How To Throw Your Poodle A Posh Birthday Party: Celebrate Your Dog

poodle dog birthday

How To Throw Your Poodle A Posh Birthday Party: Celebrate Your Dog

poodle dog birthday party

Who’s a good boy?

Of course, it’s your dog.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that every good boy deserves to be spoiled once in and even more so than ever on his birthday. This article is all about throwing your poodle a posh birthday party to celebrate his dog day.

Do Poodles Know It Is Their Birthday?

For the regal yet energetic poodle breed, you know there has to be a grand party. Poodle breeds are known to be some of the smartest dogs on the planet. Therefore, it only stands to reason that your poodle (toy, standard, teacup or miniature, these dogs are bright) definitely knows it is his birthday. Okay, maybe knowing it is the day he was born is a stretch, but he will know if you are planning a special occasion; one that celebrates him; he will totally ‘get it’.

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Why have a party for your poodle?

Because, as mentioned earlier, your dog is a good boy!

Poodles score a 5/5 on their potential for playfulness and 4/5 on an energy level scale. They will love being center of attention for the day. And for those who are always center of attention, they will have a bigger audience.

Not to mention, they are your BFF. This loving and compassionate dog will appreciate the gesture.

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    Poodles Are Smart

    Given their intelligence, they can tell if it’s a grand occasion. While dogs really don’t have a concept of time, or know exactly when their birthday is, they can definitely tell when a long while has passed since they had a fun bash.

    So, planning their next one might just be the right way forward.

    Steps to the Perfect Poodle Birthday Party: Celebrate Your Dog

    Poodle Dog Party Checklist

    Get Invitations
    Send Invites
    Dog Party Supples
    Dog Birthday Cake
    Follow-Up On Invites
    Fill Goody Bags / Prep Work
    Be sure to have your poodle groomed for his birthday party: make grooming appointment!

    Additional Information: How Often Should Poodles Be Groomed?

    We’ve established that your Poodle deserves only the best birthday party. Here is how you can throw that party:

    1.  Pick a Venue

    Once you’ve decided you are ready to throw a party for your poodle, pick out the best venue that you can find. 

    But, in this case, the best venue is not just an area with ample space. Your venue must be dog-friendly. And if you are a poodle owner, you understand that your dog has prey instincts.

    Think through if outdoors is ideal for your pup. You may have your poodle trained to not chase every chimpmunk he sees, so your backyard, a beach or park could be the purrrfect place! 

    Once you have decided on your location, it is time for step 2, invitations!

    If you have a super timid or hyper poodle, having an actual birthday party might not be the best option. If this is the case, check out other ways you can celebrate his big day on our blog, Top 10 Ways To Make Your Poodle’s Birthday Awesome.

    2.  Create Memorable Invites 

    Of course, a party needs invites, even if it is your poodle’s party. E-cards are super easy and can be sent to your email list of dog lovers. There are lots of services that offer free cards, and some that offer more personalized invitations that charge a fee.

    Whether you decide to send an e-invite or a physical one, make sure to keep it centered around your poodle. 

    If you do not have the emails of your poodle loving friends, getting physical invites is also an option. These are great for mailing, seeing dog overs at the park and slipping them into your neighbor’s mailbox or underneath their door.

    Rejoice poodle lovers, Amazon carries a bunch of breed themed dog party supplies that include curly snow cone headed cutie pies!

    Another idea is to custom make cards with dog’s picture and the event details. 

    3.  Invite Some (or a lot of) Dog Friends

    With a venue selected and sorted, you need to decide how to fill that venue. 

    Of course, your poodle will want his/her friends at the party. So, decide on how many and what dog friends you will invite to the party.

    If your dog gets along with strangers, you can go ahead and invite some extended friends. But if your dog takes some time to get comfortable around other dogs, you should just stick to the small friends circle that your poodle already has. 

    4.  Decide a Theme and Stock Up

    What’s a poodle birthday party without a theme?

    If you’re having a birthday party for your poodle, you obviously can’t have a bunny theme; that really will not end well.

    But instead of just going with a standard theme, decide on any complementary events around the corner. If Halloween is coming, you can have a costumed birthday party. How about a red carpet night? Or a Hollywood theme?

    Once you know the theme, you will have plenty of shopping to do. And you will shop not just for your own. 

    The possibilities are endless!

    5.  Know Your Dog

    But wait!

    Before you put together a grand entrance and party poppers and whatnot, think about your dog!

    As the owner, you should know your dog better than anyone else.

    While your dog’s age and physical health are essential factors, your dog’s personal preferences are just as important. 

    • Does your dog like the outdoors?
    • Is your dog scared of loud noises?
    • Is your dog comfortable with strangers?
    • How has your dog been feeling lately?

    Keeping these tidbits about your poodle in mind will help you organize a better birthday party for your dog.

    6.  The Cake!

    So, what if the celebration has poodles; there are no birthday parties without a cake.

    Hence, the next step is to pick the right cake for your dog. But not any cake will do.

    Keep in mind your dog’s favorite treats and get a cake made out of it. You might need to take some time to find a baker that specializes in dog cakes and then get one custom-made for your dog.

    Try and get enough for all of your Poodle’s buddies, or at least get other treats, if not the same cake.

    Dog cookies a favorite for your pup? Check out these adorable poodle cookie cutters! Having cookies as a snack or putting these in a goody bag will no doubt be a hit with your dog and friends.

    Buy cookie cutters on Amazon for $15.79

    7.  No Party Pooping

    If you have a couple of Poodles pouncing around the area, you know you need to plan for them to relieve themselves. 

    This is even more important because it’s going to get all of them energetic and dashing around.

    The best option for you to help keep it all clean is to arrange poop bags and place them around. Perhaps even keep some breaks between all the fun, togive the doggies enough time to take care of their business. 

    8.  Dog Activities

    There’s more to any birthday party than just cake and treats. You have to make sure that you keep your guests engaged. 

    In this case, you have to arrange for several dog-friendly activities for all your guests. Here are some ideas:

    • A Ball Pit: Arrange a medium-sized tub and fill it up with colorful plastic balls. 
    • Slides: Asmall children’s slide is always a good idea. Arrange for a rental and make sure there are no sharp edges on the slide.
    • Maze: You can easily arrange some PVC pipes and make them into tunnels for dogs to explore.
    • Snuffle Mat
    • Tree Bungee

    Having a few snuggle mats can also be a great way to encourage fun time among your poodle and his pals.

    9.  Follow Up With A Quiet Day

    While the day of the event is very important, the day after it is just as crucial.  

    Too many fun days can be overwhelming for your poodle and affect their health negatively. 

    So, it is always important to let your poodle relax, especially after a posh birthday party.

    Arrange a customized new blanket (maybe as a gift for their birthday party) and let your poodle sleep in it for the entire next day. These Woof Blankets are sooooooo cute!

    Your dog deserves this!

    Since you’ve done such a great job organizing the party, why not also spend the day sleeping? 

    You deserve it.

    So, cuddle in with your poodle. 

    Final Word On Your Poodle Dog Birthday Party

    If you have a poodle, organizing a birthday party for it should be on your yearly to-do list. 

    After all, your dog is your best friend. 

    But remember to take special care of all the edibles at the party. Yousurely do not want to spend the next day running to the vet because of something your dog ate, do you?

    Create valuable memories and strengthen the bond between you and your dog by celebrating his birthday in grand style.

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