The Cat’s Meow: An Exploration of Exercise Cat Wheels


The Cat’s Meow: An Exploration of Exercise Cat Wheels


Exercise cat wheels are a great way for felines to stay active and entertained. Not only do these wheels provide cats with an activity to keep them from being bored, but they also offer a great physical workout for them. Exercise cat wheels also help cats stay healthy, as running helps to keep their joints and muscles strong. With an exercise cat wheel, cats can enjoy running and playing without having to go outside. Plus, they are fun to watch and will give your cat a chance to show off their running skills!


What is an Exercise Wheel for Cats?

Exercise wheels for cats are an innovative way to keep your feline friends healthy and active. Not only do they provide an excellent source of exercise, but they also offer cats an opportunity to release excess energy in a safe and fun way. With an exercise wheel, cats can stretch their legs, build their muscles, and stay healthy while having a great time. 

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There are several types of exercise wheels available for cats. The most popular are the traditional round wheel and the oval wheel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider which one is best for your cat. Round wheels typically provide a more intense workout, as cats can really stretch out their legs and get a good workout. However, an oval wheel is more forgiving on the cat’s joints, as it is easier for them to move around without having to expend a lot of energy. 

Best Exercise Wheel for Cats on Amazon

I have researched cat wheels on Amazon, and honestly the one I would purchase if I were to get one is by PawHut. It is not the least expensive, but I like this company for other products they offer and the reviews are solid and consistent.

Exercise is essential for cats as it can help lengthen their lifespan, reduce the risk of diabetes, heart, and respiratory diseases, improve joint flexibility, and minimize depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues.

I love the idea of a cat wheel! Although not possible or ideal for every feline parent; for those who have the right situation, this is our favorite brand on Amazon.

The cloth interior eliminates sisal surfaces that are scratchy on their paws, and the natural wood grain exterior adds an elegant touch. Plus, the wheel has a brake stop that allows you to turn it off or on when your cat is ready to use it.

This cat exercise wheel has overall dimensions of 23.5″ L x 12.5″ W x 26.25″ H and an inner diameter of 19″ Dia. and 10.5″ width.

Some assembly is required.

Exercise wheels also come in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. Metal wheels are usually the most durable, but they can be noisy and scratch floors. Plastic and wood wheels are quieter and easier on floors, but can be less sturdy. 

This unique piece of cat furniture can help your obese feline get the exercise they need while providing them with hours of fun.

Adding a Cat Wheel to Your Cat-Friendly Home

When incorporating an exercise cat wheel into your cat furniture setup, you should also consider adding a scratching post or cat scratcher. A scratching post can help keep your cat’s nails healthy, as well as providing them with a place to scratch and play.

New arrival

You should also consider adding wall furniture for cats, such as cat shelves and perches. This type of furniture allows your cat to climb and explore, while providing them with a place to relax and watch the world outside their window.

With these pieces of cat furniture, you can create a safe, stimulating environment for your cat. An exercise cat wheel is an excellent way to ensure your cat gets the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit. Combine it with other pieces of cat furniture, such as a scratching post and wall furniture, and you can give your cat the best possible environment.

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    How to Train Your Cat to Use an Exercise Cat Wheel

    Training your cat to use a cat exercise wheel can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both you and your feline friend. Here are some step-by-step tips to help you get started:

    • Introduce the wheel to your cat: Start by placing the wheel in a quiet, familiar area of your home. Allow your cat to explore the wheel and become familiar with it. Make sure you reward your cat with a treat or praise if they approach the wheel.
    • Encourage your cat to get on the wheel: Once your cat is comfortable with the wheel, try gently pushing the wheel from behind so it begins to move. If your cat shows any interest, reward them with a treat.
    • Practice: Once your cat is comfortable getting on the wheel, practice pushing it for short distances with your cat inside. Gradually increase the distance as your cat becomes more comfortable.
    • Make it fun: Add some fun to the activity by placing some of your cat’s favorite toys inside the wheel. This will help make exercise time more enjoyable for your cat.
    • Include treats: Placing treats inside the wheel is another great way to encourage your cat to use the wheel.
    • Increase the speed: Once your cat is comfortable with the wheel, you can slowly increase the speed of the wheel. Make sure you always keep a close eye on your cat while they’re using the wheel.
    • Make it a regular activity: Make sure to set aside some time each day for your cat to use the wheel. This will help your cat stay in shape and keep them mentally stimulated.
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    Following these steps should help you properly train your cat to use an exercise wheel. Remember to always be patient and remain positive with your cat while they learn. With consistency and practice, your cat will soon be a pro at using the wheel.

    Things to Consider when Buying a Cat Wheel

    When choosing an exercise wheel for your cat, it is important to consider the size and weight of your cat. Wheels come in a variety of sizes and weights, so it is important to find one that is suitable for your cat. Some wheels may be too heavy for your cat to move, or too small for them to comfortably run on. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the wheel is strong and sturdy, as cats can be quite vigorous when running. 

    Finally, when purchasing an exercise wheel for your cat, it is important to look for one with a non-slip surface. This will ensure that your cat stays safe while running, and will help to prevent any accidents. 

    Concluding Thoughts

    By providing your cat with an exercise wheel, you can help them stay healthy and active, while also giving them an outlet to release excess energy. With the right wheel, your cat can have hours of fun and exercise, while you can rest assured that they are safe and healthy.

    I love the idea of a cat wheel for your feline to get lots of exercise during the day and night. It is not ideal for everyone though. Some of the cons I have noticed are these wheels can be loud. They are also a little bulky and might be challenging to move around. Be sure to read the reviews and understand the return policy before making a purchase. For cat lovers who have the right situation, this is an incredible addition to your cat-friendly home! ENJOY!!!!

    Until next time,