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Are Poodles Good With Cats? Do Poodles Make Good Pets? [2023]

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Are Poodles Good With Cats? Do Poodles Make Good Pets? [2023]


As a cat lover, I consider a dog being a ‘good’ Poodle, one that gets along with felines. At a minimum, don’t chase them and consider them prey. Come with me as we frolic through the world of cats and dogs. Let’s unpack the question, are Poodles good with cats?

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Are Poodles Good With Cats?

Poodles and cats can make great housemates. While some dog breeds may not be as compatible with cats, Poodles generally get along well with feline friends. All three Poodle sizes – Toy, Miniature, and Standard – can make excellent companions for cats.

Toy Poodles, the smallest of the three, tend to play with cats. Their playful and curious nature can make them fun companions for cats. Miniature Poodles, on the other hand, generally tolerate cats. They are more laid-back and less likely to engage in play with cats. Standards, the largest of the three sizes, ignore cats altogether.

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They have a more aloof personality and may act as if the cat doesn’t exist.

One of the reasons why Poodles can be good with cats is their protective instinct toward their family. This instinct extends to the cat, and they will do their best to protect and care for their feline friend. However, it’s important to note that proper socialization is crucial for a harmonious relationship between a Poodle and a cat.

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Another consideration regarding Poodles is their energy level and barking tendencies. Miniature Poodles, exceptionally, can be prone to excessive barking if not adequately trained. However, with regular exercise and training, this can be minimized. Daily walks and playtime can also help keep the Poodle’s energy level in check.

All in all, Poodles can make excellent housemates for cats. The relationship between a Poodle and a cat can flourish with proper socialization, exercise, and training.

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Whether you have a Toy, Miniature, or Standard Poodle, they all have the potential to be great companions for your feline friend.

There are certain personality quirks that in some cases make this dog fall off the top contender list, but in most situations this is a great dog to have as a forever companion.

do poodles make good pets?

Are Poodles Good Pets?

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Now that we have addressed the most important topic, are Poodles good with cats, let’s explore the other areas of what being a good pet can mean in all situations.

In short, Poodles absolutely can make great pets! These curly hair canines are by far one of the most popular dogs to have as pets, and there are several reasons why. It is probably important to note that they are known for being excellent family dogs too.

Poodles make great pets for families with kids because they are affectionate, energetic and playful, patient, smart and easy to train. They are also gentle, non-shedding, and can easily switch between play and relaxation modes. Additionally, they are very alert and make good guardians, while remaining loyal and bonding easily with their owners.

  1. Poodles are very friendly
  2. They are high-energy
  3. Poodles are very loving
  4. This breed is super loyal
  5. They are intelligent
  6. They are drop-dead gorgeous, or super cute (many times both)
  7. Poodles curly coats are hypoallergenic
  8. They are great with children
  9. Poodles make great therapy dogs
  10. They are cat approved

As we unpack this breed and explore each one (the miniature, standard, and teacup), it is probably a good idea for us to jump right in and tackle a few of the big white elephant concerns all soon-to-be new poodle parents might be having.

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Let’s address each possible challenge you’ll have if you decide to take the poodle plunge so you can plan accordingly if there is any merit to these specific characteristics.

I had a miniature Poodle as a child, who lived with us until her passing when I was 15 years old. I can say unequivocally that she was a great dog! Tabitha was lovely, loyal, and followed me around everywhere. My sister trained her to do all types of tricks (basic sit, stay, shake, and roll-over). It was easy for Tabitha to comprehend. She was a bright, curly-head little bundle of love.

A few things may make some people feel Poodles are high-maintenance. High maintenance is subjective, so each person needs to decide if these characteristics make them a poor candidate for a pet. Let’s review these quickly so you can determine if this is not your forever pooch and be on your merry way. I am also going to give my personal experience for your reference.

Are Poodles High-Maintenance Dogs?

In short, Poodles can be high-maintenance dogs. Poodles are known to be moderate to high barkers. They also have more hair in their ears than other breeds which need to be cleaned and plucked regularly to avoid infections. Poodles also need regular grooming and brushing to keep those lovely curls manageable.

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As someone who grew up with a Poodle, I can confirm that ears are time-consuming and must be managed. Without proper plucking and cleaning regularly, they can become infected. Since it can be a little tricky to clean a dog’s ears, this task usually falls to the parents of a household. Be sure you understand this beforehand, and you will be fine.

If the above characteristics might be too time-consuming or annoying for you, the Poodle might not be your best choice for a pet. Also, consider if you have neighbors who might be significantly disturbed by barking occasionally. So now that we have reviewed some of the possible challenges the Poodle can bring, let’s review the answers to our original topic; do Poodles make good pets?


10 Ways Poodles Make Great Pets


Poodles are super friendly. Imagine coming home from work with that adorable curly tail wagging fast to greet you every single day. Your poodle will be happy to see you all the time, even when you don’t go anywhere!


If poodles were people, you would want this breed in your friend group. A poodle would be your friend who was always up for trying something new, who had the energy to go do things with you at any moment and who loves a new adventure.


Poodles love their owners very much. So much so they will be happy when you are happy, and sad if you are sad. A poodle will want to comfort you on your bad days and help you celebrate the good ones.


Poodles tend to pick one person out of an entire household as his favorite. He will stay loyal to that person, and follow him around all the time.

A poodle’s bark might be triggered if he feels his owner is threatened or in danger.


Poodles are very smart! They are the Albert Einstein of breeds.

A poodle will be lots of fun to train interesting tricks and will love to be pushed to her full potential.

Poodles are intelligent and want to be challenged.

Good Looking

Toy poodles and miniature poodles are so cute you can barely catch your breath when you see one.

Toy poodles look like little teddy bears!

Miniature poodles are equally as cute, and can even be bigger than a toy.

Standard poodles are majestic. They have stature and are handsome.


These dogs make great pets for folks with allergies! They are hypoallergenic. This is a huge bonus for a dog breed.

Many people don’t think about allergies before they bring a new dog or cat home, just to find out they are insanely allergic to their new furry best friend. How heartbreaking! This will not happen with a poodle.

Allergy-free zone, what a relief!

Family Dogs

Poodles make wonderful family pets because they get along so well with children. Their high-energy and friendliness are perfect for a family with kids.

Families with yards are also a bonus for the Poodle and kids! They can play together for hours on end.

Therapy Dogs

Their sensitivity make them wonderful therapy dogs, especially the standard Poodles. They are intuitive, smart and caring. Exactly what a service dog and therapy dog should be.

Cat Approved

Poodles have a reputation of getting along with cats, and not just tolerating them. Most of the time, Poodles love cats.

My Opinion

Growing up with our family Poodle was great. She was everything listed above. She loved to play, cuddle and was taught tricks easily. Tabitha loved to learn and wanted to be pushed to her intellectual potential. Her ears did need to be cleaned and plucked regularly, which she did not like. It made them itch quite a bit, so we had ear drops from the Vet she needed to take daily.

Just like any dog, caring for a pet takes time and patience. If we are willing to soak up their snuggles, expect their unconditional love, and be provided countless hours of entertainment, we must step up and be good caregivers. A Poodle will give the right forever home to a forever friend.

As a Poodle owner who walks Poodles regularly, I would cautiously say yes, Poodles can potentially get along well with felines. It is true that Poodles are generally affectionate and love people, which can be a positive sign for their ability to coexist with cats. However, it’s essential to approach the situation with cautious optimism.

Firstly, every individual dog’s personality and temperament vary, even within the same breed. While some Poodles may be more inclined to get along with cats, others might have a higher prey drive or be less tolerant of feline companionship.

Additionally, successful cat-dog introductions require careful management and gradual socialization. Poodles, like any breed, may need time to adjust to living with a cat, especially if they have not been exposed to felines before. Proper introductions and supervision are crucial to ensuring a harmonious relationship between the Poodle and the cat.

Furthermore, the success of cat-dog interactions also depends on the cat’s personality and previous experiences with dogs. Not all cats are comfortable or willing to share their living space with a canine companion, so it’s crucial to consider the cat’s preferences and feelings too.

In conclusion, while Poodles can indeed be loving and adaptable pets, it’s essential to be cautiously optimistic when considering them for a cat home. Responsible pet ownership involves understanding and respecting each animal’s unique needs and personalities, ensuring a safe and happy environment for all the furry members of the household.

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