How Many Cats Are In A Cat Cafe


Do you have a crazy busy schedule?

Does your landlord refuse your request to have pets?

Do you live with someone allergic to cats? (Sneeze their face off allergies, that cannot be managed).

Well, you may be among feline lovers who are unable to own cats for a variety of reasons.

Here’s the next best thing: cat cafes! Let’s talk about cat cafes and learn how many cats are in a cat cafe! This post is all about cats in cat cafes.

How many cats are in a cat cafe?

The number of cats in a cat cafe varies greatly but should not ideally exceed 10 to 12. This seems a good number as the cats are social but the place is not so overcrowded that there’s fighting.

However, the number can be fewer or more depending on the cafe space to accommodate the cats. It best depends on the size of the cat cafe.

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Why should cat cafes have limited cats?

Well, it best depends on the size of the cat cafe. If cat cafes confine many cats in a small space, that would be terrifying for these cats.

With too many cats in a small space, they might not have enough space to play in a small cat cafe. If one cat gets sick, they are all getting sick.

Cats should always have a place to get away from visitors and hide if they are feeling stressed.

What exactly is a cat cafe?

A cat cafe is one in which animal lovers can drink or eat while being in the company of cats. These cafes are not for cats to visit but for people to visit cats who reside in the feline cafe.  Most cat cafes source their felines from shelters and rescue homes. The cats not only keep the visitors company but are also up for adoption. These cats are vaccinated, healthy, and ready to be adopted by wonderful people like you! 

Most of the cat cafes are lovely places with varied interiors. The relaxed environment of feline cafes allows these kitties to showcase their cuddly, playful, and adorable side to grab the attention of their potential owners.

The first cat cafe

Cat cafes started in 1998 when Taiwan opened the world’s first cat cafe named ‘Cat Flower Garden.’ Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to cuddle and interact with cats. The cat cafe culture soon became popular and then blossomed all over Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

How cat cafes work

So, what happens when you go to a cat cafe?

Most of cat cafes generally allow walk-ins. However, the ones that are mostly busy will require interested feline lovers to make an advance reservation.

Visitors must pay a cover charge, around $15 to $20 per person, to enter the cafe. They’re allotted a certain amount of time to remain in the cat cafe. Once the session time is up, visitors can either purchase more time or they may return on another day.

Cat Shelf Walls

Cats love to climb and baby kittens love to climb even more!

Check out this insanely adorable cat cafe in Tampa, Florida where kittens and cats can climb their hearts out.

Final thoughts

Cat cafes are widely popular in many parts of the world. They’re magical places where you can enjoy your drink or food with feline friends surrounding you. You visit, pay a charge, have a drink, and spend time with cats. Hopefully, the rest of the world will also catch on, and cat cafes will be available all over the world!


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