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Giving Your Cat Back Their Privacy: How to Keep the Dog Out of the Kitty Litter


Giving Your Cat Back Their Privacy: How to Keep the Dog Out of the Kitty Litter


Being a fur-parent can bring endless amounts of joy… that is until the dog gets into the kitty litter. If you’ve experienced this first-hand, then you know just how unpleasant this can be for your cat and yourself! The joys of being a pet parent, right?

Cleaning out the litter box is one thing, but having your dog get into it is another. Not only can this affect your dog’s health, but it can shake up your cat too – and no one wants an unhappy cat. After all, if we know anything about keeping cats happy, we’ve got to give them their space. 


As much as it breaks my heart to admit it, my cat isn’t always in the mood for heart-warming cuddles and attention. Giving your cat privacy can help create a safe space for them to retreat to in times of need and a chance to escape both you and your dog’s affections. While this may seem easier said than done, I’m here to prove you wrong! 

Why Do Dogs Get Into A Cat’s Litter Box?

The answer will probably gross you out but needs to be understood so you can appropriately manage keeping your doggo out of the kitty cat’s litter box. Fido is attracted to the feces. He wants to gobble up your cat’s poop.

So dogs not only want to chow down on their own poop, they would love to help themselves to the cat’s too. It is because the poop smells like food and dogs rummage through everything to get to food, including Fluffy’s turds. He is just acting on his natural canine instincts.

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The Importance of Dog proofing Your Cat’s Space 

It is very important to give your feline her space. Cats are already sensitive in making sure their urine and feces is covered up, having your dog dig it all up is exactly what can create stress and anxiety in your cat. Your cat instinctively covers everything up so predators cannot find her. She would appreciate it if you leave it that way Fido! For more litter box tips you may want to read “6 Litter Box Ideas You Do Not Have To Hide“, “Creative Ways To Hide The Litter Box” and “The Right Way To Keep A Litter Box Clean“.

Plus, you want your dog and cat to get along. Is there anything better than watching your pooch and cat enjoy each other’s company? So, although it may bring joy to your heart, it’s important to consider the dangers of your dog enjoying your cat’s space too much. 

Keeps Dogs Out of the Kitty Litter

As gross as it may be, there’s no denying that some pawfect pooches love finding treasures in the kitty Roca. However, it’s our job to keep our pets safe and this means keeping the dog out of the litter box! Eating these treats can cause major problems for your dog’s health and spread internal parasites. Not to mention that it can disrupt their digestive system too. Then there’s the fact that your cat may become fed-up with their intruder and reject using their litter box as a result. 

Maintains a Good Diet

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On top of this, dog proofing your cat’s space can also limit your pooch’s intake of the kitty food. Dogs need to maintain a healthy diet to support them as they age and to promote a healthy system. Cat food, on the other hand, does the exact opposite for them! This means that you won’t have to worry about your kitty getting the nutrients they need either. 

Keeps Stress Levels Low

As cat owners, we know how they can be fickle at times. When they’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s important to provide your kitty with a safe place to retreat to without running into their fur-siblings. 

An Easy Solution To Dog Proofing

When looking at your common dog proofing solutions, many of them require a good budget or some complicated installation process. For those who are looking to make their lives easier, I’d like to introduce you to the Door Buddy. This product is available on Amazon Prime at a very good price AND has over 5,000 great reviews. IMPRESSIVE!

Say goodbye to expensive pet gates and that dog proof litter box that your cat never really got used to!

The Door Buddy makes dog proofing simple with its no-fuss installation process and budget-friendly prices. Better yet, it keeps dogs out of the rooms with the kitty litter and cat food while giving yourself and cat easy access. 

How Does the Door Buddy Work?

With the Door Buddy, you can give your cat back their privacy in seconds. This adjustable door strap was created to give your cat space without the hassle of cutting holes into doors or drilling into walls. All it takes is to simply apply the adhesives to your door and door frame with the hook mechanism keeping the latch in place. 

This product can be fully adjusted to suit your cat’s width in order to let them enter and exits rooms as they please.

It creates a space big enough for your cat but small enough to keep your pesky pooch from getting through.

Should you wish to enter the room yourself, all you’ve got to do unhook the latch and put it back in place. If you have little ones running around, Door Buddy’s combo product comes with a door stopper too. This will keep your cat’s tail, or your child’s fingers, from slamming in the door. 

Final Thoughts

The Door Buddy seems to be an ingenious invention for people with cats and dogs. This could also be used for several other situations as a deterrent to support room privacy. If you are stressin’ over your dog messin’ this could be just for you! Worth looking into at the very least.

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