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The Absolute Best Breeds for First Time Dog Owners


The Absolute Best Breeds for First Time Dog Owners


Becoming a dog owner is a big step, and welcoming a new dog into your life is bound to fill your life with joy, happiness, and the occasional belly rub. Identifying what type of dog to adopt is tough! That is why this post is all about the absolute best breeds for first time dog owners.

While having a dog is rewarding, they do come with a lot of responsibility. It is best to find which dog breeds will prove to be a good fit for you. While it’s easy to fall for any pair of cute puppy eyes, some breeds are easier going than others, not to mention more trainable for you.

Best Dog Breeds for New Dogs Owners

Golden Retriever

Not only are these dogs the perfect example of “good boy/good girl” behavior, but they are also one of the most popular breeds around. They have a unique personality that will win you over in a heartbeat, and their intelligence has made them perfect for families and also as support animals. The Golden Retriever makes for a great first dog owner pet.


Though the Papillon is a smaller dog, they are relatively calm. They are also considered a toy breed and highly trainable in obedience. Though they look fluffy, these dogs require little maintenance when it comes to maintaining their coat as there is little shedding. 

English Bulldog

Don’t let its grouchy-looking countenance turn you off. These beautiful canines are kindhearted and extremely loyal. The only thing a Bulldogs like more than its human is their nap. If you’re a lounge around the house sort of person, then this dog will make the perfect companion and best friend. 


Eager to please, intelligent, and quick learners, they are also the perfect dog for those who are generally allergic to canines. They may come off as a stuck-up canine due to dog shows; they are, in fact, playful, affectionate, and love their humans—a bonus for you as they are non-shedding.

Labrador Retriever

Loyal, sweet, and easy-going are just the tip of the iceberg for these gorgeous dogs. They come in chocolate, golden, and black varieties and are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They make a fantastic family pet and have a lot of energy. 


If you’re an active person and want a dog that can keep up with your lifestyle, then consider the Vizsla. Whether if it’s run or a hike, these canines can easily keep up and are easy going with other dogs. They are also relatively affectionate to other dogs and especially their humans, so that you can expect lots of puppy kisses and cuddles.


Though considered a large breed, these dogs will not only take over your heart but your couch as well. They are relatively docile and love to nap. They make great jogging buddies and considered one of the most low-maintenance dogs around. They still need exercise, so some playtime or some walks are essential.

Yorkshire Terrier

The beloved Yorkie is one of the many toy breeds that will be a fantastic addition to your home. What they lack in size may make up for in personality. They have an alert and curious character. Their coats are high-maintenance.


If you’re wanting a smaller dog that will charm you into adopting it and showering it with attention, then the pug is for you. They have a fun-loving personality, and they get along with other people, dogs, and even cats and children. 

Boston Terrier

Another smaller dog that will make the perfect best friend. They are athletic enough to help keep you active yet will still make an ideal couch buddy for when you’re binging your next Netflix show. They are an excellent choice for anyone wanting a canine companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Perfect for beginner dog owners, these spaniels are people-oriented and are easily friendly to anyone they meet. This also means cats and other dogs. They love nothing more than your company and have a good-natured personality, are easy to train, and well-behaved. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel make great dogs for first time dog owners!

Bichon Frise

These adorable canines are explicitly made to be a companion. If you’ve never owned a dog and aren’t sure what to get, then you won’t go wrong with a Bichon Frise. They are incredibly loyal, love to snuggle with you, and are ready to cheer you up when you feel down.


This dog is a hit with children and makes a perfect family dog. They are easy-going and are suitable for the new dog owner. They are filled with enthusiasm and have a caring and warm personality that is impossible to resist. They still have an active and independent streak, so lots of exercises are required, and they need room to run. The Brittany is a good choice for first time dog owners.

Shih Tzu

These dogs are adorable and easy to train. While their coat or mane may seem like it will take a lot of maintenance, it will only take a once a week brushing. They are friendly and love to play with other dogs and children. Their personality is good-natured, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with this dog breed after meeting it.

Becoming a dog owner is a huge step for many people. It’s essential to look at different dog breeds before visiting your local shelter and picking one out. You want to make sure that the canine you choose will not only fit your personality and lifestyle but will also mesh well in its new environment. Finding a purebred dog breed can be difficult and costly, but finding a mixed breed canine can also add a certain touch of love that you never knew you needed in life.

No matter which dog you chose, the most important thing is the bond they will form with you. You will become this dog’s world, and the impact you have on your new best friend will bring joy and happiness for many years. They will become more than a friend, but a vital family member that will follow you everywhere you go and, on occasion, shamelessly beg for that belly run and chin scratch.

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