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Are Dog Food Delivery Services Worth It?

Delivery service for dog food

Are Dog Food Delivery Services Worth It?


There are so many ways to improve our pet’s good heath, and one of the obvious is with better food. I live in a building that receives pet packages multiple times a day and many of them are from dog food delivery services. I will tell you the boxes I see most delivered in this post, but more importantly discuss a variety of reasons this trend has picked up speed so quickly. You might want to consider these services, but you might not. This post is all about dog food delivery services, and if they are even worth it.

Dog Food Quality Convenience

Before I start unpacking the meaty (no pun intended) content of dog food delivery services , it is important to note that if you are planning on changing your pet’s diet, you should almost always do it slow and steady.

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Consulting with your vet is always the best option when changing things up for your pup.

Even if you are not able to get to a vet visit in person right now, there are so many tele-medicine options now. Our article “Veterinary Telemedicine: How Can It Help Your Pet’s Medical Problems” reviews why and how this service can be life changing and even life saving for you and your pet.

There are lots of charts and guidelines out there for transitioning your dog from one dog food to another. The cliff notes are, do it slow and steady. Watch for signs the transition is too fast such as vomiting and diarrhea. If you see too many warning signs like this, adjust accordingly.

Mixing your dog’s current dog food with new food is a great way to get your dog acclimated.

I like the the simple guidelines Pet Foodology lays out in their article ”How Do I Switch My Pet’s Food?

Are Dog Food Delivery Services Worth It?

Dog food delivery services can definitely be worth it, for a number of reasons.

  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Sales
  • Reviews

Convenience Of Dog Food Delivery Services

The number one reason dog food delivery services have become so popular is the convenience of being able to order product on line.

Shopping is easier from the computer, tablet or phone.

Think of how many things you have purchased from your work office, or when traveling that you totally forgot to buy at the grocery or department store.

Buying things on line is also a break for folks at work. I have seen many folks who literally scroll through pages of products, enjoying on-line shopping from the convenience of their cubicle or desk. It is an easy way to ’check out’ mentally, while filling up that shopping cart of simply window shopping.

Buying any products online is super easy, and way more convenient than driving to a store, finding parking and waiting in line at the register. Dog food is no different. It is simply easier to click, click, click from the convenience of anywhere!

Getting packages delivered is more easier than hauling dog food around.

Hauling groceries from the car into the house used to be a chore many found common no matter what your age, gender or race. Unloading the car after a shopping spree was almost an ’event’ at any household.

Kids would pull themselves away from their favorite T.V. (what the heck is a T.V.?) and help their Mom unload the car trunk and bring in the groceries; secretly hoping to find their favorite snack to take back to the couch for more television. But as modern times came upon us, more and more Moms went to work leaving less time for domestic activities.

Elderly folks did not and do not always have the luxury of having kids at home to help them. Many are challenged with arthritis and other ailments that make it difficult to carry heavy bags.

Any person challenged with a physical disability can have hardships with shopping too. Add to this list folks who live in areas with inclement weather and we have already summed up the average person at different stages of life.

So having packages delivered right to your front door (or close to it) can be a luxury and even a down right necessity when circumstances prevail. Dog delivery services are most certainly super convenient.

Quality Of Dog Food Delivery Services

Dog food delivery quality

Sometimes the local grocery store does not have the highest quality of dog food and that can be a problem for many dog owners. Although more and more mainstream stores are stocking up on grain free dog food and other healthier choices, they do not always have exactly what you want.

Shopping online offers a multitude of options to buy dehydrated, raw frozen and even prescription Rx dog food. All of these are becoming more and more popular as dog owners realize a healthy dog diet is one of the best ways to fend off disease and medical pet challenges.

Variety of Dog Food Delivery Services

Everyone loves options, and by using a service you will automatically have more options to dog food. There are delivery services for simple dog kibble all the way to dog services that will bring Fido raw food on a silver platter. The choice is yours!


Even if you use Amazon dog food delivery services, you can score some pretty ah-maz-ing sales by digitally clipping their coupons.

Amazon Prime members also benefit from major savings when brands participate in the epic Prime Day hosted by Amazon.

Customer Reviews

My number one reason for shopping online is for the customer reviews, and I noticed it is for many people too!

Convenience of shopping on line is a strong contender, but reading reviews has been game changing for people and brands.

When a dog owner has the ability to scroll through several, sometimes thousands of customer reviews before making a purchase, it alleviates so much potential future headaches. If the reviews are good, chances are low a consumer will want to return the product later.

Reading dog food reviews also gives owners the ability to see what dog food transition challenges he might face if he is putting his pup on a new food.

Reading customer reviews also gives the dog owner a snapshot of what folks thought about the customer service. Is there an easy way to get in touch with customer service at the brand if there are issues with delivery, packaging or quality?

Reading customer reviews before making a purchase also gives a dog owner peace of mind. Feeling like many others have already had a great experience alleviates the decision making process.


Congratulations if you made it this far, you are now gifted with reading the number one dog delivery service box delivered to my building and that is……….. Chewy. I am honestly not surprised because they have so many options to choose from, a prescription program and 5 star customer service.

To sum up, if you are not using a pet service that brings your dog food to you, you might find tremendous benefit in exploring a few options. This type of service would make sense if you suffer from physical challenges that make toting groceries around challenging. You might also enjoy reading customer reviews before making a purchase, and find benefit in shopping on line when the weather is yucky.

On the flipside, might prefer buying your dog food in person if you have a pet specialty shop you frequent, you prefer shopping in person, you have a relationship with your local retailer or you consider shopping as a bonding experience for you and your dog. Going to PETCO in person with your pup can be a wonderful outing for you both!

Until next time, purrs and wags.


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