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6 Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas You Do Not Have To Hide [2024 Update]

cat litter box ideas

6 Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas You Do Not Have To Hide [2024 Update]


This post was updated on January 5th, 2024 by Lisa Illman

Whether you’re surrounded by loved ones, flying solo, or navigating life’s twists and turns, if indoor cats are your companions, the inevitable chore looms: the dreaded litter box. It’s a responsibility that spares no one—the daily ritual of tending to your feline friend’s needs. This post is all about best hidden litter box ideas.

Your kitty’s bathroom habits don’t discriminate; they’re impartial to your status or earnings. It’s a task that lands squarely on your shoulders, the designated scooper of the unsavory.

And let’s face it, few things rival the discomfort of a non-cat person visiting amidst the intermissions of your litter box maintenance. This post, however, is about celebrating six ingenious cat litter box concepts—ones that need no concealment.

Don’t have time to read about them all? Here is my pick for BEST HIDDEN LITTER BOX


1) Advice on How to Hide Your Litter Box

In my experience as a cat parent, concealing the litter box can significantly transform your living space while ensuring your furry companion’s comfort. Box enclosures or hidden litter box furniture are game-changers in seamlessly integrating the litter box into your home environment. Consider multifunctional box enclosures like litter box tables or discrete enclosures resembling cabinets.

In my experience, opting for hidden litter box furniture that matches your home’s style can work wonders. Think about a bench or side table that cleverly houses a litter box enclosure inside. It’s crucial to maintain easy access for your cat while prioritizing their privacy and effective odor control.

2) Are Hidden Cat Litter Boxes Good?

In my experience, hidden cat litter boxes are fantastic solutions for both pet owners and their feline friends. These discreet litter box enclosures not only keep the unsightly litter boxes out of sight but also contribute to superior odor control and a tidier home.

Moreover, from my perspective, hidden litter box furniture tends to offer easier maintenance and cleaning. Many designs are thoughtfully crafted to facilitate simple access for cleaning and replacing cat litter, effectively minimizing odor and enhancing the overall ambiance of your living space.

3) What Kind of Litter Box Do Cats Prefer?

Based on my experience, cats have unique preferences regarding their litter boxes. Some may prefer more secluded enclosures, while others might favor larger, open litter boxes with ample space. The quality of the litter is also essential, as cats might be particular about its texture and scent.

It’s essential to experiment with various litter box designs to find what suits your cat best. Aim for a clean, easily accessible box enclosure that aligns with both your home decor and your cat’s preferences. Observing your cat’s behavior around different litter boxes can provide valuable insights, helping you select the most suitable box enclosure for their comfort and convenience.

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Even thought it is my top choice, it might not be yours. The reason I like this one so much is because it is smaller, fitting into my bathroom purrfectly.

You see, it isn’t that I do not like ones that double as furniture, I really do like them! But I prefer my cat’s litter box in the bathroom.

If I had more space in my living room area I might change my preference, I am not sure though. I just like the idea of all living bodies using the lube in the same room.

Discreetly Hiding A Litter Box In An Apartment

The other reason I love my top pick of a litter box so much is that it fits in my apartment, discreetly.

I recently had a fellow cat loving neighbor stop over, and she asked ”where do you keep your litter box?” I responded smiling, “I am so glad you had to ask!”

The absolute best way to hide a litter box in a small area like an apartment, condominium or small wash room is to either purchase a litter box that double as furniture or make your own area that is discreetly incorporated into your space. The hidden litter box area should be kept somewhere that is not visible to everyday household traffic. The second best way is to use a cat urine cleaner that works well.

My favorite cat litter box I use and have used for three years is the Modkat Flip Litter Box that includes a scoop and liners. The product is now $89.95 which is higher than when I purchased it compared to others, I guess it is reasonable.

If I wanted a hidden litter box at this time, I would purchase this again.

The exact reasons I like it so much are as follow:

  • Aesthetics
  • Hidden
  • Reasonable price
  • Good brand
  • Fits my space
  • Comes with reusable liners
  • Lid opens and closes easily
  • Color I wanted (white)
  • Amazon (needed delivery fast)

If the Modkat is out of your price range, or you just do not like this one for whatever reason, I also suggest considering a DIY litter box area. This is a great selection if you want to use what you have and make something custom that can work ideally for your needs. Check out this video for a really clever hidden litter box idea. It is definitely discreet too!

And without further ado, these are the best hidden litter box ideas I found on Amazon that I think are reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, easy to order and discreetly hide a cat’s litter box.

cat litter box ideas

Some days scooping poop and lumpy urine mounds seems like the most daunting task and can literally zap the first sign of energy you had in the morning, right out of your body. To top it off, if your kitty has an open, topless plastic box as an outhouse, there could be that kicked out litter that even the cutest of felines seem to make a habit of. Reminding us that we are here to serve their needs and that includes sweeping, scooping and wiping the grossest of piddle piles. What’s even more embarrassing is having a box where everyone can see, smell and sometimes hear your cat’s droppings. It is an eyesore for starters, but litter kicked out can leave tracks around the box that can turn into more tracks, and more tracks throughout your home.

How Can I Hide A Litter Box In My Living Room?

Thanks to innovative designers and makers, concealing your cat’s litter box in your living room is now a stylish possibility. Imagine integrating it within a table, a nightstand, a planter, or even a TV stand—all cleverly designed pieces of furniture tailored for your feline companion’s needs. With creativity and functional design, hiding the litter box seamlessly becomes part of your home’s aesthetic.

Litter boxes doubling as cat-friendly practical pieces of furniture are in abundance. There are also lots of ways to make your own cat inspired furniture that includes your feline’s litter area. I have posted a video below on a DIY that I think is great.

In addition to sharing my favorite and including a DIY cat litter box idea, we have rounded up top-rated litter boxes that can literally double as furniture for your home.

Although nice looking cat-decor will not prevent your cat from needing to do his business, it sure will be a lot tidier between cleanings.

The nicest thing is, if you see something you want now, these can all be delivered within 48 hours, right to your doorstep! Here are cat litter box ideas we found on Amazon.

Cat Litter Box Ideas You Do Not Have To Hide

Hidden Cat Litter Box: Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture

The Penn Plax is one fine looking litter box! Boasting it’s multi-functional capabilities of being both a litter box for your cat and a piece of nice looking furniture that is also a tabletop for magazines, accessories or even a DIY cat bed! It is especially tall standing almost 3’ high when assembled. This makes a nice area for your cat to feel comfortable and move around while he’s in there doing his business. The Penn Plax comes in three different colors and requires some assembly when it arrives to you.

PAWLAND Decorative Cat House, Cat Home, Indoor Pet Crate – Litter Box Enclosure

Pawland makes a litter box your cat can inconspicuously use while you have your alarm clock on the top by your bed or in a guest bedroom. It comes in two color, white and espresso to match any style décor. The front of the door is cut out for your cat to easily enter and exit. The door is nice and wide which makes it super easy to clean. Unless your cat is seen going in and out, nobody will know exactly what this is!

Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure Cabinent: Best Choice Products Large Wooden Indoor

Streamline your magazine reading time with your kitty cat washroom time using the Best Choice large wooden indoor feline litter box; it is so big, it really is a washroom for your cat! The neatest things is this large cat house can also be used as a place for a little storage (perhaps litter, scoop and litter cleaning supplies) and a top area for placing your belongings or a cat bed. The box is so long and wide (but not too much) it can even be used as a bench. Built in on the side is a magazine rack which screams, “put me in your bathroom for the entire family to use!” Front double french doors make cleaning and storing a breeze. The sturdy wood material it is made of makes it a nice addition to any home style decor. Your kitty can duck in and out through her side entrance with a little decency.

Way Basics Eco Cat Litter Box Enclosure Modern Cat Furniture

Way Basics came out with a sleek design that looks great right out front in the living room and is eco friendly. This furniture that double as your cat’s outhouse boasts how good it is for the environment. The material used to make this is zBoard, a non-toxic and free of formaldehyde. As if that isn’t enough? This box is guaranteed to last your lifetime! That is pretty pawesome! The Way Basics comes in a variety of colors, 9 to be exact! As I am typing this, I notice this one is also ON SALE!

Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture: Contemporary Home Cat Litter Enclosure – Storage Drawer, Inner Shelf, and Shutter Style Door

Another one “hidden in plane sight” from the manufacturer Penn-Plax. This vertical tower has a secret space at the bottom for Fluffy to sneak in and out of privately. You can use this as a side table to keep your accessories, keys and sunglasses. The top drawer makes it a snap!

Hidden Litter Box: Baxton Studio Pet Houses, Walnut/Grey

Another one of our cat litter box ideas, is the Baxton doubles as a pet house and it is so uniquely shaped, the style will fit into any modern home very nicely!

This multipurpose litter box solution is walnut brown with a sleek silver-grey finish, making it a distinguished choice for any room.

Read about other ideas to hide the cat litter box, in out our post Creative Ways To Hide The Cat Litter Box

I leave you with a catchy poem for your kitty and his indoor outhouse.

Concluding Purrs

There you have it follow cat lovers! A summary of cat litter box ideas that double as furniture, plus my choice (that I actively use and love by Modkat).

Well I consider all of these great picks, I doubt there is a one-size-fits-all solution. So much has to do with personal taste, needs, space and kitty cat preference!

Which of these would you pick, or what brand not mentioned would you recommend for a cat litter box idea you do not have to hide?

As I mentioned, I’ve got the Modkat flip top one. I really like it and more importantly, so does Finnegan.

Until next time,

Purrs and Headbutts

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