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Boho Bedroom Guide Complete With Essential Cat Furniture (Tree, Hammock, Toys)

Boho Bedroom Guide Complete With Essential Cat Furniture (Tree, Hammock, Toys)


If you are shopping for a new look or are freshening up your old, consider the hottest new trend, bohemian. This genre is so eye-catching, it is hard to go wrong. Plus, I put everything on one page and included the links below. Every single piece of boho supplies including the cat essential furniture is available at Amazon. Talk about easy peasy!

BOHO Cat Furniture

BOHO comes from the word Bohemian and describes a style of textures, colors and fabrics. Macrame is a big style often found in the boho umbrella of ways to decorate. Beiges, white, off white, browns and even mixed in blacks are frequently used when designing a boho room.

This post is all about designing a boho style bedroom that is cat friendly. By cat friendly, I mean lots of products your cat can use that you’ll also love to decorate with. The furniture and decor picked for this post are aimed to please both you and your boho friendly feline.

RELEVANT: BOHO Cat Furniture

This post is your easy guide to a boho bedroom, complete with essential cat furniture.

Here is the list for you to click on and go directly to the product and shopping cart. Below, I also included some tips and ideas for designing your kitty cat friendly crib.

Cat furniture solutions for a BOHO style.

  1. Catastrophic Creations Cat Bridge
  2. Moonx Home Bedding
  3. laddadawn Boho Cat Hammock
  4. Star.K Macrame Cat Hammock
  5. Mkono Macrame Magazine Rack
  6. ARELLA Catnip Ball Toy for Cats
  7. Earthtone Solutions Cat Kitten Teaser

BOHO Cat Trees

If your cat wants to hang out in your bedroom but needs his own space (and you’d like yours) consider putting a cat tree in one of the corners, preferably by a window for him to window watch. Any cat tree that is beige or white in color is almost certainly going to go perfect in with your boho style. The sisal, tweed and scratching apparatus all naturally fit into the a bohemian style. There are several on Amazon that are absolutely stunning and have great reviews. The PAWZ multi-level always catches my eye. I love so much because if you go for a modern style later on, or have a modern living room, this cat tree fits in great. It can be used as a modern cat tree or a boho cat tree. Coming in just under $100 makes it relatively affordable too.

I am totally smitten with the Earthtone Solutions Cat Teaser toy.

My cat Finnegan is going to love these because he enjoys anything that makes me move too lol!

Something you’ll notice most with bohemian styles is the use of neutral colors and macrame items.

Neutral color palettes are such an eye catching theme.

If you ever get bored with your boho look, removing the macrame pieces and designing around the beige and white foundation is simple; also gorgeous!

And no matter what, if you accentuate it with a kitty cat, your bedroom will be stunning.

So the boho look can be accomplished two different ways:

  1. Neutrals (greys, beige and white)
  2. Bold, bright and eccentric

So if you have a colorful palette foundation, or if you use a neutral palette foundation, incorporating natural pieces of cat furniture is a very quick way to capture that BOHO vibe.

One of my favorites is this eco-friendly luxury cat bed by Fhusso. This jaw-dropping bamboo nest makes all the cats purr. Heck I want to get inside and take a nap!

With so many beautiful cat scratchers, cat beds and cat shelves out today you’ll have no problem putting together a gorgeous, jaw-dropping room.

The best thing about being a bohemian cat lady is you can stick with all neutral colors in YOUR furniture and add in bohemian pieces of cat furniture to get the ‘look’ without the long term commitment. The macrame cat swing is most definitely a great example of this way to decorate.

Wicker is another great product that adds the texture used for a bohemian style. I love how many striking pieces of cat furniture are now being made of products like wicker and bamboo. This bed is subtle yet screams boho.

Floor pillows are another great way to incorporate textures without going all in. Floor pillows can easily double as pet beds like this eclectic one.

Sticking with light bright woods and frames is super bohemian. Fortunately many of the new cat shelf designers like this look and have created a bunch to choose from.

Cat shelves and posts wrapped in sisal rope fit right in with the boho look. Cats have a great taste!

Another tip when designing your bohemian bedroom or living room is to use textures. There are many ways you can bring textures into your scheme such as adding plants. With so many plants being poisonous to felines, you want to be sure and do your research before investing in a bunch of plants you won’t want to use. Or simply get a cat tree with leaves. Green, orange and reds are all within the boho umbrella, so get whatever works for you.

Bohemian cat furniture is also a wonderful gift for cat lovers, especially a home warming gift.

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