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Cat Inspired Christmas Wreaths That Make Great Gifts For Cat Lovers [2024]


Cat Inspired Christmas Wreaths That Make Great Gifts For Cat Lovers [2024]


If you are in need of a Christmas gift for a cat lover, or are looking for a Christmas tree alternative for yourself, you have come to the right blog post. These wreaths are stunning, and cat lovers are obsessing over them. This post is all about cat inspired Christmas wreaths that make great gifts for cat lovers.

You want to find something that a cat lover will ’awwwww’ over!

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And actually use (and tell people you got it for them). These are my favorite gifts for cat lovers and I am a cat owner!


Best Overall: Christmas Crescent Moon Black Cat Wreath

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“Delightful seller!! Absolutely gorgeous wreath! Can’t wait until I decorate for Christmas to use it!! Now I need one for each season.

Best Under $25: Welcome We Hope You Like Cat Hair

“I love love love this!!!! People always comment on it when they come over. It is exactly as pictured. The packaging was so good that even the little accents weren’t squished or anything. Would buy again if anything happened to it. Obsessed!”

Best Value: Rustic Kitty Round Wood Door Hanger

I like how clean and how pretty it looked! Definitely made a great gift!”

Most Popular: Cats Winter Christmas Wreath

“Absolutely gorgeous wreath. I hung it up as soon as I got it. It came in beautiful condition.

Best Festive: White Cats Winter Wreath

“Absolutely stunning wreath!!! Too gorgeous to put outside so I hung it up inside to enjoy it. Just beautiful and very well made. I love how it will shut itself off after awhile if I forget. Excellent product and well packaged. Very pleased!!! Thank you!!!



Everything about this cat Christmas wreath says festive feline fanatic. The black Christmas cat sitting on the moon wreath not only has lots of character and dimension but also features a dangling snowflake for the feline to paw at.

The white & sparkly wreath is 18″ and the black cat is 12″ tall. Entirely artificial so your curious cat will not be attracted to it! Plus, you can put it away after the pawliday season or keep it out all year-round; it will not go bad like a wreath made with real flowers and plants.

All wreaths are made to order so they are each perfectly hand-crafted.

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This cat Christmas wreath caught my eye because I love plaid at Christmas and I also like how they designed the plaid bow tie on a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic. For less than $10 this one seems worth a try and since it is on Amazon, it can be returned pretty easily. This one gives me a ‘down-home’ vibe.


This white cat is so cute and welcomes everyone who comes to your door. The wooden aesthetics make it great for any traditional home or farmhouse front porch. The white color gives it the flexibility to be considered modern in style, so this is pretty versatile. Each package includes 1 pack of the cat welcome door wreath hanger.

The round wreath measures 12 x 12 inches and comes with a 6-inch paw prints pattern and burlap bow. The bow and artificial plants are already attached and ready to hang. The description says that the cute sign is heavy enough to stay stationary on windy days!

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This black cat looking festive and happy as he plays with ornaments on the Wreath (not your tree) will be a beautiful addition to any cat lover’s home. The size of this gift is approximately 18 inches in diameter. It can come with or without lights, you let them know at check-out.


Made of chunky yarn, this wreath comes in two different colors for the holidays. Red and green and I have not idea which one I love the best! I think I would get both and put one on the front door and one inside my home somewhere. I love how the felines are touching the Christmas balls!

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This adorable winter cat wreath measures approximately 20 inches in diameter. It has a cute cat reaching whimsically for an ornament and it’s perfect for cat lovers. This one could be kept up all winter.

Concluding Catmas Purrs

With so many great Christmas decor ideas for cat lovers on Pinterest and the internet in general, I wanted to scoop up a few of the Christmas wreaths I personally love, and came with great comments and reviews.

If you are good with DIY projects or feeling rather crafty, here are two inexpensive, DIY Christmas cat wreath projects that could be fun! (If you are into that).

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Until next time, purrs and headbutts.

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