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Custom Quality Pet Furniture For Feline Friendly Homes [2023]


Custom Quality Pet Furniture For Feline Friendly Homes [2023]


Custom Quality Pet Furniture

Your feline companion loves to relax. They also love to play and hunt. While making sure your cat is well fed, groomed, and healthy, spoiling them with the best products will only increase the bond between you both.

Your cat’s health is vital, and adding feline friendly furniture to your home will keep them going strong. This post is all about quality pet furniture for feline friendly homes.

Cat wall by Catastrophic Creations has the feline friendly furniture necessary to appease the most active kitty cats!

Design your own custom cat wall with Catastrophic Creations feline amusement park.

Custom Quality Pet Furniture: Feline Furniture

When it comes to cat furniture, many cat owners don’t see it as an essential item for their house. But with the popularity of Barkitecture for cats, that is changing fast!

Cat furniture has many benefits for indoor cats as it helps them fulfill their instinctual needs, relieve stress, hunt, explore, and establish their territory. If you don’t have any cat furniture, your cat will undoubtedly get bored due to a lack of challenges and see an increase in weight because of a lack of exercise.

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With so many options today, finding each piece of furniture that reflects your feline’s instincts to hunt, climb, scratch, and stretch is easier. Your cat deserves high quality as each piece of designed furniture considers how your cat moves. Various cat furniture like cat scratching posts, shelf systems, and even cat gyms are offered. 

They are also solid wood and reliable for optimum stability. When shopping for cat furniture, it’s essential to remember your cat’s personality and stage of life. The Life Cycle Of A Cat reviews each location your feline encounters throughout her life and offers tips for what kinds of supplies and toys are ideal. 

Quality Pet Furniture: Cat Tree with Leaves

Cats can climb and perch intuitively, so cat trees with shelves and leaves are essential for their well-being. These pieces of furniture not only provide cats with a safe space to observe their surroundings and help them feel more confident and enriched. The leaves on cat trees are a quiet hiding spot for your feline, giving them a sense of security and privacy.

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DEEP Discounts on Luxury Cat Trees & cat wall shelves with leaves
cat furniture - cat shelf

The shelves are an excellent upgrade to any cat wall, allowing your cat to climb and perch to their heart’s content. Overall, cat furniture, like cat trees with leaves, is a must-have for any cat owner looking to provide their furry friend with a happy and healthy life.

Cat trees come in different sizes and designs to fit your style and your cat’s unique personality. Your cat and your home will be thankful for one of these. When you shop for a cat tree, look for quality. Spending extra money on a high-quality and custom-built product will benefit you and your cat.

Quality Pet Furniture: Cat Tower

Cats are natural when it comes to climbing. They also use this climbing tendency to keep their claws in healthy shape. Kittens and adult cats love using their bodies to balance, and reaching those places is perfect for a lot of their needs. Keep in mind a cat needs stability, and a cheaply made product can break and won’t last long. Look for products that are made from solid wood that will stand the test of time and use. Quality is essential to your cat’s health.

Custom Cat Furniture

Cat's Choice Extra Large Corner Condo Palace with Loft

Cat towers from CatsPlay are similar to cat trees but with some added height. Unlike many of their human owners, cats don’t fear heights and prefer a high perch to survey the land around them.

Custom Cat Furniture

A cat tower is custom-made with a cat in mind. It is carpeted, so your cat has something to grip as it climbs and various perches to suit its needs.

You can choose from thirteen colors and can find something to match your décor while also keeping your furniture intact.

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Indoor Cat House

Indoor cat houses can provide a safe space for your feline friend while also inspiring play. These cat houses come in various designs, including feline-friendly furniture, and provide a private and cozy area for cats to sleep and lounge.

Bedsure Cat Beds

The spacious comfort of the cat hideout makes it great for multi-cat households. The pet-safe design, made from pet-friendly MDF materials and soft lambswool fabric, includes a durable sisal scratching board and plush hanging ball to keep your cat engaged and happy.

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The sturdy and stylish construction works anywhere in the home, and the cat cube is easy to care for and assemble.

Overall, indoor cat houses are a great addition to your home that both you and your cat will enjoy.

The Large Cat Igloo: A Cozy and Private Space for Your Feline Friend

The Large Cat Igloo is a stylish and comfortable indoor cat house designed to provide maximum privacy and security for cats, kittens, and small dogs. With its brown color, this enclosed cat tent easily blends into most home decors.

Your pet will love the cuddle comfort provided by this charming pyramid cat bed. The igloo's plush fabric stays warmer, offering superior coziness for your feline friend. It's perfect for both sleeping and playing, providing a comforting enclosed space for resting or rolling playfully.

The removable foam cushion cat bed delivers enhanced orthopedic luxury and warmth, making it perfect for aging pets needing joint support as they unwind into a deep sleep.

Made of polyester and polyurethane foam, the dimensions of this cat cave are (L) 13” x (W) 13” x (H) 14.5”. PETMAKER Covered Cat Beds for Indoor Cats should be hand washed in cold water.

Overall, the Large Cat Igloo is a great investment for pet owners who want to provide their feline friends with a cozy and private space to rest and play.

Your home is the center of exploration for your cat. Your cat is more than a pet, but a friend and companion through a vital part of life. Having cat furniture in your home expands their small universe and allows them to explore their instincts in a healthy manner that will help keep them happy, fits, and full of life. 

Depending on how old your cat is can determine what type of cat tree or cat furniture to get for her. She might be at the first life cycle of a feline journey and therefore will want to have a tree she can climb and play on without getting hurt. A senior cat may not want to climb as high and prefer a cat condo closer to the ground. These are all considerations that will help you determine what cat essentials to purchase.

This post is all about custom quality pet furniture for feline friendly homes.

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Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC. She has a tuxedo adult cat and has had him since he was a baby kitten. Before her cat Finnegan, Lisa had had two FIV-positive cats for over a decade. They inspired Lisa to invent a cat enclosure and a portable catio so they could safely sit outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Lisa had a Poodle and a parakeet growing up. She currently loves to pet-sit for her neighbors’ dogs and cats.

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