Bored Cat: Your Cat Deserves Better Than A Life Of Boredom


All cat breeds, including kittens, require cat support and attention from cat lovers. Similar to humans, cats can get bored and develop negative habits such as overeating, repetitive behaviors, and destructive actions. If left alone for extended periods of time, cats can become lonely and anxious, which may lead to troubling behaviors like terrorizing other pets.

Cats require a lot of mental and physical stimulation, a deprivation of any or both will cause a cat to become terribly bored.

If your cat could talk, would he tell you he was bored?

If your cat is bored, you’re not alone! It’s estimated that cats spend an average of 15-20 hours a day sleeping and lounging, which can lead to boredom and a lack of stimulation. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your cat entertained and engaged!

One great way to keep cats entertained is by investing in a cat tree. Cat trees are great for providing cats with a place to relax and observe their environment, as well as a place to scratch and climb. If you’re looking for a way to keep an indoor cat entertained, a cat tree can be an excellent choice.

I think the ones with leaves can be fun for cats, but any cat tree will be better than none.

Another way to keep your cat engaged is to provide interactive toys. Toys that move around or make noise will provide your cat with hours of entertainment. You can also try hiding treats around the house for your cat to find. This activity requires your cat to use their senses to find the hidden treats, giving them a sense of accomplishment after they’ve found the treat.

Finally, pet parents should also try to spend quality time with their cats. This could include brushing their fur, playing with them, or simply cuddling with them. This will help keep your cat healthy and engaged, as well as build a strong bond between you and your pet.

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Overall, bored cats are a common problem. But with a few simple and creative solutions, pet parents can ensure that their cats stay happy, healthy, and entertained.

The tendency for household cats to get bored these days is even heightened. With our smartphones and favorite TV series taking most of our time while we’re indoors, our cats get to have less of our time and attention than they used to years ago. And this is something cats aren’t pleased with. They get bored too, and lonely and insecure.

There’s nothing as boring to a cat than being kept indoors for way too long, and so to deny her your attention or a good amount of mental and physical stimulation, is far too much boredom than she can handle.

How can I tell if my cat is bored?


If your cat gets too bored, he will let you know through a number of attempts to get your attention. Common ways a bored cat acts out are meowing, over-grooming, knocking things off the shelf, scratching glass or a mirror, attacking ankles, aggression towards you or other animals in the home, overeating and over sleeping. If you are not paying attention to him and he wants you to see him, he could play attack you too.

Let’s take a look at each one because they are common among bored cats, but could also signal something else he is trying to communicate.

Signs of Boredom

  • Over-Grooming

When cats are bored they tend to groom a lot or display other repetitive behaviors. Also see if she pulls out her fur or bites her skin.

These are both warning signs.

Cats also over-groom when they are stressed out so you’ll want to identify the root cause before you assume it is only boredom. There could be another animal outside that is harassing him with scents that provoke his territorial instinct.

Regardless, giving your cat attention is the over-grooming buster of all times. You can brush him as a way to provide him some love and entertainment which will definitely help.

  • Becoming Aggressive To Other Pets

Telltale signs of a cat wanting attention is aggression. Bored cats may suddenly chase and become aggressive to other pets. If you own a dog as well, you may find your boredom affected cat trying to provoke your dog into a fight.

  • Sleeping Way Too Much Than Usual

When a cat is excessively bored, she may resort to spending more time in dream land where she has all the excitement she lacks in the real world.

  • She Becomes Destructive

Bored cats are known to be destructive just to get your attention. So if she scratches the couch with her razor sharp claws, it may mean she’s bored.

Sometimes a bored cat will scratch at glass and cupboards. They might kick litter out of their litter box or start to knock things off shelves.

If your cat is acting out with these behaviors, it is a telltale sign she needs some attention and could very well be super bored!

  • Overeating

Has your cat’s appetite suddenly increased?

If yes, then she may be bored. Just as humans do when they are bored, cats also become overeaters.

Puzzle feeders can help this!

All for Paws has a good one listed on Amazon. This will slow your cat’s eating down, plus it acts as a mental stimulant.

  • Creates Her Own Excitement

How often have you gone out of the house leaving your cat indoors only to return home to find your toilet paper torn in shreds and scattered over the floor? This isn’t your cat being spiteful, she’s only trying to create her own excitement.

She is not getting enough mental stimulation but it is good your cat can spend some time alone and playing. But giving her extra attention or an interactive toy, that can help too.

How do you entertain a bored cat?

There are several ways to entertain your bored cat. The obvious is to play with her more often. In the article “How Much Exercise Do Cats Need” we explore the different ways you can keep your cat active, entertained, happy and healthy.

Entertaining a bored cat is very important. Experts say you want to play with your feline at least 30 minutes everyday. You can divide this into sessions, but it is important to get at least a half hour of active playtime in daily. Brushing your cat at least once a week (and more for long-hair cats) is another way to keep your cat entertained and show them healthy attention. Building a catio or buying an outdoor cat enclosure is another way your cat can be exposed to the outdoors which will definitely provide hours of stimulation. Lastly, getting interactive toys that she can play with when you are not around is also key.

If your cat is showing signs of boredom, consider these products and activities that can help tremendously!

Most cats love all or most of this list.

  1. Build a window catio with a kit
  2. Have a catio built “Catio Builder Directory”
  3. Play with your cat daily
  4. Adopt another cat
  5. Interactive toys
  6. Keep the T.V. or radio on when you are at work
  7. Have a sitter or friend come play with her while you are away
  8. DIY window catio “Build Your Cat a Window Catio for Less than $100”
  9. Teach her to walk on a leash
  10. Use clicker training to teach her new tricks

Check out our Cat Essentials Guide for all our picks.

What are the best toys for bored, indoor cats?

Cats who are bored are also craving your attention. Getting toys that you can play along with will go a long way in preventing feline boredom. Any type of wand teaser, drag toy will be a real hit! Experts say just 30 minutes of playtime a day can reduce boredom and prevent obesity. For times you are away from home, having some interactive toys is helpful.

Toys cats love……….

  1. Da Bird Cat Pole Toy
  2. Rainbow Felt Stick Toy
  3. Yeoww! Catnip Kicker
  4. Toy Assortment Kit
  5. Crinkle Chase Balls
  6. Exercise Puzzle
  7. Petstages Tower
  8. SmartyKat Catnip Mice
  9. Brush for Grooming
  10. DVD for cats

All of these products can be purchased on Amazon prime, we have listed them each below.

Your cat will be so happy to have the extra attention and you will be amazed what even 30 minutes of playtime everyday can do for her happiness. Your cat will sleep better and so will you!


Creating a feline friendly environment is the number one way to help your cat and improve his lifestyle. This can be building a catio, buying a cat scratching post, getting more involved in playtime, giving your cat more attention with clicker training, purchasing a few pieces of interactive cat toys and designing a cat friendly home.

Here is more information on cat furniture design and cat-friendly rooms.

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