The Best And Cutest Cat Toy Your Cat Will Love(updated 2022)

The Best And Cutest Cat Toy Your Cat Will Love(updated 2022)


There are hundreds, even thousands of great cat toys on the Internet to choose from. I have taken a pawful of top picks that my cats and I have used plus highlighted what specifically we love about them and also where you can buy one too! These are not your average feline dolls and trinkets. How would you like to see my stash of favorite and best cat toys that I personally use, love and cherish? Well you are in luck! The ones I have picked are what I consider to be among the best for quality, price and because my fur baby loves them! This post is all about the best cat toy and where to buy them (hint: Amazon is a top contender).


This post was updated in October 2022. These are the basic qualities I consider when investing in cat products and cat toys:

  • Will this keep my indoor cat entertained?
  • How easy are they to purchase?
  • How easy are they to assemble?
  • Are they reasonably priced?
  • Where are the best interactive toys?
  • Will they bring value to my cat’s health and lifestyle?
  • Will they fit in the cat toy box for easy clean up?
  • Are they organic?

Good news cat lovers!

Your cat does not have to be bored while you are away!

Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

Toy for Kicking: Kitty Kick Stix on Etsy

• Best shape for your cat to kick; your cat will fall over and faint for these
• Handmade
• Colorful

Toy for Chasing: Mylar Crinkle Balls on Amazon

• Best for your cat to get exercise
• Crinkly sound
• Reasonable price

Toy for Jumping: GoCat Da Bird on Amazon

• Best for your cat to jump and scramble
• Pole is long and flexible
• Drags perfectly

Toy for Hunting: Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

• Best for your cat’s hunting instincts
• Rationed food for weight control
• Colorful

Toy for Bored Cat: Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy on Amazon

• Best catnip toy
• Shape of banana encourages interaction
• Long lasting

Toy for Kittens on Amazon: Younger 24 Kitten Assortment on Amazon

• Best for kitten toys
• Colorful
• Kitten tunnel included

Toy for Senior Cats: Morezi Cat Arch Self Massage Brush Hair Trimming Brush Cat Scratcher Pet Toy – Sisal Base

• Best for senior cats
• Grooming assistance
• Cat attracting

Toy for Solo Cat Play: Pet Stages Tower of Track Ball

• Best for when your cat is alone
• Engaging
• No assembly necessary

Toy for Multiple Cats to Play: Prosper Cat Tunnel on Amazon

• Best for more than one kitty cat playing at the same time
• Hide and seek
• Chase encouraging

Best Organic Cat Toy

BIG Organic Catnip Mouse

My new cat toy find is on Etsy and the store is called PurrfectPlay.

I love their products because my cat loves them first, but also because they are organic.

They take sustainability seriously. Purrfect Play strives to be a nearly zero waste workshop and they ship with minimal use of plastic. They are long standing Gold members of Green America and have recently joined 1% for the planet.

My cat loves mice, so the mouse is his favorite; but all the toys are great. We also have the catnip and it is a real hit too!

With almost a whole cup of certified USA organic catnip inside, this Big Catnip Mouse is 5 1/2 inches long (not including its cute cotton tail). But what really sets this mouse apart is its chunky crocheted tail, which gives it extra “flippability” for your feline friend to go crazy over. And if your cat has a thing for yarn, don’t worry – you can easily remove the tail.

Crafted with two layers of organic cotton, this mouse is a true kick-worthy toy that will keep your kitty active and engaged for days and weeks on end. And even after all that enthusiastic play, it’s still ready for more! This “fat rat” is perfect for wrestling and bunny kicking, with plenty of catnip to keep your paws wrapped around it. Plus, it’s all natural and plastic-free, making it a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious cat owners everywhere. Your kitty will love this amazing organic catnip toy – and you’ll love watching them play!

Toy for Kicking

Kitty Kick Six

These Kitty Kick Stix feline toys are totally awesome for your cat to kick the heck out of. Not only are they handmade, they are also made in the USA.

In addition to the colorful fabric used, these wonderful cushions can be custom made!

Little catnip pillows are a top in my household. The shape is easy to spat around and toss in the air with little cat paws. Kicking is a favorite instinctual need for you feline, and this shape is absolutely perfect.

Best Cat Toy For Chasing

Mylar Crinkle Balls

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your feline entertained and active, then you might want to try out the Mylar Crinkle Balls on Amazon.

These lightweight balls are perfect for your cat to pounce, bat and chase around, providing them with excellent exercise while they have fun.

Even if they end up hiding under your furniture, don’t worry – these balls are quite affordable, so you can replace them easily without breaking the bank.

If your cat loves to chase and you want to him to get some great exercise indoors, try the Mylar Crinkle Balls sold on Amazon. They are very lightweight which really encourages your feline to swat and bat them around. They might end up under your furniture, but don’t worry the price is super reasonable so you can replace them without putting a major dent in your purse.

Give your furry friend the opportunity to play with these Crinkle Mylar Cat Balls and watch them have a blast!

Best Cat Toy for Jumping

GoCat Da Bird

There are several pole cat toys on Amazon, but our top pick is still Da Bird by GoCat.

The pole has just enough flexibility to fling the bird around the room, stimulating zoomies and hours of fun for your cat. The feathers on the end of the pole are so life-like that felines literally go nuts when you drag Da Bird around on the floor or fling the feathers in the air. It is no wonder Da Bird remains to be a high rated product and still gets rave reviews. It is a cat toy masterpiece.

Toy for Hunting

Doc & Phoebe’s Hunting Food Mouse

“Want a healthy weight cat that is happy and has less behavior issues? Let. Them. Hunt.” – The Catvocate

The inventor of these clever mouse feeding toys is an expert cat advocate who’s passion it is to save your feline from cat obesity with feeding mice that are ideal for hunting and gathering. Even after the food has been eaten from the mouse container, your cat will be left with a fun and colorful toy that is encased in fabric making it a wonderful grabby tool for him to interact.

Best Catnip Toy: Yeoww!

Banana Catnip Toy

Catnip toys are ideal for bored indoor cats because they have been linked to combating feline depression. Although it is safer for cats to be indoor pets, keeping them entertained and high-spirited can be challenging. Be sure to have lots of catnip toys on hand for their enjoyment!

Yeoww is a brand that has been around for years and with good reason. The bananas, cigars and tomatoes are all crowd pleasers in this feline friendly home. There is something about Yeowww! catnip that cats absolutely love. Although there are some other top-notch cat toys with high quality catnip, there has not been anything yet that seems to be quite as magical as Yeowww! The banana shape is my cat’s favorite, but try all the shapes to see what your cat will play with the most.

Catnip gives your cat a boost of joyful energy, making them want to run around, kick and play. Catnip toys are important part of your feline’s cat toy box.

Best Cat Toy For Kitten

Younger 24 Kitten Assortment

Kittens are very high energy and need lots of playtime. When Finn was a baby, I found him climbing up curtains one day and that is when I realized his needs were a bit more intense then my adult cat. This kitten assortment pack is ideal for a starter kit. It has all the shapes and sizes your kitten wants and best of all, it comes with a tunnel for him to crash through while carrying one of his new furry buddies through at lightening speed!

If you are about to adopt a new kitten, you can check out the post “The First Life Cycle of a Cat (0-6 Months)”.

Best Cat Toy for Senior Cat

Arch Self-Massaging Brush

When my cat Abigail was aging, her energy and need for interactive toys declined greatly. Although she still enjoyed playing with her furry mice, running and jumping were not a part of her daily activities. What she did love consistently though was the self-massaging brush that is in an arch shape. Not only did it feel good on her face, laying on the sisal base seemed to really feel good on her skin. She rubbed against the bristles, stretched out on the sisal foundation and cupped her paws along the arch while doing lifts with her hind legs. I highly recommend this arch brush for your senior kitty cat!

Toy for Solo Cat

Tower Track Ball Cat Toy

Pet Stages has thought about every stage your cat will go through and that is a cat owner’s dream. For your kitty cat who does not have a feline companion, I recommend trying a cat toy that will engage her senses and push her to get lost in the activity so she does not get bored or overly tired. The Pet Stages cat tower will do the trick and it is so reasonably priced on Amazon. Not to mention, even though it is plastic and interactive, there is no assembly needed!

Toys for Multiple Cats

Prosper Cat Tunnel

Cats love tunnels, and when they come together for a play date they’ll need a tunnel both can fit! The Prosper Cat Tunnel is ideal for two or more felines to chase and hide from each other. The price on Amazon is purrfect too!

All indoor kitty cats have the potential to get very bored. When sitting in windows watching outdoor activity is not enough, the toys above are a great way to get your cat some exercise, fun and enjoyment. The happier your cat, the happier you are and the happier your home life will be.

Questions you might want to ask yourself when choosing online cat products:

  • Are there reviews and what are real buyers saying?
  • What are they made of? (cat attracting products like sisal, cardboard, rope, catnip, felt are top picks for me. Many times plastic is not a great product choice for my cats).
  • Is there a coupon I can use or is there a chance this will go on sale soon?
  • Is it easy to return (one of the reasons I love Amazon is for the ease of return).
  • Have I used this product line in the past? (especially catnip products, it is hard to go wrong with a toy that has the catnip your feline loves)
  • Can I stock up to save time and money? (especially good for the crinkly balls)

Unique Cat Toys 2021

Since I wrote this post, I have come back and added to it (3/2021) because there are so many MORE cat toys you should know about. One of my absolute favorites is this catnip mat that has some sort of magical grass that makes kitties lose it! When Finnegan’s came, he carried this mat all around with him for days. It was so funny! You can view his posts regarding this catnip mat on our Facebook here.

Fuzzu Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet

SmartyKat Flamingo Flop Toy

Another hit with Finnegan and judging by the reviews many other kitties too, is this super cute and unique pink Flamingo.

Here is Finn with his.


The last unique and adorable cat toy that is a big hit with kitty cats, including Finnegan the Chief Product Review, is this rainbow toy.

Cat Dancer Rainbow Toy

I was a little skeptical at first because I did’t think felt would drag properly, but boy oh boy am I glad I took a chance on this one. HOURS of fun can be expected for your cat! The one challenge is, you have to drag it around because of course your cat will want you to play with him. But it is a unique toy that is inexpensive and will provide your kitty with much needed exercise.

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Lisa Illman

Lisa Illman


Lisa is the owner of Kritter Kommunity and invented the kitty cat enclosure, the Kritter Kondo. She is managed by her cat, Finnegan. Lisa also has a store on Amazon you can find here that includes lists of all her favorites.