22 Best Cat Essentials Of 2022 That Will Make Your Feline Purr


Every kitty cat needs an essentials list. But finding all the right stuff for your cat can be the most difficult thing about having him!

I have ordered so much stuff, just to have it sit empty (I am looking at you cat beds!) or return it hoping to find the ’right’ thing; sometimes I have gotten lucky and sometimes it takes more than a few times to get it right.

No matter, the kitty cat still needs his essentials and when you pounce on the purrfect stuff, it can make all the difference to you and your feline.

If you want to take the guesswork out of your cat’s essential list, you landed on the right post because this one is all about the best cat essentials for 2022.

Rainbow Cat Dancer$7.00-$9.00
Go Cat Mouser Wand Toy$20.00-$22.00
Toilet Paper Roll w/Silvervine and Tissue PaperDIY
Cat Litter$22.00-$25.00
Litter Box$80.00-$95.00
Litter Scoop$9.00-$10.50
Cat Brush$14.00-$16.00
Cat Lover Gift Female$15.00-$19.00
Urine & Vomit Cleaner$8.00-$19.00
Cat Travel Pen$25.00-$65.00
Cat Travel Litter Box$23.00-$25.00
Cat Nest$39.00-$89.00
Cat Scratcher Lounger$50.00-$75.00
Cat Scratcher Post$140.00-$150.00
Cat Furniture$249-$500
Cat Decor$4.00-$8.00
Cat Couch Protector$29-$89
Cat Vitamins$28.00-$30.00
Kritter Kommunity, LLC Cat Essential Guide 2022

Here is a list of my cat essentials for 2022, but remember there are other cat essentials I use that are not on this list. I will post about those throughout the year too.

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Batting Cat Toy

Finnegan’s favorite toy to bat around is the SmartyCat mouse.

He goes freaking cray cray over these little things.

He throws them around, chews them, bats them and carries them in his mouth.

He loves cat mice toys, and especially these.

Two paws way up.

Wand Cat Toy

This rainbow wand toy was a bit of a surprise for me. I had no idea my cat would love the felt and the colors as much as he does.

HE LOVES to play with this, and if I swoosh it around, he goes crazy for it.

The handle is thicker and shorter than other wand toys (like Da Bird) so it almost ’dances’ around the floor; hence the name dancer.

This rainbow dancer is so inexpensive, but very sturdy. I think Finnegan has only had two his entire life, and he is 11 years old. So that is pretty good!

Chase Cat Toy

The Go Cat Mouser is Finnegan’s absolute favorite wand toy. He used to love Da Bird (and still does, but seems to favor the mouser) as much, but something about chewing up the mouse really seems to fulfill an urge.

DIY Cat Toy

I am pretty proud of myself for this because I am not so great at DIY stuff all the time.

The cute tissue paper came with another package I had just got and I wrapped up a toilet paper roll in it; no tape, I just crinkled the ends down inside the tube.

Before I rolled the tube up in tissue paper, I added a super small amount of cat silvervine (listed below). You only need a tiny amount, like less than a smidge.

I wet my finger on a drop of water, than dipped my finger in the silvervine, then wiped the inside of the tube.

Next I rolled the tube up in the tissue paper and smooshed the tissue paper down on each side.

I rolled it on the floor by Finnegan.

He went nuts; loves it!

If you are shopping for some pet gift wrap, check out this tissue paper.

It can then be recycled (or use left-over) for your DIY cat toy!

Cat Essentials: Cat Litter

Finnegan’s favorite cat litter is Fresh Step UNSCENTED.

It MUST be unscented.

This stuff is fine with me because it clumps great. Even the unscented absorbs litter box smell and it comes in a lightweight version too.

I cannot use the lightweight all the time (Finn will start to stress) but I can mix the two from time to time.

Cat Essentials: Litter Box

We have been using ModKat now for over three years, and I really like it. Not only is it cute, it fits great in the bathroom (not the largest room) and it looks good (for a litter box).

I prefer using liners but I do not like to use the disposable ones because it is so wasteful and hard on the environment.

ModKat has liners that come with the covered litter box; every several months I throw out the old and replace it with a new one. The liners can even be washed down which would give them a much longer life cycle. I wipe them down a little, but not entirely clean. I think that if you have outdoor space with a water hose and big bucket, that might be the best way.

Nevertheless, I use Rocco and Roxie cleaner to get the sides now and then; totally replacing the liner as necessary.

Cat Urine & Vomit Cleaner

I have written about this cleaner several times on this blog post, so it should come as no surprise. I still have not used anything I like better, so it stays on the list!

For the exact way to use this cleaner you can check out my post, ‘How To Use Odor And Pet Stain Remover’ which has step by step directions and is basically a product review too.

Cat Essentials: Litter Scoop

I have had this same litter scoop for years, and it looks brand new when I clean it up.

I use the Rocco and Rocky cleaner on it, so it stays fresh smelling. Plus, stainless steel is an epic material that stands up against odors and moisture like a champ.

You will love this scoop.

Cat Brush

I picked this comb instead of the Hartz or Furminator this time because I use all three on Finnegan. This comb is great for gently pulling fur up and off the coat.

It mimics a cat’s tongue.


Finnegan really likes the catnip I got from PurrfectPlay and I really like it since it is organic. It made the list and will probably be a long term keeper.



This stuff is AH-MAY-ZING! You only need a teeny tiny bit, and it lasts for a while.

This stuff is like catnip on steroids.

It is the rub I put on the inside of the DIY cat toy above.

It is really great stuff and you can get it on Etsy.


Cat Lover Gift Female

I love this t-shirt and I always get compliments when I wear it! I love to pair it with a black jacket and pair of jeans. Now that it is old and kind of washed out, I use it to work-out, go walking and run errands.

I will be ordering a fresh new one soon.

Since I get so many comments when I wear it, I believe it would make a good gift for a female cat lover.

Cat Travel Pen

This Pet Lodge is my fay-vorite for traveling with Finny. I pop it up in the hotel and put his blanket and toys inside. He likes having a familiar place to chill out.

I designed this pet lodge, so you can get one right off this website.

Pet Lodge Blue Russian Cat

Cat Travel Litter Box

I will be traveling with Finnegan later this Fall and already have this in my shopping cart on Amazon.

We used one when I relocated a few years ago and it came in VERY handy at hotel rooms.

Cat Nest

I am such a fan of the Dharma Karma collection of cat nests. I keep a small stock in our inventory so you can get one right off this website. There are many more designs too. They are all beautiful and cats love them.

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Cat Scratcher Lounger

I have written about this cat scratch lounger many times.

It really is the purrfect shape, size and color. I have had several through the years; never lets us down.

Cat scratchers are essential and this one is consistently on our cat essentials list.

Cat Scratcher Post

Finnegan runs to this giraffe in the mornings before heading to the corner couch scratcher. He gets a nice stretch on the giraffe and a nice stretch on the corner couch.

I love the giraffe because it is cure and I can put Finn’s toys in the tunnel part of it.

Wall-mounted cat scratcher
Giraffe Cat Scratcher Post

Cat Furniture

My favorite piece of modern cat furniture is The Grove from Tuft and Paw.

Finnegan loves the soft seat!

I have moved this into my bedroom for a change now and then. The cat friendly-decor piece also doubles as a nightstand (on the top) with a place for Finn to lounge on the bottom.

Tuft and Paw has a store full of cat friendly furniture that is eye-canding for any cat lover!


Cat Decor

Any cat lover is going to want to add some cat-friendly decor to her home and the best way to do this is with printables!

Some of my absolute favorite prints have been downloaded from my very own site! (Imagine that 😉

I am excited to say our small collection of cat art printables will be growing.

For now this is one of my favorites.

Modern Cat Art Printables

Cat-friendly art is also a wonderful choice for gifting any cat lover!

Cat Couch Protector

A corner couch scratcher is a genius invention!

What is it about cats and the stretch they need to do on the corner of any piece of sitting furniture?

Of all cat scratchers I have ever had, this is one of my favorite.

A corner couch cat scratcher can not only save your couch from little murder mittens, it can also hide an already shredded fabric.

Unfortunately, it is harder and harder for me to locate the exact one I got on Amazon. I have included a few that are very similar in this post. I believe any of these will work and I plan on replacing the one I have soon with something below.

Cat Tip

I cannot remember where I read this but it has been a game changer cat tip.

Keep a routine with feeding your cat and stick to it.

Do not leave food ’out’ regularly (sometimes it is necessary, but not great for a mode of operation).

This tip has given me back a little respect from Finnegan.

Not only does he appreciate a food schedule, it was helpful to his overall behavior, especially aggression. His territorial instincts were getting the best of him (and me!) and he started to get a little too bossy. This one tip changed his entire demeanor and put me back in the driver’s seat, if only a teeny tiny bit.

Cat Vitamins

Oh my gosh, vitamins work!

After writing the post ‘Proven Ways To Boost Your Cat’s Immune System Naturally’I ordered this exact liquid vitamin supplement for Finn.

I saw a difference right away.

He plays more.

He purrs more.

He does the back leg stretch constantly.

He does the front paw stretch constantly.

I am a little embarrassed it took me so long to give my cat vitamins; it just never occurred to me that this makes purrfect sense.

It seems to me to be a wonderful alternative for kitties to get the sunshine vitamin (D) especially indoor cats.

Concluding Purrs

My kitty cat Finnegan has every single one of the things listed above.

We have used each item at least once, and a few of the essentials have been my favorites for over a decade.

There are several other kitty cat must haves that I will be posting about, but I wanted you to have a 22 supplies list for 2022 (how clever ;).

If your cat is in her kitten years, senior years or has special needs; I recommend you also have a peak at these posts.

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Until next time, purrs and headbonks.

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