Avoiding Hazards In Your Catio


Offering felines an outdoor patio enclosure is an exceptional way to give them fresh air and sunshine safely. There are some items to be aware of that can still be dangerous, so this post is all about avoiding hazards in your catio.

If you’re considering building a catio for your feline friend, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain breakable items you should avoid including in the space.


Avoid Breakables

While there are many practical and exciting items you can add to your catio, fragile objects such as glass wind chimes, porcelain decorations, or ceramic water dishes can pose a danger to your cat.

Bottom line, get as much in plastic or other water resistant materials like stainless steel, to outfit your feline’s catio.

I found these aluminum butterfly wind chimes, and love them! How purr-fect for a catio.

This handmade wind chime features a unique design with a large butterfly at the top, 6 small butterflies, 6 small bells, 4 rose gold aluminum tubes, and 1 brass cap, all connected by a black nylon cord.

The wind chime’s silver “S” shaped hooks make it easy to hang on a patio or any desired location. The wind chime produces a soothing melody when the wind blows, providing a relaxing atmosphere. It is made of high-quality aluminum and durable nylon rope, making it waterproof, windproof, and rustproof. The wind chime’s rose gold color adds elegance to any indoor or outdoor area, making it an ideal decoration for patios, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, or gardens. I think it is especially suitable for outdoor catios!

If you do want wind chimes, try to hang them out of the way of your cat’s reach. Wind chimes become a tempting toy for your cat to bat around. The wind could also knock them down and if they shatter, your cat’s paws could be exposed to sharp pieces.

Being outside, these items could accidentally be knocked over due to weather conditions or other factors. If you rarely go out to the catio, it’s possible that something could be broken for many days without you realizing it. This could pose a danger to your cat, who could accidentally step on the broken pieces.

In addition to breakable items, it’s also important to consider any choking hazards. This could include toys that are too small, as well as any pebbles or rocks you may have out as decorations. String lights can also be a hazard, as some cats may try to chew on the wires. If you’d like to include lights, try to find some space to hang them outside the catio.

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Catio Bug Hazards

Cats love being outdoors, but letting them roam freely can put them in danger. That’s where a catio comes in! A catio is a perfect solution that allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe.

However, it’s important to remember that some risks still exist, such as mosquito bites, ticis, fleas and other buzzing bugs that might inject your kitty cat with a disease. Using something like Advantage is a really good idea! This is the exact treatment I used on my kitty cats when they hung out in their portable catios. It was super easy to apply!

We never had a problem with flea or ticks, so I am thinking it worked pretty well!

Regular vet check-ups for heart-worm and overall regular blood tests is a good idea for cats hanging out in catios.

Catio Shade Canopy

Having a shady space for your cat is a really good idea. Although they will love basking in sun puddles, direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause serious harm. Not only can they get overheated (especially long-haired cats) a cat can get sunburne; especially bald cats like a Sphynx.

Habitat Haven has a variety of shade canopies to choose from.

Another option is to make your own, or simply toss a thick towel over part of the catio.

A patio umbrella can also act as an excellent sun protector.

Finally, it’s best to avoid keeping any food in the catio. Since it is outdoors, food left in the open could attract unwanted wildlife. While there’s nothing wrong with giving your cat treats in the catio, it’s important to keep the area clean and free of any potential dangers. By taking these precautions, you can create a safe and enjoyable space for your feline friend to enjoy the outdoors.

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