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Embracing an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with Your Pet [2023]

eco-friendly pet

Embracing an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with Your Pet [2023]


Being eco-friendly means acting in a way that is not harmful to the environment. Pet products can be eco-friendly by using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing their carbon footprint. This post is all about embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle with your pet.

Sure! Here’s an example FAQ on eco-friendly pet products, along with a table listing the products, their corresponding brands, and their features:

Eco-Friendly Pet Products

What does it mean for a pet product to be eco-friendly?\

Being eco-friendly means that the product is designed and manufactured in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment. This includes using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and having a smaller carbon footprint.

Why is it important to choose eco-friendly pet products?

Choosing eco-friendly pet products helps reduce the overall environmental impact of pet ownership. By opting for sustainable options, you can contribute to the conservation of natural resources, minimize pollution, and support companies that prioritize environmental responsibility.

What are some examples of eco-friendly pet products?

Here are some examples of eco-friendly pet products, along with their corresponding brands and features:

ECO-Friendly ProductsBrandFeatures
Biodegradable dog poop bagsEarthBagsMade from plant-based materials that break down naturally
Organic pet foodGreenPawsUses organic and locally sourced ingredients, free from artificial additives
Recycled pet toysEcoPlayMade from recycled materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability
Natural pet grooming productsEarthGroomChemical-free formulations using natural and biodegradable ingredients
Sustainable pet bedsEcoRestConstructed with eco-friendly materials such as recycled fabrics or natural fibers
Eco-friendly cat litterGreenKittyBiodegradable and made from renewable resources like corn or wheat
Non-toxic pet stain and odor removerPurePawsUses natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals, safe for pets and the environment

Where can I find eco-friendly pet products?

Many pet supply stores, both online and offline, offer eco-friendly pet products. You can also find them on websites dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly products for pets.

Are eco-friendly pet products more expensive?

A: While some eco-friendly pet products may be slightly more expensive than conventional alternatives, the price difference is often justified by the sustainable materials and production practices used. However, not all eco-friendly options come with a higher price tag, and there are affordable choices available as well.

How can I ensure that a pet product is truly eco-friendly?

Look for certifications or labels such as “organic,” “biodegradable,” or “made from recycled materials” when choosing eco-friendly pet products. Additionally, research the brand’s reputation for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Remember, embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle with your pet is not only beneficial for the environment but also contributes to the health and well-being of your furry friend.

Minimizing Carbon Paw Print

Minimizing the carbon footprint can be achieved by using materials such as bamboo, hemp, or recycled plastic, and by employing sustainable manufacturing practices.

Additionally, eco-friendly pet products can be biodegradable or compostable, reducing the impact on the environment when they are disposed of.

Around 67% of households in the U.S. (or 85 million families) own a pet in the U.S., according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Moreover, the vast majority of people consider their pets to be part of the family.

Like their humans, however, pets have a carbon ‘pawprint’ that can be reduced by embracing the green lifestyle.

Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, fish, rummy nose tetra or other animals at home, how can you work to reduce their environmental impact while also reducing your own?


Eco-Friendly Pet Food Production

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have found that around 49 million hectares of land are used to make pet food for cats and dogs, and that the pet food industry creates greenhouse emissions of 106 million tonnes of CO2 yearly.

However, it’s not as bad as it seems.

Pets can reduce the human carbon footprint in many indirect ways – for instance, by reducing the amount of air travel their humans take and by encouraging people to head for the great outdoors more often, thus strengthening their bond with nature.

In order to reduce the impact of pet food, steps to take include bulk buying, making your own pet food according to vet-supervised standards, and supporting companies like Yora, which create insect-based foods for pets (this food causes 96% less CO2 emissions than beef).

Eco-Friendly Pet Cleaning Products

The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that the air in American homes can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

This can be attributed to the large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxins emitted by items such as toxic cleaning products, scented candles, pressed wood furniture, flame retardants contained in soft furnishings, and more.

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Harsh cleaning products like bleach are also dangerous, causing a wide array of symptoms for human beings and pets. You can keep your home spick and span while embracing eco friendly cleaning methods such as steam vacuuming (which only requires water despite being highly efficient).

There are also a plethora of ‘green’ cleaning products around which are free of carcinogens, DNA-altering compounds, phosphates, and phosphonates. You (and especially your pets) spend nearly all of your time indoors so make sure your indoor air quality is up to scratch. 

Eco-Friendly Pet Accessories

Most people enjoy pampering their pets with items such as cute bowls, harnesses, and pet boots and shoes for the winter months and for very hot days (since little paws can burn under the hot sun). It is vital to check into the materials used to make all these products.

Choose sustainable bowls (made from renewable materials such as bamboo) and clothing and harnesses made from reclaimed, upcycled, and Repreve recycled fabrics.

Just a few brands to look out for are Eco-Pup Dog Clothing and The Long Dog Clothing Company. The latter donates thousands of meals to their animal rescue partners and offers ethical, sustainable options. Eco-Pup Dog Clothing, meanwhile, makes all items from certified organic, sustainable fabrics. 

Small Steps Equal Big Changes

Poop bags are something most pet owners don’t give much thought to but there are many companies that make these items from certified compostable materials (such as Beyond Green).

This company has a lofty aim indeed: that of planting a whopping 50 million trees by the year 2023. Toys are another product to look into.

Noggins & Binkles, for instance, makes cute catnip-felt toys for cats, dog collars made from vegan cork, and pet beds from eco-friendly organic cotton fabric featuring fully removable and washable covers (to ensure you get maximum use from your chosen bed).

They also make bow ties, toys, and ID tags, revealing the extent to which you truly can make green choices in the vast majority of items you purchase for your pets.

You can also do your share for the Planet by creating or joining groups of pet owners. You can decide to share, trade, or hand down items that are in good condition but which your pet has grown out of or simply does not use.

Finally, support companies that reuse packaging, reuse or recycle materials like cardboard, and communicate with customers online rather than printing their communications.

Modern Furniture For Cats

Being Kind to Wildlife

Cats can have a big effect on local wildlife. Those who wish to preserve the lives of birds and other little animals can restrict the amount of times their cats are outside. Wildlife tends to be most active at dusk and dawn so keeping your pet home at this time can help to reduce predation. When walking your dog, keep it on a lead in areas where you know wildlife is present. Entice your cat to enjoy its time indoors by buying him with perches, sleep tubs, and tiered perches.

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Sustainability is the buzzword across the globe and if you are a pet owner there is no reason why you cannot make greener choices for yourself and your pet. Start out by embracing companies that care, give back, and do their best to reduce their carbon footprint. Embrace green cleaning for pure indoor air. Finally, do your best to lower your pets’ impact on surrounding wildlife.

🐾 Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC! 🏡 She’s got a dapper tuxedo cat who’s been her sidekick since he was a tiny furball. 🐱 Before Finnegan came along, Lisa cared for two FIV-positive cats for over ten years! 🌟 Their love inspired her to create a cat enclosure and a portable catio, giving kitties the purrfect spot to bask in the sun and feel the breeze. ☀️🌿

As a kid, Lisa shared her home with a Poodle and a chirpy parakeet! 🐩🐦


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