Introducing a Maine Coon cat to a dog

Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Dogs?


Ever since writing “10 Things To Know Before Bringing Home Your Maine Coon Cat” , I cannot stop thinking about Main Coon cats. It has me almost obsessed to learn more about their disposition and how they interact with people and animals. This post is all about do Maine Coon cats get along with dogs?

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The short answer is, yes they absolutely do get along with dogs. They are known as ‘Gentle Giants’ and tend to be pretty laid-back, even around other animals. Their mellow ways win them the hearts of people and dogs pretty fast.

This cat breed is large compared to other cats. So Maine Coons size comparison to dog is similar, especially if the dog considered is a small breed. A Maine Coon can even be larger than some dogs, unless it is a mini Maine Coon cat.

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Each Maine Coon is unique though, so generally speaking they do, but each situation should be examined before making long term assumptions and commitments.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Maine Coons

According to the American Kennel Club, there are certain dog breeds that will do best with cats.

Because Maine Coons are super docile and open to new animal relationships, the focus now should turn to the dog breed and its willingness to interact well with cats.

Based on the AKC guidelines, Maine Coon cat owners should consider these dog breeds when looking to introduce their cat to a dog.

Maine Coon cats usually get along with these 9 dog breeds:

Dog Breeds That Gets Along With CatsPersonality
Basset Houndlow-key
Cavalier King Charles Spanielloving towards other animals
Golden Retrieverplayful
Labrador Retrieveroutgoing

Since Maine Coon cat breeds are one of the biggest in size, they tend to hold their ground without having to do anything defensive. They probably don’t feel the need to make-up for their ‘tininess’ like a small yappy dog sometimes does.

Maine Coons exude confidence, in the gentlest way ever. They do not feel intimidated by nature of their physique.

Litter Box Considerations For A Maine Coon Cat

Litter boxes for this cat breed can also add to a harmonious relationship with a dog (or another cat). Giving any feline the space, clean litter and privacy he needs when using his cat litter box will make him feel more relaxed around other animals.

Tuft + Paw

The best litter box for a Maine Coon is an extra large one. Even bigger than a large one, he will have enough room to do his business, turn around, and kick up some sand. Some cats prefer a covered litter box, other feline feel to confined. If you opt for a covered litter box for your Maine Coon, be sure it is one that is tall enough for him.

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Introducing A Main Coon To A Dog


Just like any introduction, patience and slow steps are suggested.

Here are a few steps to take before introduction of your Main Coon to a dog:

  1. Make sure the dog is a breed that will get along with cats
  2. Know the Maine Coon’s disposition
  3. Know the dog’s disposition
  4. Have only people the animals know and trust in the room
  5. Use positive reinforcement
  6. Use smell articles prior to introduction

Main Coon Cats With A Dog (clicker training)

If you are introducing a Maine Coon and a dog, and want to have some guidelines for them for a longer-term relationship, a really good way to train cats is using clicker training.

I used clicker training when introducing a kitten (Finnegan) to my adult cat Abigail and it was pretty effective. If nothing else, they sure did love the attention and extra treats!

This is the clicker training (clicker and book) I used and I highly recommend it.

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If you are a video person, there is lots of good content on YouTube about clicker training I also think is very good. I put them below for your reference.

Benefits Of Clicker Training Your Main Coon Cat

  • Fun for cats
  • Encourages interaction with you and your pet
  • Strengthens their natural intelligence
  • Encourage Main Coon to reach her potential
  • Quality time between owner and pet
  • Excites their senses
  • Bonding
  • Establishes guidelines

Main Coon Intelligence

Main Coon cats are wicked smart. They are known for their kind hearts, but don’t mistake that for being a simpleton. These felines are intelligent and want to be stretched to their full potential.

You will enjoy a Maine Coon’s eager-to-learn personality if you want to bond through trick training.

The Challenges Of Main Coon And Dogs Together

Just like a all generalities, there are exceptions to the rule that all Main Coons get along with dogs.

Some Maine Coon cats might come from have abandonment issues that has created a neediness with their new owners. He might be so threatened of a dog, he is a one cat show. Other Maine Coons may have been mistreated in a dog home where the canine was encouraged or aloud to bully the cat. In these instances, it is best to provide your Maine Coon with the loving and forever home he always craved. Let him have all your attention, making up for what he did not get in his younger years.

Let’s assume then that your Maine Coon is a welcoming cat who loves all animals. This still does not mean that the dog you introduce to her to will want to be friends. It isn’t personal, there is nothing your cat can do to change the dog’s mind. The dog is just programmed to not like cats.

Many times the cat and dog need proper introduction and some time to adjust to their new species friend. Since they are different species, they interact and communicate differently.

“Dogs, even toy breeds, still retain some of the hunting instincts that served their wild ancestors. This instinct is why dogs love to chase moving objects, whether it’s a ball, a squirrel, or a house cat. Since many cats flee upon seeing a dog, it’s easy to see how relations can quickly deteriorate. Dogs enjoy chasing cats not because they hate cats, but because a fast-moving feline triggers a strong, natural instinct that takes training and socialization to override.”

American Kennel Club

High Prey Dogs and Cats

Dogs with high prey drives are probably not ideal for cats. The best way to know if your dog has a high prey drive is to watch how he reacts when he sees a squirrel or bird. The harder his need to go after the small animal, the stronger his prey drive probably is.

Some dogs have been encouraged to strengthen that drive (like hunting dogs) so be sure to understand what type of dog breed and their background before introducing your Maine Coon. One poor interaction with a dog can ruin future canine companion opportunities.

There is some really good content on the internet regarding a dog’s prey drive. My first step would be to research what the signs are so that I would know what to see in a dog that could tip me off as one who would rather chase my cat then cuddle. I put a few videos below.


Cats and dogs sure are cute when they do get along. I think the Maine Coon is a top contender for being open-minded to inter-specie relationships.

How fun that would be!

Lisa Illman

Lisa Illman


Lisa is the owner of Kritter Kommunity and the inventor of the @KritterKondo cat enclosure. She is owned by her mischievous and adorable kitty cat, Finnegan. He has his own Facebook too.

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