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300+ Brother and Sister Cat Names: Purrfect Pairings


300+ Brother and Sister Cat Names: Purrfect Pairings



This blog post was updated on January 7th, 2024


You scored big if you need brother and sister cat names! I put together over 300 for you to browse, choose or be inspired. Bringing home two cute kittens is exciting. But choosing the right names for your feline and male siblings can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, I am taking all the guess work out for you! This post is all about brother and sister cat names.


In this post I compiled a creative list of brother sister cat and kitten names. This lists are in themes including:

  • Matching themes for fur-babies
  • Literary inspired brother and sister cat names
  • Colorful feline-duo names
  • Pop-culture feline names
  • Greek mythology
  • Country singer couples
  • Crayon inspired feline names

How to Choose Names for Twin Kitties

Naming cats and kittens can be a fun and creative process, especially when it comes to littermates.

One approach is to wait and watch their personalities unfold before choosing a name. This way, the names can be more personalized and fitting for each cat.

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Another option is to name them after their physical features or playful nature.

To inspire creativity, consider keeping a journal or using digital tools like Google Docs or Excel sheets to track ideas.

With a little imagination and patience, coming up with names for cat siblings can be a delightful experience.

When it comes to coming up with duo cat names, there are several approaches you can take.

Come with me as we explore the fun journey of naming your feline siblings.

Matching Themes for Fur-Babies


One option is to choose names that are related to each other, such as Lucy and Ethel or Bonnie and Clyde.

Another option is to choose names that have contrasting meanings or personalities, such as Shadow and Sunshine or Yin and Yang.

You can also pick names that are inspired by a theme, such as characters from your favorite book or movie series. Some ideas for themes could be food, nature, or even mythology.

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Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose names that you and your cats love and that reflect their unique personalities. So, take some time to brainstorm and have fun with it, or simply pick from our list!

  1. Simba and Nala
  2. Mario and Luigi
  3. Bonnie and Clyde
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. Mickey and Minnie
  6. Batman and Robin
  7. Fred and Wilma
  8. Harry and Hermione
  9. Buzz and Woody
  10. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Complementary Names

  1. Shadow and Misty
  2. Oliver and Olivia
  3. Felix and Fiona
  4. Salem and Sabrina
  5. Luna and Sol
  6. Jasper and Jade
  7. Ziggy and Stardust
  8. Pepper and Salt
  9. Hunter and Huntress
  10. Simmer and Sizzle

Celebrity Inspired

We’ve compiled a list of celebrity-inspired names that will have your felines feeling like the stars they are.

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Swifty inspired brother and sister cat names

First up, let’s talk about the dynamic duo of sibling cats – Taylor Swift’s Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. These two cats have become celebrities in their own right and their names are just as iconic. Imagine calling out “Meredith” and “Olivia” to summon your kitties – it’s like music to the ears.

Superhero inspired feline-duo names

Next on the celebrity list is the legendary duo of Batman and Robin, inspired by the DC Comics superheroes. These names are perfect for two cats who love to play tag team and save the day (or just lounge around like the heroes they are).

  1. Thor and Loki 
  2. Batman and Robin 
  3. Superman and Supergirl 
  4. Aquaman and Mera 
  5. Flash and Iris 
  6. Cyclops and Phoenix 
  7. Captain America and Black Widow 
  8. Ant-Man and Wasp 
  9. Iron Man and Pepper 
  10. Daredevil and Elektra 
  11. Green Lantern and Star Sapphire 
  12. Nightcrawler and Mystique 
  13. Spider-Man and Silk 
  14. Hulk and She-Hulk 
  15. Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch 
  16. Wolverine and Rogue 
  17. Hawkeye and Mockingbird 
  18. Beast and Storm 
  19. Gambit and Rogue 
  20. Shazam and Mary Marvel 

Royalty Inspired

Don’t forget the kings and queens! How fitting for felines, don’t you think?

We have the royal duo of Harry and Meghan. These names are fit for a pair of regal cats who demand the best of everything. Treat your cats like royalty by giving them names inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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  1. Prince and Princess
  2. Duke and Duchess
  3. King and Queen
  4. Emperor and Empress
  5. Baron and Baroness
  6. Earl and Countess
  7. Viscount and Viscountess
  8. Marquess and Marchioness
  9. Shah and Shahbanu
  10. Sultan and Sultana
  11. Pharaoh and Cleopatra
  12. Caesar and Cleo
  13. Zeus and Hera
  14. Apollo and Artemis
  15. Odin and Freya
  16. Thor and Sif
  17. Neptune and Venus
  18. Jupiter and Juno
  19. Mars and Minerva
  20. Hercules and Athena

Here are a handful more celebrity duo cat names for you to bat around!

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  1. Beyonce and Jay-Z
  2. Kim and Kanye
  3. Oprah and Gayle
  4. Brad and Angelina
  5. John and Chrissy
  6. Will and Jada
  7. Ellen and Portia
  8. Blake and Ryan
  9. Tom and Gisele
  10. George and Amal

Foodie Names

We’ve created a list of foodie inspired names that will have your cats meowing with joy. From savory to sweet, these names are sure to satisfy your appetite for creativity. So grab a snack, kick back, and prepare to be inspired by our deliciously unique name ideas brother and sister cats.

  1. Chip and Dip
  2. Whiskey and Brandy
  3. Sushi and Sashimi
  4. Mocha and Latte
  5. Biscuit and Gravy
  6. Popcorn and Kernel
  7. Waffle and Pancake
  8. S’mores and Marshmallow
  9. Honey and Mustard
  10. Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Literary Names

  1. Darcy and Bennett
  2. Holden and Caulfield
  3. Huck and Finn
  4. Atticus and Scout
  5. Gandalf and Galadriel
  6. Sherlock and Watson
  7. Hermione and Ron
  8. Katniss and Peeta
  9. Bilbo and Frodo
  10. Huck and Tom

Colorful Names

  1. Ruby and Jasper
  2. Emerald and Topaz
  3. Onyx and Ivory
  4. Indigo and Violet
  5. Sienna and Sage
  6. Marigold and Sunflower
  7. Crimson and Clover
  8. Lavender and Lilac
  9. Coral and Reef
  10. Jet and Ebony

Nature Names

  1. Aspen and Cedar
  2. Autumn and Winter
  3. River and Ocean
  4. Willow and Birch
  5. Cloud and Sky
  6. Rose and Daisy
  7. Ivy and Fern
  8. Storm and Thunder
  9. Hazel and Birch
  10. Maple and Oak

Biblical Cat Names for Siblings

Bible names can hold significant meaning. Here are some ideas for believers who want to be reminded of God every time they call their feline.

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Brother cats

  1. Cain and Abel 
  2. Moses and Aaron 
  3. Samson and Delilah 
  4. Jacob and Esau 
  5. David and Goliath 

Sister cats

  1. Mary and Martha 
  2. Ruth and Naomi 
  3. Esther and Vashti 
  4. Leah and Rachel 
  5. Sarah and Hagar 

These names not only have a religious significance, but they also have a timeless and classic feel that will suit any feline duo.

Pop Culture Names

  1. Elsa and Anna
  2. Pikachu and Charmander
  3. Thor and Loki
  4. Mario and Princess Peach
  5. Harley and Joker

Singer Inspired

  1. Elvis and Priscilla
  2. Sonny and Cher
  3. Jagger and Stevie
  4. Bowie and Madonna
  5. Freddie and Lady
  6. Prince and Beyonce
  7. Adele and Sam
  8. Ed and Taylor
  9. Lennon and McCartney
  10. Elton and Aretha

Greek Mythology

  1. Apollo and Artemis
  2. Zeus and Hera
  3. Perseus and Andromeda
  4. Hermes and Athena
  5. Dionysus and Demeter
  6. Hades and Persephone
  7. Helios and Selene
  8. Narcissus and Echo
  9. Orpheus and Eurydice
  10. Atlas and Calliope

Country Singer Couples

  1. Tim and Faith
  2. Johnny and June
  3. Garth and Trisha
  4. George and Tammy
  5. Tim and Shania
  6. Kenny and Dolly
  7. Blake and Miranda
  8. Keith and Nicole
  9. Luke and Caroline
  10. Brooks and Dunn

Crayons Inspired Sibling Cat Names

  1. Scarlet and Magenta
  2. Tickle Me Pink and Purple Pizzazz
  3. Jazzberry Jam and Razzmatazz
  4. Atomic Tangerine and Neon Carrot
  5. Fuzzy Wuzzy and Burnt Sienna
  6. Mango Tango and Yellow Orange
  7. Blue Bell and Wild Blue Yonder
  8. Cornflower and Periwinkle
  9. Granny Smith and Inchworm
  10. Olive Green and Forest Green

Movie Couples

  1. Bonnie and Clyde
  2. Jack and Rose
  3. Bella and Edward
  4. Han and Leia
  5. Simba and Nala
  6. Tony and Maria
  7. Wesley and Buttercup
  8. Noah and Allie
  9. Harry and Ginny
  10. Ron and Hermione

Athlete Inspired

  1. Serena and Venus
  2. Kobe and Shaq
  3. Messi and Ronaldo
  4. Phelps and Lochte
  5. Federer and Nadal
  6. Bolt and Powell
  7. Brady and Manning
  8. Jordan and Pippen
  9. Ali and Frazier
  10. Gretzky and Lemieux


  1. Leather and Lace
  2. Ebony and Ivory
  3. Angel and Devil
  4. Yin and Yang
  5. Day and Night
  6. Fire and Ice
  7. Romeo and Juliet
  8. Thunder and Lightning
  9. Beauty and Beast
  10. Bonnie and Clyde

Fish Inspired

  1. Nemo and Dory
  2. Ariel and Sebastian
  3. Goldie and Finley
  4. Bubbles and Gills
  5. Sushi and Sashimi
  6. Salmon and Trout
  7. Guppy and Tetra
  8. Marlin and Dory
  9. Flounder and Sebastian
  10. Sharky and Jaws

United States President and First Lady

  1. Barack and Michelle
  2. Bill and Hillary
  3. Donald and Melania
  4. George and Martha
  5. John and Jackie
  6. Abraham and Mary
  7. Franklin and Eleanor
  8. Ronald and Nancy
  9. Jimmy and Rosalynn
  10. Theodore and Edith

Brother and Sister Cat Names Inspired by Comedy Television Shows

Classic comedy inspired 1930, 1940 and 1950

Brother and sister cats are the epitome of cuteness. For cat lovers who are also fans of classic comedy television shows from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, naming your feline siblings after characters from those shows is a delightful idea.

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In this section, we have compiled a list of 30 brother and sister cat names inspired by some of the most beloved comedies of the era. From the witty banter of the Honeymooners to the zany antics of I Love Lucy, these names are sure to make you and your cats purr with delight.

  1. Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy)
  2. Ralph and Alice (The Honeymooners)
  3. Fred and Ethel (I Love Lucy)
  4. Abbot and Costello (The Abbot and Costello Show)
  5. Gracie and George (The Gracie Allen Show)
  6. Larry and Moe (The Three Stooges)
  7. Curly and Shemp (The Three Stooges)
  8. Laurel and Hardy (The Laurel and Hardy Show)
  9. Lucy and Ethel (I Love Lucy)
  10. Fibber and Molly (Fibber McGee and Molly)
  11. Amos and Andy (The Amos ‘n’ Andy Show)
  12. Bud and Lou (The Abbot and Costello Show)
  13. George and Gracie (The Gracie Allen Show)
  14. Lucy and Desi (I Love Lucy)
  15. Ozzie and Harriet (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet)
  16. Jack and Mary (The Jack Benny Program)
  17. Burns and Allen (The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show)
  18. Chester and Peg (The Life of Riley)
  19. Dennis and Margaret (Dennis the Menace)
  20. Chester and Burt (Gunsmoke)
  21. Ward and June (Leave It to Beaver)
  22. Beaver and Wally (Leave It to Beaver)
  23. Andy and Helen (The Andy Griffith Show)
  24. Jed and Jethro (The Beverly Hillbillies)
  25. Samantha and Darrin (Bewitched)
  26. Lucy and Harry (The Lucy Show)
  27. Herman and Lily (The Munsters)
  28. Fred and Wilma (The Flintstones)
  29. Ricky and David (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet)
  30. Peg and Al (Married… with Children)

If you’re a fan of classic comedy television shows from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, we have the perfect list of brother and sister cat names for you. From the iconic duos of Felix and Oscar to the hilarious Blanche and Rose from “The Golden Girls,” these names will add a touch of nostalgia to your feline family.

Brother and sister cat names inspired by comedy television shows in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s

  1. Laverne and Shirley (Laverne & Shirley)
  2. Ralph and Alice (The Honeymooners)
  3. Felix and Oscar (The Odd Couple)
  4. Hawkeye and Trapper (M*A*S*H)
  5. Frasier and Niles (Frasier)
  6. Cliff and Clair (The Cosby Show)
  7. Samantha and Darrin (Bewitched)
  8. Jeannie and Tony (I Dream of Jeannie)
  9. Morticia and Gomez (The Addams Family)
  10. Blanche and Rose (The Golden Girls)
  11. Zack and Screech (Saved by the Bell)
  12. DJ and Stephanie (Full House)
  13. Alex and Mallory (Family Ties)
  14. Willis and Arnold (Different Strokes)
  15. Carlton and Hilary (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  16. Theo and Vanessa (The Cosby Show)
  17. Punky and Cherie (Punky Brewster)
  18. Richie and Joanie (Happy Days)
  19. Kevin and Winnie (The Wonder Years)
  20. Angela and Tony (Who’s the Boss?)
  21. Alex and Jennifer (Family Ties)
  22. Jamie and Vicki (Small Wonder)
  23. Webster and George (Webster)
  24. Mike and Carol (The Brady Bunch)
  25. Cindy and Bobby (The Brady Bunch)
  26. Karen and Jack (Will & Grace)
  27. Mary and Rhoda (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
  28. Archie and Edith (All in the Family)

If you’re a cat lover and a Netflix addict, then this list is purrfect for you!

Naming your cats can be quite a challenge, but we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve compiled a list of 30 brother and sister cat names inspired by popular Netflix series. From witty puns to iconic characters, we’ve got you covered.

Brother and Sister Cat Names Inspired by Netflix Series

  1. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
  2. Frank and Claire (House of Cards)
  3. Dustin and Suzie (Stranger Things)
  4. Bojack and Diane (Bojack Horseman)
  5. Will and Grace (Grace and Frankie)
  6. Titus and Kimmy (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
  7. Piper and Alex (Orange is the New Black)
  8. Walter and Skyler (Breaking Bad)
  9. Eleven and Mike (Stranger Things)
  10. Jessica and Trish (Jessica Jones)
  11. Dave and Emily (Love)
  12. Maeve and Otis (Sex Education)
  13. Mickey and Gus (Love)
  14. Eric and Jean-Ralphio (Parks and Recreation)
  15. Dev and Rachel (Master of None)
  16. Joyce and Hopper (Stranger Things)
  17. Sam and Gilly (Game of Thrones)
  18. Toby and Kate (This Is Us)
  19. Matt and Karen (Daredevil)
  20. Jimmy and Kim (Better Call Saul)
  21. Fleabag and Claire (Fleabag)
  22. Schmidt and Cece (New Girl)
  23. Nomi and Amanita (Sense8)
  24. Lito and Hernando (Sense8)
  25. Bo and Cheyenne (The Ranch)
  26. Bea and Allie (Wentworth)
  27. Lucifer and Chloe (Lucifer)
  28. Amy and Jonah (Superstore)
  29. Ryan and Marissa (The O.C.)
  30. Joey and Chandler (Friends)

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for naming your furry friends. Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or sci-fi, there’s a name on this list for every type of cat and every type of Netflix fan. Speaking of sci-fi, don’t go yet! Here is yet some more fun names for your littermates!

Trekkie Inspired Feline Sibling Names

Star Trek has been inspiring people’s imaginations for over half a century. It has spawned numerous spin-offs, movies, and even its own subculture. If you’re a fan of Star Trek and a cat lover, why not combine the two?

Here are 15 brother and sister cat names that are sure to delight any Trekkie.

  1. Kirk and Uhura – A classic pairing for two cats that are bold and daring.
  2. Spock and T’Pol – These names are perfect for two cats that are logical and analytical.
  3. Picard and Crusher – Two names that are strong and commanding, just like the Starfleet captain and his chief medical officer.
  4. Riker and Troi – A great pair of names for two cats that are outgoing and sociable.
  5. Data and La Forge – Two names that are perfect for two cats that are curious and love to explore.
  6. Worf and Dax – Name your cats after the fierce Klingon warrior and his Trill companion.
  7. O’Brien and Bashir – These names are perfect for two cats that are skilled and resourceful.
  8. Janeway and Chakotay – Two names that are perfect for two cats that are adventurous and fearless.
  9. Seven and Icheb – Name your cats after two of Voyager’s former Borg crewmembers.
  10. Archer and T’Pol – A great pair of names for two cats that are pioneers and explorers.
  11. Tucker and Mayweather – These names are perfect for two cats that are loyal and dependable.
  12. Reed and Sato – Name your cats after two of Enterprise’s key crewmembers.
  13. Burnham and Saru – Two names that are perfect for two cats that are intelligent and empathetic.
  14. Lorca and Stamets – A great pair of names for two cats that are daring and adventurous.
  15. Pike and Number One – Name your cats after the captain and first officer of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: Discovery.

Avatar Cat Name Ideas

Are you a fan of the movie Avatar and a proud cat parent? Well, you’re in luck because I have the perfect list of names for your brother and sister cats inspired by the world of Pandora!

Avatar is a movie that captured the hearts of many, with its breathtaking scenery and captivating storyline. It’s no surprise that fans of this film are always looking for ways to incorporate it into their lives.

If you’re in the process of adopting a kitty cat, consider naming your furry friends after characters from this unique and awe inspiring move series.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 brother and sister cat names inspired by Avatar that are sure to make your feline companions stand out from the crowd. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Pandora and its inhabitants.

Here are 30 name ideas to choose from:

  1. Jake and Neytiri
  2. Toruk and Ikran
  3. Mo’at and Eytukan
  4. Tsu’tey and Neytiri
  5. Pandora and Hometree
  6. Omaticaya and Tawkami
  7. Eywa and Tree of Souls
  8. Banshee and Direhorse
  9. Grace and Augustine
  10. Quaritch and Selfridge
  11. Norm and Trudy
  12. RDA and Hell’s Gate
  13. Na’vi and Avatar
  14. Kxani and Sawtute
  15. Ikranak and Palulukan
  16. Ayram alus and Atokirina
  17. Ikranara and Leonopteryx
  18. Kelutrel and Tetrapteron
  19. Kunsip and Thanator
  20. Lefngapa and Austrapede
  21. Sturmbeest and Hammerhead
  22. Titanothere and Scorpion Thumper
  23. Viperwolf and Bansheewolf
  24. Woodsprite and Willowglider
  25. Yerik and Direhorse
  26. Leonopteryx and Thanator
  27. Austrapede and Tetrapteron
  28. Hammerhead and Scorpion Thumper
  29. Atokirina and Ayram alus
  30. Willowglider and Woodsprite

Wizard of Oz and The Lion King Dynamic Duo Name Ideas

Last, but definitely not least!

Here are 30 name ideas for brother and sister cats inspired by Wizard of Oz, Lion King, and The Wiz:

  1. Oz and Dorothy
  2. Simba and Nala
  3. Tinman and Lion
  4. Mufasa and Sarabi
  5. Scarecrow and Crow
  6. Pumbaa and Timon
  7. Glinda and Elphaba
  8. Rafiki and Zazu
  9. Emerald and Ruby
  10. Toto and Toti
  11. Wicked and Good
  12. Ozma and Tip
  13. Nessa and Nessarose
  14. Ozzy and Willow
  15. Cowardly and Brave
  16. Sable and Simba Jr.
  17. Dorothy and Gale
  18. Kiara and Kovu
  19. Ozzy and Gilda
  20. Emerald and Topaz
  21. Jitterbug and Jitterbug Dancers
  22. Mombi and Mombi’s Head
  23. Nala and Sarabi
  24. Pounce and Paws
  25. Toto and Miss Gulch
  26. Ozzy and Glinda
  27. Lion and Hyena
  28. Ozma and Jack
  29. Simba and Scar
  30. Wiz and Addaperle

Choosing the perfect names for your new feline family members can be a fun and creative project. Whether you opt for matching themes, complementary names, celebrity inspired, foodie, literary, colorful, nature or pop culture names, the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is to choose names that resonate with you and your furry companions, and that you’ll love calling out for years to come.

🐾 Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC! 🏡 She’s got a dapper tuxedo cat who’s been her sidekick since he was a tiny furball. 🐱 Before Finnegan came along, Lisa cared for two FIV-positive cats for over ten years! 🌟 Their love inspired her to create a cat enclosure and a portable catio, giving kitties the purrfect spot to bask in the sun and feel the breeze. ☀️🌿

As a kid, Lisa shared her home with a Poodle and a chirpy parakeet! 🐩🐦

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