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Cat Window Perch Ideas That Are Pretty Much Dream-Worthy [2023]


Cat Window Perch Ideas That Are Pretty Much Dream-Worthy [2023]


If you have a cat, you already notice he is probably attracted to the window or glass door like a moth to a flame. Not all cats can or should be outdoor cats, and for that reason, providing areas for your cat to easily watch the great outdoors from inside will rock his world. This post is all about cat window perch ideas that are pretty much dream-worthy.

Cat window perches are an excellent option for cats who like to nap in the sun. These perches come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your cat. They’re designed to be mounted to any window and have a comfortable, elevated platform with a railing around the edge, so your cat can safely observe the world outside.

If your cat likes to nap in sun puddles while dreaming of catching mice, he might love a window perch. Window perches are great for felines who love to observe insects and all the happenings outside, or simply crash in the sunshine.

I rounded up the best cat window perches on the market, from cat ledges for windows to penthouse cat window perches. Let’s pounce in and get started!

Certainly! Here’s a table similar to the previous one, but with the “Type” column replaced by a “Style” column:

Product NameDescriptive WordsStyle
Macrame Cat Window PerchStylish, Cozy, SecureBohemian
Double Decker Cat Window PerchSpacious, Elevated, SturdyModern
Window TownhouseVersatile, InteractiveContemporary
Cat Window HammockRelaxing, Durable, BreathableMinimalist
Foldable Window HammockSpace-saving, Portable, AdjustableFoldable
Multi-Purpose Window Cat HammockFunctional, Adaptable, SecureVersatile

In this updated table, the first column lists the product names, while the second column contains descriptive words that highlight the qualities and benefits of each product. The new “Style” column specifies the design style associated with each product, such as Bohemian, Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, and Versatile.

This information will be helpful for cat lovers who want to create feline-friendly spaces that align with their preferred design aesthetics.


Macrame Cat Window Perch

The Daley Macrame Cat Window Perch adds bohemian style to your window and living space while offering your cat a wonderfully comfortable spot at the window. Your cat can gaze at all the passerby folks, the butterflies and bees, and the cars zooming by, decked out in a BOHO hammock.

Double Decker Cat Window Perch

No matter if you have two cats or a full blown clowder, you will need something that accommodates more than one feline. They will be vying for a seat on the double decker perch and Oceskhya has you covered; in cat hair no less!

The cat hammock boasts sturdiness and extra-large landings for your cat to stretch out on, or multiple kitties to squeeze their furry little butts in a purr huddle.

Window Townhouse

K&H Pet Products is consistently putting out AH-MAY-ZING cat stuff. I love this cat perch townhouse that is of penthouse magnitude. Your cat will love to feel cozy and safe inside his mini-mansion while observing the weather and elements outside. This indoor cat perch makes a great gift for any cat lover or cat!


Best is so subjective, but I love this one so I am deciding it is the best for me. I love how big it is!

If you’re looking for a window perch for multiple cats, the penthouse cat window perch is the perfect choice. This perch is designed to fit multiple cats and has a spacious platform with a railing around the edge, so all of your cats can safely sit and observe the world outside. It also has a hammock, so your cats can relax in comfort.

Cat Window Hammock

Cat window shelves are the perfect way to give your cat the perfect view of the outside world. These shelves come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be mounted to any window. They have a comfortable, raised platform with a railing around the edge, so your cat can safely sit and observe the world outside. Some cat window shelves also feature a hammock, so your cat can relax in comfort and take a nap.

A true window hammock, your feline can definitely crash in this droopy, yet sturdy perch window shelf. I especially like there is NO drilling, yet the suction cups are so big they hold up to 50 lbs! That is a lot of cat!

Foldable Window Hammock

“The cat window seat can be foldable and can’t take up space when not in use. Folds up against the window pane when you want to close the blinds, and won’t affect your daily life, very convenient. The dimension of the large size is 24.4”x11.8”x6.9”, large enough for all-age cats. ✨✨Note: Suitable for windows with a minimum width of 27.7””

Learn More On Amazon

Multi-Purpose Window Cat Hammock

A really neat and multi-purpose cat hammock that can be used as a hammock style perch or a platform style. This one is also offered on Amazon, but since it does not have any reviews yet, I would wait a little bit longer to get some verifiable feedback.

Learn More On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How can window perches benefit indoor-only cats?

Window perches are a great way to provide indoor-only cats with access to natural sunlight and mental stimulation. Cats love basking in the sun, and a window perch allows them to enjoy the warmth and view outside. It helps alleviate boredom and adds variety to their daily routine, making their days more interesting and fulfilling.

Will my cat actually use a window perch as a bed?

Absolutely! Cats are known for seeking out comfortable spots to rest, and window perches often become their favorite lounging spots. Once your feline friend becomes accustomed to the perch and feels secure on it, they may choose it as their go-to bed. The elevated position and cozy design of window perches make them appealing and comfortable for cats, ensuring they get a comfortable and enjoyable resting place while still enjoying the benefits of being near a window.

Concluding Purrs For Cat Window Perch Ideas

Window perches can really offer cats, especially indoor only cats, a way to get some sun and to add mental stimulation to their otherwise dull days. If your feline gets really comfortable with hers, she can crash in it too and that is probably one cat bed she will actually use!

No matter what type of window perch you choose, your cats will love having a comfortable place to watch the world go by. Plus, they’ll get to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the breeze from the outdoors, and the view from their very own perch. So, go ahead and give your cats the best window perch for the purrfect view!

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