How To Beautify Your Home With Modern Cat Furniture (Trees, Scratchers, Posts)

Luxury Cat Tree (Large) - Round Base with Summer Leaves

How To Beautify Your Home With Modern Cat Furniture (Trees, Scratchers, Posts)


Whether you live in a condo in the city, a home in the suburbs or an apartment in a small town, you now have beautiful options at your fingertips to accentuate your home with a modern cat tree, a luxurious scratcher and floating modern shelves. Modern aesthetics that you and your feline will love. This post is all about ways to beautify your home with modern cat furniture.

A stylish home can make the average cat owner feel sophisticated and even chic. There is a wider variety of designer pet products including a few of my very favorites like Tuft + Paw, Frisco, Sebastian and Archie & Oscar. From mansions to farms and apartment city dwellers, modern cat furniture is filling up homes around the world.

Here are some pieces that are a favorite among cat lovers like me.

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Luxury Cat Furniture

Having cat furniture in your home obviously serves your kitty cat’s natural tendencies and desires. But the right pieces can also resolve conflict between kitties who share the same space. Using luxury furniture can be a good way to include ideal, functioning pieces for Fluffy while actually improving your style!

Architects and Designers can’t seem to stop creating cat furniture that looks amazing and fits into their overall schema. The minimalist style is even getting into all the cat furniture rage with their own specific designs!

And if Architects aren’t designing their own blueprints (or should we say, paw prints) for luxury cat furniture, they are showcasing home owners who do! Here is a list of upscale and stylish modular kitty cat playgrounds you probably need to see before the sun goes down.

But before you scurry off to build a new slide for your cat, you want to keep reading on and check out the cat trees that will literally make your cat purr.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower$369.99tower
The Go Pet Club High Cat Tree$79.2072″ carpet
One2Pets Cat Tree With Leaves$166.39with leaves
Feandrea $139.99+for large cats

Modern Cat Tree

Do cats really need a tree, let alone a modern cat tree?

Cats are by their very nature, territorial so designing your home to accommodate alone time can make everyone involved 10x happier. Trees, climbing apparatus, scratchers, toys and hideaways are among the products that provide a stimulating cat friendly environment while creating much needed boundaries.

While having a cat tree in your home is necessary, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own style and decor. Contemporary furniture for felines is abundant for your personal pleasure! Here are some kitty cat approved masterpieces that should work well too.

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Best Wall-Mounted Modern Cat Tree

Most cat trees are vertical, have stands, shelves or perches for your feline to stretch out on. However another cat design company makes an impressive modern cat tree for your wall. This cat tree is quite brilliant!

The Juggernaut is an exceptional, extravagant, fit for a queen/king wall-mounted climbing system that attracts cats like a magnet!

What I love the most are the cat hammocks that double as bridges. Your feline can climb or lounge, strut or crash, linger or hop. You can find this masterpiece on the Catastrophic Creations website.

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1) The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower (payment plans available an Amazon)

Cats love to climb and this will fulfill your cat’s natural desire while looking stunning in almost any room. To keep the furniture especially feline friendly, a sisal weave panel for scratching was added to the bottom side tower. Inside the cubby, your kitty will be greeted with a super pleasing carpet for her paws to massage before curling up to take a nap.

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Lounging on the top of the cat tower your kitty will feel like king of the hill. If you are able to put the tower near a window, the bird watching will be sure to entertain your feline for hours. This beautiful masterpiece comes in three colors grey, mahogony (shown above) and white.

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2) The Go Pet Club High Cat Tree

3) One2Pets Cat Tree With Leaves

I especially like this cat tree with leaves because it will handle multi cat households. The cat perch on the top might be prime real estate to a pet, but the first and second landing look pretty good too!

You can easily allow two felines in this tree at the same time. If you have multiple cats, hopefully they know how to share or you might want to get two of these cat trees.

Luxury Cat Tree (Large) - Square Base with Summer Leaves


Among the things to consider when picking out your cat tree is sturdiness, appearance and playability. Your feline will want to be amused and entertained while feeling safe jumping and scratching all over her amusement park.

The wooden cat tree with cream colored cushions makes a striking addition to any pet-friendly living space. If you create a special cat room for your feline, this luxury cat furniture would fit right in!

Cat Scratching Posts

Cats love to stretch, jump, pounce and scratch. Modern cat trees and posts are the cat’s meow among those who adore felines.

Even folks who don’t currently have a pet love the cat trees so much they are moved to become a cat owner!

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Greys and beige colors are super ideal for a contemporary look. The neutral family of colors goes with so many things, it will be easy to match your current furniture with this portfolio of cat products.

Shopping for luxury cat furniture can get super expensive, very fast! Especially if you try to get it all at once. It is very reasonable to get one piece of cat furniture at a time and see if you like it in your home, if your cat takes to it quickly and then add more pieces.

As you are building your meow mansion for Fluffy, it can be prudent to build a few DIY cat scratching posts. Your cat will love them (and maybe even more than store bought) and it is a great way to get a feel of how the style looks in your home. Here is a fantastic DIY video that should get you started!

Modern Cat Furniture By Tuft and Paw

I stumbled onto the Tuft and Paw website accidentally and was amazed at their product line.

Not only is everything beautiful, the feline needs have all been clearly taken into deep consideration. 

Modern Cat Magazine 

For design ideas a good solid resource is Modern Cat Magazine. They have several issues focusing on the design of your home that makes it especially feline friendly. It is filled with golden nuggets for pet lovers with panache and style. You can get help matching every color and size within your budget.

In the Catastic edition, Modern Cat Magazine includes the Vesper, which is an extraordinary, futuristic piece of furniture that eludes elegance. This  line includes towers, stools and a variety of other modern cat enhancing products.

A magazine subscription also makes a super gift!

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Modern Cat Scratchers

Pet Fusion Modern Cat Scratcher

If you follow Finnegan's Facebook page or the Kritter Kommunity Facebook Page you know that this is an absolute favorite of ours. Not only does my cat absolutely adore this cat scratcher, I love the way it looks in my home. It can also be easily moved out of the way but I place it in the middle of the floor often. Finn loves to perform on it, check out all his photos modeling this  masterpiece of cardboard cat scratcher.

Cat Cave Nest

I am so in love with these cave nests for kitty cats. We have had them at various cat shows like Kittydelphia and let kittens and cats at rescues try them out. The cats love them, and the kittens lose their minds in these snuggly, cozy cat beds.

Snow Owl Cat Nest

I love them because they are so pretty and even more because they are machine washable! I have given three out as cat gifts, and they are a huge hit among my kitty cat loving friends.

Cat caves are also referred to as cat houses, cat beds and cat nests! Usually a cat nest and a cat cave are similar; something aesthetic that your feline crawls into. A cat bed is something your cat crawls on top of to nap. Either way, the idea is for our feline to curl up and crash out or simply relax and watch the world go by.

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Making a splash are modern cat litter boxes, AKA a kitty cat washroom. The above kitty box is cool because it is super easy to get to the droppings of your fur baby. Open the doors and wala! Your kitty cat's litter box is inside where it cannot get all messy on the floor. I love how much space is in there. Not only is there enough room for the box, there is plenty of space for your litter bag and scoop go inside too.

No explanation needs to be given about the style. 

Simple and sleek.

Ukraine Honeycomb Cat House

Eco friendly and modern design cat house. It is designed in the shape of a sphere. This cat bed is safe and cozy cat sleeping place. This stylish cat bed is very practical, because it can be used as a cat scratcher.

It has plenty of space for any sized kitty cat measuring:
  • diameter: 45 cm (17.7")
  • height: 28 cm (11")
  • door: 18 cm (7")

An alternate path down the steps, this kitty cat wall climb is an amusement park for felines!

There has never been a better time for cat lovers. Not only are cats getting the respect they deserve as pets, there is a huge variety of supplies, products and even modern cat furniture for any adoring cat lover to spoil their cat rotten. Kitty cats are great fun, and now they are getting the respect they deserve. Thanks to the internet, cats rule the web and your home!

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