How Biophilia Designing Can Improve Your Pet’s Well-Being

How Biophilia Designing Can Improve Your Pet’s Well-Being


Are you familiar with the term “Biophilia”? According to the biologist E.O Wilson it is defined as the genetically embedded attraction towards nature. The first time that the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm described the term biophilia in the 18th century, he thought of biophilia as a “passion for the love of life and everything alive.” This article is all about the benefits to your pet’s well-being through biophelia designing.

Biophilic Design for Pets

In the modern world, this term is now defined as a “deep connection with living things and the desire to be surrounded by the nature of the world.” Another reason we love our pets so much!

Biophilia also explains why humans have a great attachment to the sound of rain on the iron roof, the sound of the waves touching the shores, and the birds’ spiritual sound singing in the forest. Similarly, it further describes why we like plants in our office, pets in our home, and the natural light surrounding us. All of these elements are considered biphilia designing or biophilic design.

Biophilia has the same effects on pets as it does on us physically, psychologically, and socially. Pets also feel calm in the space with more greenery, vegetation, and trees. Using natural designing elements will offer your cat or dog a connection to the great outdoors.

How Can Biophilia Designing Improve Your Pet’s Well-Being?

Our world is full of different patterns and colors. Our pets have a close connection with these various natural aspects. As a result, biological factors help them make decisions and improve their mental abilities, so it is better to enhance their natural environment. Biophilia designing can actually improve their physical health.

Using patterns, colors, textures, and images from nature will act as a biophilic reminder for your pet. When your pets experience nature in their living area, they will feel healthier and happier in their outdoor environment or at the veterinary clinic.

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Portrait of small tricolor kitten of a cat. Premium Photo

The pattern and color that we conclude from the biophilic designs reinforce your pet’s connection with nature and significantly affect the feeling of happiness. Therefore, when selecting your pet’s furniture, always look for one that expresses close contact with nature. There are many cat climbers and scratchers and dog apparatus that now offer elements of nature.

Canopy Curved Cat Wall Shelves with Leaves - Set of (2)

Your pet can experience biophilic designs through direct experience of nature and an indirect understanding of nature.

Natural Light

Natural light is very essential to maintaining the fundamentals of pet health and wellness. The natural cycle of the seasons, day and night, changes in response to the sun’s location and process, and they play a critical role in maintaining a balance in your pet’s life.

Natural light will not only help move and find the way, but it also contributes to satisfaction and comfort. In addition to merely exposing natural light, you can appeal to your pet in different aesthetic shapes and forms by creating shadows and light, the integration of light, and the variability of light.

If you have a cat, investing in a catio or outdoor cat enclosure can be a safe way to offer your kitty natural sunlight. Dog’s having access to a park and frequent walks will also benefit by being outside.

Light also has many health benefits. It can trigger all the metabolic activity in the pet’s body. In the morning, the sunlight, when it falls on the eyes, helps maintain the circadian rhythm. 

The circadian rhythm plays a vital role in controlling hormone production, brain activity, biochemical activities, and cell regeneration. Pets get a daily dose of vitamin D from sunlight too.

You can use natural light for your pets by bringing it deeper into your indoor space through skylights and clerestories. In addition, light can be achieved by contrasting darker and lighter areas by changing the duration of daylight over time.

Fresh Air

You should be aware that the amount of air and the natural ventilation system is essential for your pets’ productivity and comfort. Your home’s natural ventilation system can be enhanced by varying humidity, temperature, airflow, and barometric pressure. In addition, you can access the outside environment through operable windows and other openings in the house. An air filter can be beneficial to you and your pets!


Water is one of the essential nutrients for any living creature, as it can improve your pet’s health, promote satisfaction and relieve stress. You may have the feeling that your pets are naturally drawn to water, especially dogs, and its attraction reaches the highest level in the summer season. Bringing your dog to a dog park can be extremely helpful to your dog’s emotional health.

You can adopt various strategies to satisfy your pet’s desire to be in contact with water by making aquariums, fountains, prominent bodies of water, and pools of water. Additionally, water in any integrated environment can be perceived as relaxing and enjoyable if moving, clean, and felt through many senses.


Greenery, mostly the plants with blooming flowers, are considered champions in providing a nature experience in any enclosed environment. Vegetation around your pet can reduce emotional stress, enhance performance, improve comfort, and increase productivity.

However, there is a point to consider that a single plant will not have any beneficial effect on your pet’s health. Plants in closed buildings must be ecologically connected, abundant, and local rather than exotic species. 

You should also consider which plant can be toxic to pets if accidentally ingested to keep your pet safe.


The presence of other animals has a tremendous psychological impact on humans’ mental health, but it is variable in the case of the pet. Keep one thing in mind: always check your pet’s temperament and another animal before keeping them together. Sometimes your pets can become insecure due to their territorial behavior and may suffer from anxiety.

For example, suppose you have a dog, and you want to have a cat. In that case, you should introduce them slowly and allow them to come into contact gradually. According to recent studies, early socialization has shown benefits in such cases.


An experience of the climate and its awareness is essential for pets, as it plays a vital role in your cat or dog’s survival and fitness. Experiencing the outside atmosphere or your pet contact with the weather in the built-in environment can be stimulating and satisfying.

This contact may be possible through exposure to the outside environment or by creating an artificial climate inside the building by manipulating temperature, airflow, humidity, and barometric pressure.

You can choose a specific layout and adopt a few strategies to view outside windows, decks, porches, balconies, pavilions, colonnades, and gardens.


One of mother nature’s elements that can bring a natural vibe into you home is a fire; contained in a fireplace of course! Fireplace can produce many benefits and can be a source of warmth and comfort to all who gather around. Cats and dogs alike love to curl up by a fireplace. It is super cozy and warm and the crackling sounds seem to soothe them like a lullaby. Obviously, it is very important to keep your pet safe around fireplaces so do take the necessary precautions.

biophelia design pets

Fire can also help maintain the pet’s body temperature, especially in cold climates, which can be essential for good health.

Biophelia Designing Through Images To Improve Your Cat and Dog’s Health

Photos and landscapes of nature such as animals, plants, water, landscapes, and other geological features can be very satisfying intellectually and emotionally. Painting, photography, murals, sculptures, videos, and other representation techniques can form these images.

Keeping your T.V. on with a video of wildlife or a waterfall can add extra biophilic noise that may comfort your cat or dog while you are at work.

Natural Colors

For a long time, many scientists believed that cats only see the world in black and white. However, modern research has suggested that cats have excellent color vision. Cats see different shades of green and blue, but they also see other colors and perceive more clearly about them like most humans.

Cats love to get lots of sunlight, climb high places, and see the colors of the world. When you want to form a biophilic design for your pets, create a special place for your furry friends, a place where they can feel the colors of nature. Expert from ThePets writes that a great solution to keep cats away from your furniture may be a cat tree, which can promote cat’s overall health and sustain their well-being.

Luxury Cat Tree (Large) - Square Base with Summer Leaves
Biophilic Design for Cats

When using bright colors on a canvas for pets, emphasize the things that attract your pet like sunsets, flowers, rainbows, and different animals and plants. However, try to avoid colors that have a lot of vibrancy and contrast.

Naturalistic Shapes and Form

biophelia designing

Some natural shapes and forms significantly affect pets’ mental health, as they bring them in contact with nature. For example, cats instinctively love to climb and scratch, so you can provide them with cat towers and scratching posts. These man-made cat accessories resemble the natural sources used by wildcats.


Nature inspires us all in different ways, and the same goes for pets, but the benefits are undeniable. Biophilia designing has a significant impact on the physical, mental, and psychological health of pets. Biophelia designing can compliment your home, improve your health and your pet’s life as well. Biphilic design should ultimately add a nice vibe to your home overall!

Kritter Kommunity Contributor