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Fascinating Facts About The Russian Blue Cat That Make Them Excellent Companions

Russian Blue Cat

Fascinating Facts About The Russian Blue Cat That Make Them Excellent Companions


This post was updated on February 3, 2024

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats and kittens are one of the most popular cat breeds and these fascinating qualities explain why. As if being beautiful, sweet and easy to please isn’t enough to want as a forever pet; these kitty cats have stunning eye color. This post is all about fascinating facts of the Russian Blue cat and kitten that make them wonderful pets.

Triple T STudios

Adopting a Russian Blue kitten can be a wonderful addition to any household. Before bringing your new furry friend home, it’s important to have all the necessary supplies. These include a litter box, litter, food and water bowls, high-quality kitten food, toys, a scratching post, and a cozy bed.

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Russian Blue kittens are known for their striking silver-blue coat and bright green eyes. They are a popular breed among cat lovers due to their affectionate and playful personality. They are also known for being intelligent and adaptable, making them a great choice for families with children or other pets.

While the traditional Russian Blue has a silver-blue coat, there are also variations such as the blue, white, and black Russian Blue kittens. Each color variation has its own unique beauty and personality traits.

A monthly box of fun toys, healthy treats, and other goodies for your cat!

When adopting a Russian Blue kitten, it’s important to find a reputable breeder or rescue organization; we prefer you find a reduce.

Take the time to research and ask questions before making a commitment to ensure that your new Russian Blue kitten is healthy and well-cared for.

Why Do Russian Blue Cats Make Good Pets?

Russian Blue cats are truly captivating and exceptional feline companions, known for their stunning physical characteristics and endearing personality traits.

Russian Blue Cats: Characteristics

With their unique silver or blue silky smooth double-layered coat, striking green eyes, and charming pink jelly bean tones on their nose and paw pads, the Russian Blue’s beauty is unparalleled. Their diamond-shaped heads, pointy ears, and sleek, longish bodies contribute to their graceful and regal appearance, making them an elegant addition to any home.

But it’s not just their striking looks that set them apart; Russian Blues possess a gentle and affectionate temperament, making them wonderful pets for families and individuals alike. Their intelligence and curiosity add to their appeal, as they enjoy interactive play and form deep bonds with their human companions.

Moreover, their low grooming needs and melodious vocalizations make them a practical and delightful choice for those seeking a loyal and easy-to-care-for feline friend. In this table, we will explore the stunning physical characteristics of the Russian Blue cat breed, providing insight into why they make exceptional and cherished pets. So, why do Russian Blue cats make great pets?

Let’s delve into their remarkable qualities and find out!

Stunning Physical Characteristics of the Russian Blue CatDescription
Fur TypeSilky smooth double-layered coat
Fur ColorSilver or blue
Eye ColorYellow with green trim (kittens), Striking green (adults)
Nose and Paw Pads ColorPink jelly bean tones
Head ShapeDiamond-shaped
EarsPointy and big
Body TypeSleek and longish
ExpressionConstant and perfect smile
Overall AppearanceStunning beauty and unique looks
TemperamentGentle and affectionate
IntelligenceHighly intelligent and curious
PlayfulnessModerately playful
Grooming NeedsLow maintenance
VocalizationSoft and melodious meows
Lifespan12-15 years

Russian Blue Cat: Sweet Personality

Although most cats are extremely loving and sweet, some are more charming than others. Take for instance the “gentle Giant’ Maine Coon cat. These charismatic and fun loving gigantic felines are known for their calm and laid back nature. Sphynx kitty cats, are also known to be very loving and affectionate, also making them one of the most popular cat breeds people want to have as pets. Just like the Main Coon and the Siamese cat, the Russian Blue tops the most popular list and it is no wonder why!

Pet parents are ga ga for their Russian Blue kitten. So much so, this is one of the most common cats you will see at any given cat show. Those emerald green eyes and silky, thick fur coats are a real crowd pleaser among cat lovers!

The funny little wedge shaped head is so cute; perfectly adorned with green eyes – I love it when the cock their head to one side.

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 If you are a one-person household and want a companion to follow you around and adore your every move, this might be the pet for you. This loving kitty cat is especially loyal to one owner and likes to show her loyalty by staying by your side as much as possible.

Since the Russian Blue will be attached to her owner, this might not be the ideal cat for someone who travels a lot and lives alone. If there are several people living in your household, and someone will be around most of the time, the Russian Blue cat should do great.


Russian Blue Cat: Allergen Sensitive

The Russian Blue has a unique fur coat. Her fur is dense and she does not shed much. This is nice for cat owners who are highly sensitive to cat hair. Proteins in cats cause a great deal of the allergies that make allergy sufferers suffer so much! A Russian Blue cat produces low levels of glycoprotein and that is nice for prospective cat owners who have allergies.

The Russian Blue cat might be a good option for people who suffer from allergies as one of the proteins most cats produce will not be an issue, however it does not mean there will be no allergy challenges. These symptoms will most likely just be much milder than an average housecat and especially long-haired cats.

Russian Blue Cat: Not Too Needy

Although this cat will worship the ground you walk on, love your attention and be happy to follow you around and talk to you with meows, she will also seek out quiet areas for time alone. If you are thinking of adopting a Russian Blue, there are lots of ways you can create a safe haven for her that provides a little peace and quiet, her own space and a feeling of safety.

Creating a Cat Room

Designing a cat room for your Russian Blue cat or kitten is a great idea. Adding cat furniture such as shelves, condos, scratchers, and a bed can provide a comfortable and stimulating environment. Pet caves made of wool are also popular among cats, including Russian Blues, as the material is pleasant for them to knead and some caves even have cat-attracting oils.

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Pet caves are all over the internet now and are quite popular among kitty cats; Russian Blues love them too! They are typically made of wool, a material cats love to knead, like making bread. The wool feel nice on their paws and some of the cat caves have an oil that is cat attracting.

White Fish Pet Cave

These cozy bed-like cubbies come in all shapes, color and sizes. At Kritter Kommunity we have a line up to choose from of a fish, grey owl and white owl.

Amazon also has a boatload of cat caves to choose from. I personally love Amazon and Etsy for cat products because of all the reviews I can read before I make my purchase. 

  • DIY Cat Closet Space

Russian Blues love the smell of their owners so making space in your closet can be a simple yet effective way to give your cat a hiding place she can duck away for some solitude every now and then. Kitty cat naps throughout the day are normal for any feline, so sleeping in your closet will probably be a welcome habitat for a Russian Blue.

Using regular shelf dividers and some towels can be heaven on earth for a cat. You can see below how a normal, everyday closet is being uses as a safe space for cats.

A Russian Blue will love her little cove and feel just that much more secure in a homemade nook.

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  • Indoor Cat Condos

Pet enclosures are another trend that has become more and more popular among pet owners. The Kritter Kommunity, Pet Lodge is of course our favorite. It sets up in less than 1 minute, has its own carrying case and is super easy to take down and store. The Pet Lodge and other cat enclosures are for use inside or outside.

Indoor / Outdoor Pet Lodge Cat House
Pet Lodge Blue Russian Cat
  • Kitty Cat Condos

Every Blue Russian should have her own cat condo. A kitty cat condo gives the little fur ball a home she can call her castle. Some cat condos are outfitted with dangling toys, carpet flooring and even cat scratchers.

The Russian Blue cat breed looks great on this cat scratcher! Ironically it is one of our favorites, and makes our cat essentials list time and time again.

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This medium sized cat has a slightly upturned mouth, which is so adorable!


Large Breed Community

If you do decide to adopt a Blue Russian beauty, you will have good company. These kitty cats are among the most popular breeds so there is a variety of ways to get tips and informational guides, plus stay social with other cat lovers who own Blue Russians.

Lots of groups are on social media that makes it rather convenient if you just want to post jaw-dropping photos and see other gorgeous cats. On Facebook alone, we found over 3 groups that are for specialty breeds.

Purebred Blue Russian Cats

Russian Blue Cat Lovers

Rescued Russian Blues

Once you adopt your cat or Russian Blue kittens, you will most likely naturally meet other parents with cats of this breed.

If you are thinking about adopting a Russian Blue kitten, the best thing to do is talk to some owners who already have them. This will give you firsthand information about what to expect, tips they can offer for lifestyle changes you may need to adjust for and regular old fellowshipping with folks who love their pets.

What Makes a Russian Blue cat So Special?

Russian Blue cats are truly extraordinary feline companions, and their distinct features and captivating history make them a special breed cherished by cat enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating qualities that set Russian Blue cats apart, from their distinctive blue-gray fur to their intriguing connection to historical figures like Russian czars. Let’s explore why these cats have become a beloved choice for pet parents over the past 20 years.

Distinctive Appearance

The most noticeable characteristic of Russian Blue cats is their stunning blue-gray coat, which gives them an elegant and regal appearance. Their fine-boned structure and medium size contribute to their graceful and athletic build. These cats are not only aesthetically pleasing but also possess an air of sophistication that sets them apart from other cat breeds.

Naturally Occurring Breed

Russian Blue cats are considered a naturally occurring breed, meaning they developed without human intervention. Originating in Northern Russia, these cats adapted to their harsh environment over centuries, resulting in a breed with exceptional survival instincts and resilience. Their natural elegance and adaptability make them an intriguing choice for those seeking a unique and authentic feline companion.

Historical Significance

The connection between Russian Blue cats and Russian czars adds a touch of historical significance to this already enchanting breed. These cats were reportedly favored by Russian royalty, earning them the nickname “Archangel cats.” The czars admired their beauty and charming personalities, making them prized members of the royal households. This historical association further adds to the allure of Russian Blue cats.

Family-Friendly Personality Traits

Russian Blue cats are known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them ideal family members. Their calm demeanor and friendly disposition make them excellent companions for both children and adults. Despite their regal appearance, these cats are playful and enjoy interactive activities with their pet parents. This makes them a perfect choice for families looking for a cat that adapts well to different environments.

Fun Facts and Quirks

If you’re considering adding a Russian Blue kitten to your family, you might be intrigued by some fun facts about this special breed. For instance, Russian Blue kittens are often born with a darker fur color that gradually lightens as they grow. Additionally, their striking green eyes become more pronounced as they mature, adding to their captivating beauty.

Russian Blue cats are truly special and unique companions that bring joy and elegance to any household. From their stunning blue-gray coats to their historical significance and family-friendly personalities, these cats have rightfully earned their place among the most cherished cat breeds. Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or considering welcoming a new feline friend into your home, the Russian Blue cat is undoubtedly a special and enchanting choice.

Stunning Physical Characteristics

The Russian Blue cat is known for her beauty and unique but stunning looks.  The fur is a silver or sometimes blue silky smooth double-layered type of coat. The stunning eyes are usually a yellow with green trim when they are kittens, and turn into striking green as they become adult cats. There pink jelly bean tones make ideal pads for the grey coat and seem to be the perfect accessory!

Their diamond shaped heads make for a nice foundation for what seems to be a constant and perfect smile. Pointy big ears peak out of the top of her head. The Russian Blue has a sleek and longish body. She is truly an amazing and pretty kitty cat all things considered.

Other Fun Facts: Intelligence

This breed kitty cat is highly intelligent. She will love to be able to show off her potential so training this kitty with a fun few tricks could be a great way to bond and engage her mentally.

Interactive toys will be ideal since she will want to bond with you and enjoy her playtime with her family.

Other perfect supplies for this cat breed are the clickers for training and any books you might want to have for guidelines. Showing your Russian Blue how to high-five, lie down and jump up for treats will be ways she can show off her smarts and stay mentally sharp.

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