companions do. It’s a win-win situation for both cats and their owners!

How to Get Inspired to Build Your Cat a Catio

If you’re struggling to get inspired to build your cat a catio, there are some ways to get the juices flowing.

Scrolling Pinterest for Catio Ideas

Pinterest is a treasure trove of catio ideas, from simple window boxes to elaborate multi-level structures. Type in “catio” or “cat patio” in the search bar, and you’ll get thousands of photos and articles to browse through. Pin your favorite catio ideas to a board and use them as inspiration for your own project.

Reading This Blog Post

Congratulations, you’re already on your way to getting inspired! This blog post will give you tips and ideas on how to build a catio that fits your cat’s needs and your budget. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow cat lovers on social media.

Joining a Facebook Catio Group

Facebook has many catio groups where cat owners share photos, advice, and stories about their catio-building adventures. Join a group that matches your interests and location, and ask questions or post photos of your progress. You’ll find a supportive community of cat lovers who are just as enthusiastic about catio ideas as you are.

Catio Ideas by Omlet

Go to the OMLET WEBSITE and pounce around.

AH-MAY-ZING cat enclosures and you will be filled with great catio ideas!


Calling a Catio Builder

If you’re not a DIY person or don’t have the time and skills to build a catio yourself, consider calling a catio builder. They can design and construct a custom catio that fits your space, style, and budget. Look for catio builders in your area or ask for recommendations from your local pet store or veterinarian.

Getting Inspired by the Benefits of a Catio

Finally, get inspired by the many benefits of a catio. A catio can provide your cat with exercise, mental stimulation, and a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. It can also reduce the risk of cat fights, diseases, and injuries caused by outdoor hazards. Plus, a catio can be a fun and creative project for you to upgrade your life and create a playground for your cats.

With these catio ideas, you can start to get some inspiration. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, a catio can be a rewarding and fun project that will enhance your cat’s life and your bond with your feline friend. Embrace the catio ideas, and let your enthusiasm for feline fun shine!

DIY Catios

Building your own catio is a great option for those who are handy. There are plenty of DIY catio plans and tutorials available online to help you get started. Not only is building your own catio a fun project, but it can also be a cost-effective option.

Window Catios

If you have a small space, a window catio may be the perfect solution. These catios attach directly to your window and provide a small outdoor space for your cat to enjoy. Window catios are great for apartment dwellers or those with limited outdoor space.

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Small Catios

Even if you have limited outdoor space, there are plenty of small catio options available. A small catio can still provide your cat with a safe and enjoyable outdoor space. Consider building a vertical catio or using a small corner of your yard to create a cozy outdoor enclosure.

Getting inspired to actually execute on the creating, designing and building your cat a catio might take some inspiration. Perhaps you have been considering it for sometime, but still have not built your cat a catio.

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These inspiring tips might help!

Bing Photos

One of the best ways to get inspired to build your cat a catio is to browse through some images of catios on Bing. Search for “catio” or “cat enclosures” and take some time to look through the photos for ideas. Look for designs that are aesthetically pleasing, and think about how you could incorporate some of those design elements into your own catio. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with something that works for your specific space and cat.



Facebook Groups

Social media is the absolute best way to binge catio images of cat lovers who adore their felines and outdoor cat enclosures. Their are thousands of pictures with tips on all three of the above social media platforms.

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Visit a Catio

If you’re feeling stuck, you can always visit a catio in person to get some inspiration. Check with your local humane society or pet store, as some may have a catio on site for you to view.

If there are no catios in your area, you can always reach out to catio owners near you and ask if you could pay a visit.

You will get to see an actual catio in action and get a better idea of what is possible.

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Attend the Portland Catio Tour

If you’re really serious about building your cat a catio, consider attending the Portland Catio Tour. This tour takes place every year and features a variety of catio designs. There will be something for everyone, from the novice DIYer to the experienced catio builder. Plus, you’ll have a chance to talk to catio owners and get advice on how to build your own.

The Portland Catio Tour even has an impressive virtual tour you can watch from the comfort of your home!

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Watch Videos on How To Build A Catio

Finally, you can get inspired to build your cat a catio by watching videos on how to build a catio. There are plenty of videos out there, from detailed step-by-step tutorials to general overviews. Watching these videos can give you an idea of the materials and tools you’ll need, as well as tips for construction and design. Plus, you’ll get to see a variety of completed catios and get a better sense of what is possible.

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The patio for cats, aka the catio, is all the craze. Boredom can get the best of any animal, and the refined feline is no different. Indoor kitties get bored, and they need sun and fresh air as much as any living creature.

Although fresh air and sunshine are ideal, allowing a cat to be outdoor full-time has its hazards, even fatal hazards.

An outdoor cat enclosure is a great option for indoor/outdoor cats. There are all types of portable catios to choose from.

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Ideally, having a catio built that is attached to your home will be best for you and your feline. But if that is not an option, click on one of the portable catio pictures to see if they might be a good fit for your needs.

catio ideas

If you and your feline are fortunate to build a catio attached to your home, check, out the IG inspirations below.

If building your feline an outdoor cat enclosure has been on your mind, you might go to Instagram and do a #catio search.

All kinds of jaw-dropping patios for kitties will line your screen!  In the meantime, I grabbed and handful to wet your whistle.

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@catioguy on Instagram has a pretty impressive portfolio. This feline loving builder custom designs and makes catios for the Los Angeles area. His website, lays out all the information you need to get started on building your new cat sanctuary. On Instagram, you and your cat can browse through all his images, you will both be purring. On his website, find benefits, the process and examples of catios; you will be well on your way!

Sum Up

In conclusion, window catios and outdoor cat enclosures, or “catios”, are excellent catio ideas that can enhance the lives of cats and their owners. By providing a safe and stimulating outdoor environment, catios offer countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment for feline friends. As more and more cat lovers discover the benefits of these play areas, it’s clear that catios are here to stay as a popular addition to any home with cats.

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