Cat furniture, cat décor and cat accessories are on the rise as more and more felines are being adopted and loved like one of the family. Although cat clocks, cat figurines, cat rugs and cat paintings have been around for years, they continue to evolve, now being offered in a variety of styles. If you are a cat person who wants to reflect your love for felines in all aspects of your home, or are looking for the purrfect gift for a cat lover, these tips are for you. This post is all about designing and adorning your home with cat accessories.


Tips For Adorning Your Home With Cat Decor: Decorating With Feline Accessories
Best Cat Accessories Ever: Cats

Knowing the amount of money you want to invest in your beautiful new cat décor home can be a very wise choice. If you are decorating multiple rooms or plan an elaborate make-over, consider putting together an excel spreadsheet that will itemize and categorize each cost. Perhaps have headings by room or by items. If you are only spicing up your bedroom, your columns will probably be best labeled by product especially if you are going all out on a redecorated room; walls, bedding and all. There are all types of cat accessories on Amazon, Wayfair and Etsy.

Luxury Cat Tree (Large) - Square Base with Summer Leaves
A cat tree accessory can be an excellent accent piece.


Pick a Style:

You already know that your theme is cat friendly but now you have access to a variety of styles too. Rustic, modern, country and eclectic are all styles that can easily frame your feline theme. If you find yourself liking a few styles, eclectic is probably your best bet. Once you know which style you want to go with you can start to consider a few other variables.

Get excited, you are on your way to cat furnishing a space that will reflect your love for felines and your love for style!

One Color:

It is sometimes very helpful to think about the primary color you would like your room or area to represent and then work around this color. By no means do you need to be all matchy matchy (calm down eclectics, believe me I know your struggle). I am simply suggesting starting with the color that really represents the vibe you want the space to illuminate. This can help keep you on track and focused on your style and theme.

Cat Décor Pro Tip: Next time you are at Lowe’s or Home Depot, grab a few paint sample cards and use these to help choose the color you want as primary. You can also use these cards to decide which accent colors you would like to use with your primary color.

Size and Shape:

Working with sizes and shapes is fun, and it can also be the purrfect way to include a piece you already have available.

Cat Décor Pro Tip: Unusual shapes and sizes of wall art can bring glamour to any wall.

Pinterest Browsing:

Once you have an idea of the total cat décor vibe you are going for, consider hopping on Pinterest to get some ideas of how you can build your room around a color, shape or piece.

Pinterest is a wealth of information and beautiful images including lots of kitty cat accessories. It is a virtual catalogue that will spark creative juices and help you manifest your purrfect rooms.

Cat Décor Pro Tip: Pinterst is a wealth of design images but as such a person can get caught in an endless cycle of scrolling with no end in sight. In order to be efficient and focused, it is best to use the Pinterest search tool with very specific keywords.

If you have decided you want a modern living room with black and whites, use these exact adjectives to conduct your decorating search.

You do not have to use the word cat and in fact I recommend you do a search with cat and without to give you a nice broad range of ideas to work with. But do be specific about your theme and style so you stay on track with your cat décor initiatives.

Inspiring Instagram Accounts:

Much like Pinterest, Instagram is a library of beautiful images that can reflect a style you would never thought of on your own, or simply bring out an already creative idea you have and seeing a visual gives you that boost to make it happen in your feline friendly home.

Cat Décor Pro Tip: Social media is all about being social, and I don’t think there is a community who ‘gets’ each other quite as much as cat lovers. When you go to the account of the Instagram cat enthusiast, be sure to leave a comment and give a few details about your own kitties.

Let them know you how you found them and that you admire their taste.

It takes a lot of courage to open up our homes and personal life on social media, thanking someone is always a nice touch that immediately adds another animal lover to your bank of connections!

Have fun with your cat decorating ideas, takes risks and remember you can always change whatever you do not like! Home designing can take time and a few attempts for the purrrrfect look is totally feline fine!

Cat Décor Pro Tip: A rule of thumb for throw pillows is the larger they are the less formal your space will look. Over sized pillows are purrfect for that casual, laid back feel!

Cat Décor Pro Tip: Before you actually hang your artwork, put all the different pictures and mirrors on the floor to get a good idea of how it will look first. You can arrange it on the floor and compare your layout to the images you found on Pinterest and Instagram.

Cat Décor Pro Tip: When hanging a cat picture above your couch, use the 80/20 rule. Your couch should never be longer than your hanging, and ideally the couch should be 20% or longer of the entire feline piece of artwork.

Bunker Cat Shelf with Hammock and Scratching Post
Cat wall accessories save space, look fantastic and serve purrrrporse.

Cat accessories on Wayfair.